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Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self

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Editorial Reviews


“A breakthrough for tomorrow’s teachers, healers, and leaders who want to be their higher selves now.” — Catalyst

“The Earth Life Series is a trilogy of books that I must confess I did not read in their proper order. I didn’t discover the series until I received the proof copy of Spiritual Growth – the last book in the series – and read from cover to cover. Unlike some channels whose messages seem to need hours of decoding, Orin’s language is crystal clear. For an example, see page 32 of the March/April 1989 issue of Body, Mind, & Spirit.

I then went on to read the first two books in the series, Living with Joy and Personal Power Through Awareness. Surprisingly there is no duplication of information. Orin’s ideas remain clear, concise and eminently practical. An astonishing array of life situations are exposed and opened to light with a compassionate understanding of the human condition. Orin’s suggestions are laced with examples and stories that help the reader see how they work. Each chapter is followed by worksheets and meditations so the lessons can be immediately put into practice.

The meditations help to open pathways for the teachings to be absorbed. The teachings, in turn, augment the meditation experience so together they work to bring about change.

I found that the writing always seemed new, which to me, is a sure sign of spiritual depth. When I reread sections weeks later they seemed quite different. Of course, they were the same; it was I who had changed. Some teachings that had seemed difficult were now obvious and I realized how powerful many of the exercises had been. It is not that the information was new, only that it had been presented with a simplicity that allowed it to be grasped at many different levels.

It is this very simplicity combined with unerring guidance to the highest good that make the Earth Life Series a powerful light along whichever path of growth you choose.” (Body Mind Spirit magazine, October 1989)

Spiritual Growth is a way of looking at life, of getting in touch with what Roman calls your higher self. This higher self is within us all, Roman believes, waiting to be tapped with some practice. Roman shows us how. This is a positive book, one that takes the golden rule and expands it way beyond personal relationships.

Spiritual Growth seeks to strip us of blinders, to see good even in those we don’t like, to find love within us, to use the power of enveloping ourselves in light and then transmitting that light out to someone we want to reach. It’s a spiritual book, but not kooky in the sense that it asks us to go into a lotus position or climb some mountain to find nirvana. Roman is a practical spiritualist, saying to the reader to stop in the middle of a trying day and take a deep breath, to reach inside to find a direction. The mind is a wonderful storehouse of energy, Roman believes, just waiting to be unleashed for our personal benefit.

But Roman doesn’t believe that we should just hold all of this spirituality inside. Looking outward to find good in everything that we do, Roman writes, is the way to manifest positive beliefs that heighten your outlook on life.”(The Tribune, Colorado Press) — Reviews

There is a danger today in the “new-age” milieu whereby psychism is mistaken for spirituality and astral glamour is misconstrued as inner development. In the 1970s the metaphysically disenchanted in the West enthroned the Eastern gurus as pillars of high spirituality; but in the 1980s, this habit of adulation shifted to disincarnate light beings. At least the gurus were personally present to scold disciples at moments of spiritual aberration. This isn’t possible in today’s floriation of channeled guides sans credentials, and some well-intentioned neophytes might find themselves routed unhappily into the developmental ditch from unreliable texts. In many respects Spiritual Growth is an instructive exemplar of both this inherent danger and the uplifting message of light that most channeled works strive to impart. It is the fifth in a series by California channel Roman-a warm, friendly, simple dictation on die elementary principles of personal development presented by a disincamate spirit named Orin. The intentions are laudable; namely, to move readers into a participation in the higher dimensional expressions of the Self. This is facilitated through advice, examples, and visualizations. Generally, the text, which is entirely Orin’s, moves the reader forward pleasantly into an arena of light, hope, and positive attitudes. — From Independent Publisher

From the Publisher

To our readers: The books we publish are our contribution to an emerging world based on cooperation rather than on competition, on affirmation of the human spirit rather than on self-doubt, and on the certainty that all humanity is connected. Our goal is to touch as many lives as possible with a message of hope for a better world. – Hal and Linda Kramer, Publishers

From the Back Cover

These easy-to-learn processes taught by Orin, a wise a and gentle spirit teacher, have helped thousands take a quantum leap, accelerate their spiritual growth, and live their lives with more joy, harmony, peace, and love.

Spiritual Growth teaches you how to be your Higher Self in your everyday life, creating a vision of your higher purpose, and manifest what you want rapidly and easily. You will learn to work with light for healing and growth, to connect with the Universal Mind for enhanced creativity, and to link with the Higher Will to carry out your higher purpose.

