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11 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Time Travel

11 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Time Travel

Great Scott! If we had to choose one dream that characters from movies like Back to the Future would have, it’s probably a dream about time travel. Unfortunately, time travel is not real. Even so, we all have moments where we’ve dreamt of it.

Time traveling is one of those dream themes that can leave a person scratching their heads. Curious about the meaning behind a dream involving traveling in time? Let’s take a look.

11 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Time Travel


What Does It Mean To Dream Of Time Travel?

1. Dreaming of traveling to your own past often means you miss the past

Does your real life feel like a drag compared to the past? If your waking life is filled with worries, issues and loss, it’s normal to dream about living in the past. Sometimes, all we want to do is escape to better days back in the day.

Think about how your present life feels. If you have been experiencing setbacks or are dealing with a lot of strife, you might just be reminiscing about the good old days. Nostalgia is a very real force for people.

People who have been talking about the past or reminiscing in their waking life shouldn’t be shocked to see themselves dream about going back in time. We tend to dream about what we think about.

2. Dreaming about traveling to your own past can also be a sign of PTSD

If you are dreaming of reliving difficult memories, or trying to change things that happened in the past, it could be that you’re dealing with trauma. You may have regrets about how things went, or may feel anxiety as a result of a specific event in your life.

If you’ve been having repeat dreams about difficult times for a very long time, it may be time to consider talking to a therapist. Your mind might be dealing with more hurt than it can process on its own.

You may wish that you could change how things went down, wondering what could have happened if you just did things a little differently. This is a particularly common theme among people who feel guilt.

You cannot fix a past event, but you can make your future better. That starts with healing yourself from the trauma you had. Oddly enough, dreaming of regret often indicates a better future ahead.

3. You may wish that you lived in a different time

Dreams about living in a historic time or witnessing a historical event may also indicate a reflection of your wishes. We all sometimes wish that we could travel back to a specific time where things would have been easier for us—at least, according to our viewpoint.

This is often a sign that you may be sick of new technologies, or that you just want to escape the craziness fo modern life. It’s normal to see the past through rose-colored glasses.

4. Seeing a futuristic dream may suggest are at a crossroads

Future dreams are unique because they tend to show us a lot about the concerns about the decisions we make in the present. People who dream of the future often are at a crossroads with an important decision they have to make.

Seeing a futuristic dream may suggest are at a crossroads


Take a look at your waking life. Are you currently facing a decision that may change your life’s circumstances? This dream suggests that you may want to ask for a different perspective or ask for advice, lest you be met with disappointment in your decision later.

5. Apocalyptic dreams means that you may feel hopeless about the future

A lot of the dreams that we have regarding the future suggest that we’re going through a difficult time right now. When the chips are down in life, everyone has a tendency to lose hope. That can be reflected in the dreams we have.

If you dream of seeing terrorism in the future, it could be a warning that you may feel attacked in the near future. Pay close attention to people who are aggressive with you. It may be a sign that they will go on the offense soon enough.

6. There’s always a chance that you might be receiving a premonition

Sometimes, dreamig of a different place or time may be a synchronicity. This is especially true if the time you travel to is nondescript and seems close to a time that you are currently living in, such as a regular day in work or school.

Premonitions don’t always have to be a  sign of something massive, like 9/11. Sometimes the universe just sends us random clues that things aren’t quite as mundane as they seem. Seeing the future can be pretty normal.

For example, let’s say that you just dream about getting a ticket on your way to work. Two days later, a police officer writes up a ticket for you. That’s a premonition and it’s nice to think that it could be a sign of a bigger plan in life.

7. Many dreams about traveling to the past suggest that you feel like you’re stuck in the past

There’s always something comforting about the good ol’ days, isn’t there? When you find yourself traveling back to your childhood or young adulthood in your dreams, it could be that you are not moving forward from that time period in your life.

We all have heard of people who peaked in high school and never let the rest of the world forget about it. We’ve also heard of people who never let bygones be bygones over stupid, frivolous things. Don’t be this person!

This dream sequence is basically begging you to move on. If you don’t grow along with life, you start becoming a relic of the past.

8. Dreams of the future may also mean that you idealize the future

Dreams of the future may also mean that you idealize the future


If you’re like many people out there, you like the idea of seeing humanity have a miraculous turnaround. You love the idea of people using technology to become noble knights of the internet, or seeing miracle medical cures around the corner.

It’s a beautiful concept, especially if you want to be part of the change to make that future happen. That being said, that drive to see a better tomorrow might be showing up in your dreams.

If you want to see the future really badly, it could be that you start dreaming of the future that you dearly want.

9. Certain time travel dreams suggest that you may have a technology addiction

Do you dream of a future where you’re part robot, or see some futuristic world where machinery rules everything? While this could be a sign that you want to escape into a different world or that you watch a lot of sci-fi, it could be a warning dream too.

People tend to dream about the things that influence them more. If your time travel dream involves a lot of technology, it could be a sign that you rely way too much on current technology to live your life.

Ask yourself when the last time you went out with friends was. Did you decide to stick to video gaming instead? If so, it may be time to touch grass and spend some time relaxing away from tech.

10. If your time travel dreams coincide with books you’re reading or movies you watch, it could be a sign of media’s influence on you

We’ve all had that moment where we’ve watched a movie that really got to us and had a dream about it. If you are a major part of a fandom, then it’s unsurprising that you may end up having dreams about the stories, characters, or scene that you really enjoy.

The good news is that there is nothing to worry about with this dream. It just means that you really enjoyed (or were impacted by) the material you watch. If it’s very bothersome, then you may want to just adjust your life balance and unplug from media for a while.

11. Time travel dreams can also be a sign that you need a new perspective on life

In every era, humanity has differing ideas on how to live life, what life means, and what the world’s like. Not too long ago, we thought the world is flat. Today, we know it’s round. Not too long ago, we thought that flight was impossible.

Every age will have a perspective change. If you dream about a different period of time, this may be a sign that you need to think a bit differently. Sometimes an “old school” approach is better, and sometimes, the opposite is true.

Last Words

Did you recently dream of time travel? If so, you might want to tell us about your perspective and what happened. These are rare dreams, so consider yourself lucky to have one.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Time Travel


Charla S.

Sunday 17th of September 2023

I dreamed I went to a Icecream shop and it was very cramped inside so I went out to park my car in hopes it became less people in there but as I tried to find a park spot I got into a tight area and if I wanted to get out I would have to bag a far way back to get out so then I looked into my phone because I wanted to get outta the mess and I pushed something on my phone and it put me in front of the building again but no one was there not even no cars. I seen furniture appear on my phone but I rushed to get rid of it as if I knew why I did it but then like a few minutes into the dream, cars and people started to reappear and the place was back full but I was outta the way. It was like a matrix