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16 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Vacation

16 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Vacation

A dream about vacation usually has positive connotations for us since we associate vacations with happy times, relaxing, and spending time doing things we enjoy. However, since dreams are a way our subconscious works things out, they often have layers of meaning.

While a vacation dream can mean that you are looking forward to an upcoming holiday or you desire a holiday, many times there are different interpretations when we dig deeper.

If you feel there is a deeper meaning to your vacation dream, your instinct is usually right. Read on to find out what the dream’s meaning could be.

What Does a Dream About a Vacation Mean


What Does a Dream About a Vacation Mean?

What the dream means depends on its context. Dreams where we are relaxing on the beach or in another setting we find soothing have very different meanings from those where things go wrong. For example, when there are obstacles in your dream such as missing your flight or not being able to find your passport.

Dreams are also personal to the dreamer. Therefore, you need to read your interpretations in the context of your life. Sometimes they may relate to specific aspects of your waking life, other times, the interpretations relate to your situation in life overall.

1. You Need a Break

A vacation dream where you are simply relaxing usually has quite a literal meaning and signifies your desire to have a rest. Perhaps your life has been particularly hectic lately and you feel that you need to have a break from all your responsibilities.

If this resonates with you, then think of a way you can give yourself the break you need. If a vacation is not an option, maybe a day at a spa or treating yourself to a massage might give you a little respite. And if that is out of the question, dry at least to squeeze in a little me time every day.

2. You Feel Overwhelmed

A vacation dream may represent your desire to escape all your challenges and responsibilities. It may be a sign that you feel overwhelmed by others’ expectations or that you are facing challenges that seem impossible to overcome.

If you feel you have too many responsibilities and others expect too much from you, learn to say no. If you are worried about the challenges, the dream may be suggesting looking at them from a different perspective to find new solutions.

3. You Need to Make a Change

A holiday dream may be a sign that you are not happy with how things currently are in your life. Your happiness may relate to a specific aspect such as your job or your relationship, or an overall feeling of dissatisfaction. If this sounds like you, then you need to have the courage to make changes in your life.

The type of vacation matters, when you are interpreting your dream. Here are some common vacation dream scenarios.

A Family Vacation


4. A Family Vacation

A dream of a vacation with your family can signify that you want to spend more quality time with your loved ones. If you have been spending most of your time at work and this has caused some family drama, this kind of vacation dream suggests you need to readjust your work-life balance.

5. Unexpected Vacation

This dream is symbolic of your desire for a change of scenery, perhaps following some personal issues such as a break-up with your partner or disagreements at work, or with family or friends. Alternatively, it can symbolize your willingness to step outside your comfort zone and explore new avenues in life.

6. An Adventure Vacation

A dream journey where you go on an adventure is symbolic of your need for more excitement in your waking life. You are likely to have dreams where you explore unknown foreign lands while on vacation if you feel stuck or bored in real life.

7. A Vacation With Your Romantic Partner

A vacation with your romantic partner in a dream may reflect the state of your current relationship. If you have been experiencing relationship troubles, the dream could be an expression of your desire to reconnect with your partner. However, if you lose each other during the holiday, it could represent a wish to get out of the relationship.

8. A Solo Trip

Often, interpreting the dream depends on how you felt during the dream. If you felt happy during your dream solo trip, it means you desire to spend some time alone. You may feel you lack privacy in your waking life and your subconscious is prompting you to make more time for self-care. A vacation on a deserted island has similar implications.

However, if you felt unhappy, the dream is a sign that you need more social interaction in your life.

Vacation With Friends


9. Vacation With Friends

A dream where you are on a fun holiday with friends, possibly on an amazing beach getaway on a paradise island or on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Norway to see the northern lights, is a sign that you need to relax more. The dream may be suggesting that sometimes, it is enough to just do the necessary tasks and then have a bit of fun.

10. Vacation With Strangers

A dream where you are traveling with people you don’t know and meeting local people of a foreign country symbolizes your adventurous side. You are open to meeting new people and having new experiences. Your subconscious is guiding you to take chances in life and put your own needs before others’ needs.

11. Vacation by The Ocean

A dream of a tropical getaway on a sandy beach with ocean waves lapping on the shore may represent the boundary between your subconscious and conscious mind. The ocean is symbolic of your subconscious. The dream encourages you to introspect so you can discover hidden aspects of yourself that may lead to a spiritual awakening.

In some vacation dreams, you are still on the journey and how you travel can affect the dream’s meaning.

12. You Are on Route

Dreams, where you are on your way, are symbolic of your life journey. The dream is a message to keep moving forward and that you are heading in the right direction. It is giving you a dose of positivity because you are close to achieving major goals in your waking life.

You may have this dream when you feel frustrated that despite all your hard work you are still not there. The dream asks you to persevere, continue to put in the extra effort on your route to accomplishments, and you will get your rewards in the end.

13. Traveling on a Train or a Plane

These dreams have similar interpretations. They are both symbolic of a desire to escape the routines of your daily life and experience new and exciting things. However, there are differences, too. A train ride in a dream may symbolize you don’t have enough freedom in your waking life.

A plane ride, on the other hand, represents your ability to reach new heights. You are on the right path. You should set yourself high goals because you can achieve them all.

Driving Vacation


14. Driving Vacation

A dream about a vacation on the open road, such as an RV vacation or car travel, represents your desire for better self-esteem and escape. Being in the passenger seat means that you have let others take the lead in your life. Your dream asks you to stop focusing so much on other people’s needs and focus more on what you need.

15. Missing Your Flight

If you miss your vacation flight in a dream, it can symbolize your unwillingness or fear of letting go of the past. Holding on to the past will keep you stuck. Your dream is a message from the subconscious mind to let of the past so you can be free to move forward.

16. Other Obstacles

If you experience other obstacles to your holiday such as missing passports, a blocked road, or delayed flights, it means you need a clearer path in your real life. You cannot see past the obstacles you are facing either in your personal life or in a job situation. The dream means that you need to find alternative routes and solutions.


Life sometimes feels like a winding road full of surprises, and our dreams are a way our subconscious mind tries to help us navigate our life path. Many kinds of dreams involve a vacation and their specific meaning to you depends on your current life situation.

While some vacation dreams have a deeper meaning, others may simply mean that you deserve to take a much-needed break from the workplace and treat yourself to a real-life vacation. Let your intuition guide you towards the right dream meaning for you.

If you would like to ask us anything about vacation dreams, you can write your questions in the comments box.

16 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Vacation