Spiritual Growth teaches you to have more satisfying relationships with others by using the skills of non-attachment, right use of will, being transparent to others energies, and communicating as you Higher Self. You will learn to become a source of light and to grow through world service.

This book offers the next step in spiritual growth for you who want to know more about who you are, why you are here, and what you came to do. You can align with the higher energies that are coming into the earth plane and use them to create the best life you can imagine for yourself.

About the Author

Sanaya Roman has been channeling Orin, a wise and gentle spirit teacher, for many years. Orin, a timeless being of love and light, has assisted thousands of people to awaken spiritually through his books, seminars, and audio courses. Orin teaches us how to reach the Divine within us, our true self, so we can grow through joy and release struggle, and experience love, peace, and abundance in our daily lives.

Orin, through Sanaya, has created over 200 audio journeys and courses in spiritual growth which are available at You can also visit our site and enjoy free articles, Orin audio meditations, music, weekly book excerpts and written meditations, and daily affirmations.

Sanaya is the author of six Orin books, including Living With Joy, Personal Power Through Awareness, Spiritual Growth, and Soul Love. Sanaya and Orin have co-authored with Duane and DaBen the books: Creating Money, and Opening to Channel. Their books have been translated into over 24 languages, and have sold over 2 million copies worldwide.

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

As you become attuned to your Higher Self, you also become aware of the dimensions your Higher Self exists in. You can consciously join with the higher community of beings your Higher Self is already a part of.

Part of the higher purpose of the community of higher beings is to work with the Universal Mind and Higher Will to assist all life in evolving. They work continually to assist people in awakening, working with the Higher Will to broadcast spiritual energies. They help make the journey easier for all who are seeking growth, serving others, or requesting assistance. You can become more aware of the work that is going on in the higher dimensions to carry out the plan of evolution. With this awareness, it will be even easier to know and carry out your own higher purpose.

Some of these beings act as guides and work intensely with a particular person besides contributing in other ways. Other beings contribute in various ways to assist all who are open to and asking for assistance. Every call for help is always heard. Light and assistance is immediately sent from both your Higher Self and these high beings. Every resource is made available and nothing is spared when you ask for assistance. If you could only know how much love there is for you in the higher dimensions, you would never feel alone or worry again.

There is no feeling of separateness in the higher realms. All beings contribute wherever they can create the most good, just as you work together with each other to create important things in your reality. Sometimes your Higher Self will work with you on something; other times your Higher Self will work together with high spiritual guides to empower you and assist you with your lifes work and spiritual growth.

In the higher dimensions there is never criticism, only mutual respect and kind words. There is gentleness, humility, and a focus on the work that is to be done. All beings hold a high vision for each other and send each other unconditional love. There is no thought of the self that doesnt also include the well-being of others.

If anyone is working on a project, it is everyone’s concern. There is no feeling that one must do it all alone. All work receives the energy support of all. There is never a thought of scarcity or competition; all is viewed to be a part of the divine and perfect order of the universe. It is an inclusive group and all can join who want to be of assistance. There is still a sense of individuality in the dimensions you Higher Self lives in, yet the individual is connected to all other beings in a much greater way than in your reality.

Your connection to these higher dimensions comes through your higher centers of telepathy. Most of you receive telepathically through your emotional centers. You experience this when you are around people and pick-up what they are feeling. Part of spiritual growth is learning to become transparent to the emotional messages of others, and opening your higher centers of telepathy so you can receive guidance from you Higher Self.

Your higher telepathic centers are mental and intuitive; you receive clear mental guidance or an intuitive sense of what to do through these centers. You automatically open your higher centers of telepathy as you align with your Higher Self and hear and follow Its guidance.

You can use your higher centers of telepathy to send messages to the Higher Selves of others or become aware of the soul-level consciousness present in other life-forms, such as plants, animals, and minerals. Through higher telepathy you can become aware of the many high beings serving mankind, you own personal guide if you choose, and the dimensions of your Higher Self.

You connect with any of these high beings by imagining you are connecting with them. If you are working on a project, ask for extra guidance ands assistance with it. Imagine light is being sent to you, your work, or your loved ones. You are not alone; there is much assistance, support, and empowerment available for you and your world-work when you connect with this higher community.

You can work in the inner planes by becoming inner-directed rather than outer-directed.

As you live as you Higher Self, guidance and information will come from within rather than from without. Guidance from you Higher Self is received in your higher telepathic centers and transmitted to you through your imagination and mind. Since your connection to the higher dimensions comes from within, pay attention to your thoughts, inner sense and imagination.

