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10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Your Boyfriend Cheating on You

10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Your Boyfriend Cheating on You

Dreaming about a loved one is always an emotional experience. But if that special someone is your boyfriend, and it’s a cheating dream, it can be devastating.

The most important thing to remind yourself is that dreams often should not be interpreted literally. But they can hold many vital messages from our subconscious that we shouldn’t avoid.

This article will explore all the different interpretations you can take from having such a dream. We’ll also highlight the root causes of the dream and what you can do to rectify alarming problems in your relationship.

10 meanings to dreaming about a boyfriend cheating


10 meanings to dreaming about a boyfriend cheating

1. You’re jealous of someone in his life

Dreams which center on betrayal and hurt feelings often stem from jealousy. Don’t worry; this doesn’t mean you’re a petty person – but it does suggest that there’s someone in your boyfriend’s life you’re envious of.

Does he seem happier when spending time with other people? Do you make romantic gestures that he overlooks or ignores? Are you the third wheel in your very own relationship?

Dreaming about him cheating can be a reflection of how you feel emotionally in the waking world. He may not be romantically involved, but spending time with other women is annoying you. Time to be more assertive in your love life and make it known that you’re feeling pushed to the side. Make quality time for each other.

2. You feel you’re lacking something

Pay close attention to whom your boyfriend is cheating on in your dream. Often when we dream of cheating, the “other woman” represents something we wish we had in our own life. It can be a sign of low self-esteem.

This woman has something special you’re envious of. It could be their appearance or personality. A particular interest they share with your boyfriend?

Perhaps the woman in question is a close friend and has something you’ve long admired. Seeing her cheating with your boyfriend is asking you to address any insecurities you may have in your own life. If this woman is an ex, it suggests you are comparing yourself to his previous love life and aren’t living in the present enough.

Your relationship is on thin ice


3. Your relationship is on thin ice

As symbolic as dreams can be, sometimes they are grounded in reality. This begs the question…is your boyfriend actually cheating on you? Your dream may be testing your feelings to see if you want the relationship to weather the storm.

If you feel anger, upset, and distress, this symbolizes that you only want the relationship to succeed. Despite your paranoia, you may still care deeply and want to forgive him.

Sometimes, we may feel slightly glad or relieved to learn about his infidelity. Your suspicions were correct, and you should trust your intuition more. Perhaps this dream marks the final straw in the relationship, that it’s time to move on and protect your own integrity.

4. You want your boyfriend and friends to become closer

Sometimes our dreams can manifest strong emotions and desires in unorthodox ways. If you recognize the other woman in your dream as a close friend or family member, this can mean that you simply want your loved ones to get along better.

Although cheating can feel like a betrayal, your subconscious mind merely wants the two of them to grow closer. The bigger the rift, the more extreme the dream can become.

Do they not approve of each other? Did they have a recent falling out? Are you stuck in the middle? Your subconscious mind is literally wanting them to kiss and make up, and it could be a beacon for you to become a peacemaker and settle any outstanding quarrels. But be careful that you aren’t caught in the crossfire.

5. It’s time to commit to each other fully

We know what you’re thinking – a dream about an affair couldn’t possibly mean you must commit. But relationship boundaries can be pretty vague, and some people aren’t exclusively dating each other.

If you’re in a casual, open relationship and dream about your boyfriend cheating, this can signal that you’re ready to commit to him. You want to put a name on your romance and become exclusive. This dream marks the end of a casual fling and asks you to put structure to your relationship.

If you’ve been boyfriend and girlfriend for a long time, this dream can signal the next step in your relationship, such as moving in together or becoming engaged.

You must let go of the past and move on with your life


6. You must let go of the past and move on with your life

Our past often manifests itself in our dreams, symbolizing things we have not moved on from and won’t let go of. The danger here is that our memories often ruin our present and future if not adequately dealt with.

This dream can be a reflection of your past experiences of cheating. Did a previous boyfriend cheat on you, causing you to have trust issues? Did one of your parents cheat during your childhood? Or perhaps, you may have cheated on someone else, and your guilt has resurfaced?

These memories resurface and meddle with your current relationship, and it’s time to confront them. Reflect and put distance between them and you. If we do not learn from past mistakes, we are destined to repeat them!

7. Your partner may be feeling neglected

When someone cheats, it’s because they are lacking something in their life. It can be over various things, including finding a new emotional connection, physical attraction, and sex, to wanting to do something risque to excite their lives.

Your boyfriend cheating on you in a dream can symbolize that he is missing something essential in the real world. Perhaps he’s feeling a lack of attention from you and has found someone who values him more. He could look fine on the outside but be hurting inside.

That said, you are not a mind-reader and cannot know what behavior to change if you don’t ask him. Spend time checking in on his needs and see if there’s anything that you may be overlooking in your real life.

8. You’re scared to be on your own

Dreams of seeing a partner cheat can signify your deep fears of abandonment. Seeing him spend quality time with someone else can trigger anxiety and distrust and affect your mental health.

This is especially true if your partner cheats on you with someone you don’t recognize. You don’t know anything about them, and this only adds to your feeling isolated and confused.

If you cannot bear thinking of being single and alone right now, it can help to talk things out with your current partner. Focus on the positives in your relationship, not the negativity. Set plans together and work on improving your communication to strengthen your bond.

You’re afraid to be happy


9. You’re afraid to be happy

When we’re in a good place in life, we often worry that, at some point, we’ll lose it all. These dreams play on our insecurities, but as ironic as it may seem, they symbolize harmony between you and your partner.

Your relationship is solid and loving. But your dreams play up to your insecurities and paranoia, causing doubt and suspicion when there are no grounds.

Although your relationship feels strong, your anxiety in the dream world manifests in this unfortunate situation. Trust your gut feeling that you and your boyfriend are in a good place right now. Appreciate what you have, and don’t twist every minute detail into something it’s not. Be happy at the moment.

10. You’re going through a difficult time right now

Sometimes, we experience cheating dreams when facing complex, challenging, and highly emotional real-life events.

If you’ve recently faced a career setback, had a falling out with a loved one, or even had monumental events like having a baby, remember to cut yourself some slack and take your dreams at face value.

Your subconscious mind is merely overprotecting you right now. While your emotions and stress levels have skyrocketed, take time to relax, unwind and breathe. As alarming as the cheating dream is, it reminds you that you need to ask your boyfriend to pay closer attention to you and help you in this difficult time.


Dreams of your boyfriend cheating on you can be one of the most emotional and taxing dreams to endure. No doubt you have a range of emotions once you awaken from this nightmare.

But it’s important to remember that often these dreams are purely symbolic. Your partner may still be incredibly faithful, but your dream sends an important message to your conscious mind to consider.

You both might be missing something important in your lives, and itas driving a wedge between you. Try to spend more time together in your waking life, and make every moment count. Talk about your insecurities and anxieties, and ground your relationship.

And who knows, this dream could herald many positive changes in your relationship as you finally witness what’s at stake.

10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Your Boyfriend Cheating on You