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12 Spiritual Meanings When Dreaming About Teeth Falling Out

12 Spiritual Meanings When Dreaming About Teeth Falling Out

Well, unless you’re waiting for your baby teeth to fall out, we believe teeth falling out isn’t good news for you. But what about teeth falling out in your dream? What does it mean spiritually? Is it a good dream to have, or does it portends an unfortunate situation in your life?

If all these questions are bothering you, you’re at the right place! In this post, we’ve put together 12 meanings of teeth falling out.

What’s more, we’ve also included the Biblical, Islamic, and Greek interpretations of this dream for your convenience. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s unravel your teeth falling out dreams!

Spiritual Meaning of Teeth Falling Out – Biblical Interpretation

Teeth are an integral part of the body, and their role in digestion cannot be neglected. In the bible, loss of teeth is often associated with loss, especially loss of wisdom.

If you dream of rotten teeth that are imminent to fall out, it means that you need to introspect and realize in what aspects of your personal and professional life you’re lacking and work on improving them. Teeth falling out also imply that you lack faith in your waking life.

Spiritual Meaning of Teeth Falling Out – Islamic Interpretation

The interpretation of teeth falling out in Islam is quite tricky. If you were in agonizing pain when the tooth fell out and if you couldn’t find your fallen teeth, it portends a series of misfortune and even illnesses and death in your family.

On the other hand, if you find the lost tooth, it symbolizes a long and prosperous life. And, if the tooth fell straight onto your hands, it means that success, wealth, and a respectful social status is imminent in your life.

Spiritual Meaning of Teeth Falling Out – Greek Interpretation

Luckily, due to medical advancements, even if all of our teeth fall out, there are ways for us to replace them. However, in ancient times, falling teeth caused much more severe issues.

Consequently, ancient Greeks took teeth falling out as a bad omen. The spiritual meaning of teeth falling out in Greek is that it portends death and illness in the family.

12 Common Interpretations Relating to Teeth Falling Out:

1.   Your self-esteem is low regarding your appearance:

Teeth falling out in dreams can also mean that your confidence regarding your looks is going downhill, especially if you dreamt of growing crooked teeth or lost all your teeth, and you feel unlovable and depressed in the dream.

Do you feel insecure while smiling? Or has your teeth or some features of your face have been bothering you lately?

If yes, you need to realize that our uniqueness is what makes us beautiful. We are our own critiques; we see our flaws and insecurities that are probably concealed from others. Remind yourself to realize your self-worth and not to be too harsh on yourself.

2.   You fear getting old:

Teeth falling out also represent your fear of old age. You probably have your mid-life crisis. In fact, women who’ve just gone through menopause were often reported having dreams where they lose their teeth. They’re probably afraid of losing their power, strength, and youth.

While there is no way one can escape from aging, you can stop such traumatic dreams from appearing by paying more attention to your self-care.

If you’ve dental problems, get them treated immediately. Go for a quick walk, and rejuvenate yourself mentally and physically. A positive mindset is a powerful tool, so one needs to have a growth mindset despite their age.

3.   You are afraid of uttering wrong words from your mouth:

If you dreamt of teeth crumbling and falling out, you probably aren’t a great communicator. Despite trying your best, you failed to put across your point or ended up saying something controversial.

You feel weak and vulnerable when in an argument. Probably a big day is coming for you, and you’re anxious about not being able to please the crowd with your speech.

Dreams of teeth falling out often appear when you tattle-taled someone, which now you regret, or you spat truth in front of somebody who wasn’t supposed to know, or you’re simply being economical with the truth.

4.   You are required to make a big life decision:

Are you feeling pressured to make a major life decision? Maybe you’re feeling torn between two choices. This decision of yours will probably affect the rest of your professional or personal choice, for instance, a career decision or a decision regarding your wedding.

In such a case, consider taking advice from someone knowledgeable before making a choice. Don’t be afraid to make a decision and go with it.

5.   You are probably stressed and anxious:

Dreams about teeth falling out can often signify that you’re a lot more stressed and anxious in your life than you can handle. It can be a stressful situation at work, in your home, or you’re going through some relationship issues.

In fact, traumatizing situations and anxiety can also lead you to grind your teeth during your sleep, and thus, the dreams involving teeth.

6.   You want to start a new venture or are anticipating a major change:

Are you traveling to a new city soon? Or, moving with your family there? Or, expecting a promotion? Or, you’re probably planning a new venture, putting your business idea into action.

If your answer is a ‘yes’ to any of these questions, it is normal to feel anxious thinking about the things that can possibly go wrong.

Dreams in where you see as pulling your teeth out or breaking your dream indicate changes that are willingly or unwillingly happening around you. Such changes can often aid your personal and professional growth, proving beneficial. However, in some instances, the changes can be negative.

7.   You want to go back to your childhood:

As we’ve mentioned before, dreams about teeth falling out can also signify your fear of aging. You probably want to return to your glorious childhood days. Where you had no mental, emotional, or financial responsibilities, you were free to do whatever you wanted to.

You’re probably tired of your responsibilities and are craving the days when you’ll get to relax and pamper yourself.

8.   You lost something or someone special in your life, and you are grieving:

Teeth falling out are often symbolized for loss. It can be a material loss in your waking life, such as loss of home.

It can also be associated with a change in abstract feelings, such as a loss of respect or love. Often, it can also represent the loss of someone close to you. You’re probably grieving the loss, which can lead you to dream about losing your teeth.

9.   Your finances aren’t doing great:

Financial worries can definitely make you feel insecure and vulnerable. As teeth are quite an integral part of the body, they are often associated with finances.

If you dream of wiggling teeth or them falling out entirely, it’s high time you focus on your finances. Make smart financial decisions and look for ways to secure your financial aspect of life instead of being anxious and stressing to the point of seeing nightmares.

10.  Your personal hygiene isn’t up to par:

If you aren’t following your self-care regime religiously, you’re probably feeling insecure regarding your hygiene. You might be having a difficult time taking care of your oral and body hygiene due to some illness or simply because you’re feeling lazy and unmotivated lately.

In the case you have recurring dreams about your teeth falling out, paying more attention to your health and hygiene might stop the dream.

11.  You are experiencing jealousy:

Teeth falling out in dreams can also represent the pent-up negative emotions you have against somebody. If you see others’ teeth falling out in the dream, you probably don’t like that person, and the ill-will has manifested as such dreams.

The emotion can also be jealousy. If you’re jealous of someone because they have something you desire or are simply trying to take from you what’s yours, it is likely that you’ll dream of them losing their teeth.

12.  You recently experienced a tooth-break or some other dental problems:

While we dive deep to figure out what your tooth dream meant spiritually, we cannot ignore that it can sometimes appear as the result of your waking life tooth-related circumstances.

For instance, you might have recently broken your tooth or are experiencing bacterial or other dental problems. Oral pain can be mortifying, and it can be that pain and your fear of dental treatment procedures that are being translated as dreams of teeth falling out.


We hope you were able to find the answer to your query in this post. However, you must understand that knowing the spiritual meanings of the dream aren’t always enough as the dream plot and the situation you are in your waking life right now also play a role in determining what message the dream was trying to convey.

If you have any more tooth dream specifics to share with us, we’re all ears!

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