Meditation is a powerful tool for becoming aware of these higher dimensions and your Higher Self guidance. Mediation allows you to quiet your normal thoughts and listen to your Higher self. It allows you to pay more attention to your inner reality of pictures, images, and feelings. As you meditate you increase your vibration and frequency, and the dimensions of your Higher Self become more knowable to you . Meditation increases your sensitivity to ideas, concepts, and images from the higher realms and your Higher Self.

Meditation can involve states of relaxation, observation and concentration. Meditation can take many formsfrom silencing your mind to concentrating on a project. Meditation is an inner reflective attitude, a time of concentrated thought. You are meditating when you are focused and thinking about how you can assist others or carry out your life purpose. Meditation can consist of sending light and love to people or sitting quietly and silencing your mind. Things that allow you to relax, concentrate, or silence your mind – long walks in the woods, listening to music, and sitting quietly and thinking about thingswill connect you with your Higher Self and the higher dimensions.

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10 reviews for Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self

  1. Stella Carrier

    Powerful Spiritual EvolutionWords could only begin to describe how insightful this book is. This book has helped remind me why it is important to have a connection with your higher self. The following is some of the helpful information contained in this book regarding the higher self (I am directly listing the written information that I found very healing in this book):1) The “Connecting with the Universal Mind” (chapter 3 pgs. 28-36) contains information that explains why the Universal Mind creates what you think about. I really appreciate some of the helpful and transformational information included in this chapter such as:1)You can have everything you want that serves your higher good.2)The more expansive your thoughts, the more expansive the reality your create.3)Your imagination transcends this dimension and connects with the Universal Mind where anything is possible.4) It was extremely healing to me when I saw the following on page 34: Don’t accept your current circumstances as the best you’ll ever have. Don’t believe people when they tell you something is impossible to create. When you know how to create with energy and light anything is possible.5)Believe in your success, Picture yourself having what you want.I am very lucky in my life, and I have an abundance of blessings to be appreciative of. However, I must admit that I also really enjoyed the “Allowing Your Higher Good” section of this book (chapter 10, pages 98-104). I know that this may sound unconventional, but it was as if my higher self guided me to really be aware of what is written in this chapter. The following are some very powerful statements that resonated with my spirit:1)No matter what happens, tell yourself the universe is perfect, and everything that happens is perfect. If something you were hoping for doesn’t happen, know that something even better will.2)Allow people to be any way they want to be.3)You can allow things into your life more easily when you let any form work.4)Learn to recieve all the good things your higher self has to give you.5)The following written statement in this chapter really opened my eyes very much (it is on page 99)People who have abundance, loving relationships, and happiness are not more deserving or better than you. They simply allow more good things into their life. A very strong and persuasive case is made in this powerful book as to why it is important to work on connecting with and being your higher self on page 72 of the “Moving into Higher Consciousness” chapter: Your clairvoyant abilities will increase as you become your higher self. There is so much more helpful and transformational details contained in “Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self”. I have only presented an exciting preview sampler. I felt guided to share how I feel about this book because recent events in my life encouraged me to be aware of being in touch with my higher self. In addition, being aware of your higher self is essential if you have ever had to be self-reliant. A great companion guide to this wonderful book would be “Ask Your Guides” by Sonia Choquette. Like Sanaya Roman, Sonia Choquette has also helped me to be aware of my higher self (she even has a chapter on your higher self in her “Ask Your Guides” book). Overall, in summary I am appreciative to Sanaya Roman for publishing this very beautiful and unique book. I intend to reference this book for many years to come because of the very magical and mind expanding writing of this book. I definitely recommend this book if you know that there is more to life beyond what you see physically with your eyes, and are aware of your spirit’s presence.

  2. Nia shakir

    Exceptional readI love how the book directly related to things that I have experienced in my life! Spiritual growth was exactly what I needed to get me closer to my highest self!

  3. Vanessa

    WonderfulExcellent advice, clarity and insight for your spiritual journey. I do believe you have to have a certain level of enlightenment and understanding for this book maximally resonate, so if understanding is cloudy, maybe start with the first two books of the series or read it again when the urge hits. I savor books when I read, and each chapter I read came at just the right time.

  4. Cheryl A Lee

    A book to read and return to for reference.I loved this book.

  5. Aishah Abdul Halim

    The most beautiful bookI haven’t finished reading.I don’t want it to end.If you connect with the energy of the book,it will be the most beautiful book you ever read.

  6. Matt Ross

    Contains a good message but veiled in the same padded down formatThis is the third book in a series by Sanaya Roman. I tried to keep an open mind while reading this book. I am not a spiritual person but thought that this book had some pretty good ideas. The book is channeled through Sanaya Roman but the words written come from a higher being named Orin who exists on a higher plane than our own. Each chapter tackles a different life issues and ends in a meditation exercise that can be used as a tool to improve upon what the chapter addressed. Five pages into the book you are given a meditation exercise in which you get into a relaxed state and attempt to merge with your “higher self” and than ask him/her an important question. At first I took it quite literally and expected to be magically transported to some kind of plateau of enlightenment (silly of me I know, but remember, I was trying to keep my natural skepticism at bay, it wasn’t easy). Than as I attempted the exercise over and over sometimes for up to an hour I realized that maybe you are just supposed to use your imagination to create the scenarios. Since all of the other meditation exercises rely on being able to perform the first one I could progress no further. The rest of the book is made up of reworded theory backed up through personal scenarios that are only convincing to those that experienced them and the assumption that this book is coming from an all knowing, all seeing source. It contains an exercise similar to what is taught in “The Secret”. You can use light and vibrations to make things happen without actually doing anything physically. She says in the start of the book to abandon any assumptions you have going into the book and embrace it with all of your heart. Maybe for some people this is easy but I couldn’t keep the red flags at bay. If this book helps you improve your life and makes you happy I think that’s great, but it definitely isn’t for everyone.

  7. H

    My FAVORITE bookAn amazing book!! I’ve read over 10 books trying to get the exact information this book provided me. This book is for spiritual people, NOT religious people. There are a lot of guided meditations that are amazing. This book was very well written and very easy to understand. When learning about spiritual things sometimes it’s hard to understand but Orin (the author’s spiritual guide) breaks everything down for you so it’s very easy to understand. This book has taught me so much and I feel so confident about my spiritual journey and opening my third eye. Definitely read if you’re interested in third eye, chakras, and just learning about your higher self and soul. This is now my favorite book EVER.

  8. Francisca

    A very important book!This is a truly wonderful book, not that it is very well written, because sometimes the author does repeat the same thing a few times too many but the message contained in it is very powerful. This is a book that puts a lot of things into perspective and it has helped me a lot during a very difficult period in my life. I loved the mediations as well, which you can find at the end of each chapter. I was also confronted with the fact that what we sometimes label as mental illness is maybe nothing else than the void we all go through many times during our lives, which is more apparent for some people than for others. When the old is gone but the new not yet established as a reality it can create a very difficult time for many people. They don’t feel themselves anymore, don’t know what to think, don’t know what they are after and sometimes have trouble dealing with the closeness of a life partner as at that time they need to rediscover themselves, rather than mix their aura with someone else’s. I have been in such a situation of sharing my life with someone who fell into a very deep crater, so deep that I couldn’t deal with it but I have also learnt that sometimes we need to go through our changes on our own, as painful as that may be.My interest in this book came from something that happened last year when a friend talked to me a bit about working with light. Without much knowledge I something incredible happen and I wanted to know more about it. I now understand that sometimes our growth goes through such a huge upward curve, making it impossible for those around us to keep up, meaning…. some relationships we valued have to end, which is very sad but looking back we later see that they were holding us back in a terrible way, which was not good for either party. The good news is that in our new, higher vibrations we attract new people who are more in tune with the new us, and who become a very valuable part of our lives. This book also helped me see when I have to let people go. As much as I love to help people, sometimes instead of helping them we hinder them and hinder ourselves in the process. There are so many invaluable lessons in this book….. Spiritual growth is a fascinating subject and as the author says…. One of the most important lessons of this book is: “The light you send to others will come to you multiplied”, so let’s send a lot of light, let’s fill the world with light and let’s fill ourselves with light!

  9. Amazon Customer

    … lot in my life and it was such a great tool in my life at that timeI read this book for the first time when I was 19 and going through a lot in my life and it was such a great tool in my life at that time… Through certain instructions in the book I actually managed to manifest things into my life that I know wouldn’t have been possible without the techniques provided in here. This book was the one that started my spiritual awakening and path and it helped me tremendously through the passing of my father and the grief that year. This book has really precious information that will make you realize a lot of things and will comfort you as well. Somehow I lost the book and now at 23 I ordered it again because it is one of those books that you can come back to a thousand times and it is just such a useful tool to have while navigating through life, with all of its hardships and joys. Peace and Blessings x

  10. paigetheoracle

    Mix up fixed!We were originally sent the wrong item (DVDs) but the customer service went above and beyond to sort out the problem. I would recommend them again for this alone.

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