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20 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About the Number 3

20 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About the Number 3

The magic number 3 can pop into your dreams in various ways. It can appear on a street sign/clock or manifest as something/someone appearing thrice.

No matter what form the number 3 appears in your dream, you’re sure to find their different meanings below.

What does it mean when you dream about the number 3?


What does it mean when you dream about the number 3?

1. Number 3

If you see the number 3 in your dream – and nothing else – you should consider it a good sign. This single digit symbolizes the harmony of the mind, body, and soul. As such, this means you have complete command of your actions.

2. ‘Three’

If you keep dreaming about the word “three,” you’re likely thinking about something related to it. It could be a date or something very precious to you.

On the other hand, it could also mean that you have great control of your senses. Only a few people can ‘read’ well in their dreams, after all.

The word ‘three’ is also said to represent hope – or in some cases, the lack of it. Although you may feel like giving up right now, you shouldn’t.

Patience is key.

And yes, everything will get better in God’s perfect time.

3. Sudden Appearance of the Number 3

Does the number 3 keep on appearing out of the blue in your dream? Based on numerology meanings, this could allude to several things.

For one, you find it hard to communicate with the others around you. On top of that, you’re not making the most out of your divine energy.

Likewise, the surprising appearance of number 3 also points to the confusion you feel. As such, it’s time for you to get rid of the mental distractions as they are affecting your mental focus.

4. Angel Number 3

Divine forces use angel numbers to communicate with us, explains author Doreen Virtue. It’s their way of capturing our attention, so to speak.

Unsurprisingly, many believe that this digit is magical. The core meaning of angel number 3, after all, speaks of the abundant guidance granted by the divine.

So if you keep on dreaming about this angel number, then it means you’ll succeed.

That being said, this is the best time to achieve your goals. You have supportive angels at your side, so nothing can stop you from conquering your fears!

5. Magic Number 3

Magic number 3 is a representation of your maturity and ambition.

You always want to get the best things in life. And why not? The meaning of the number 3 has always been linked with success and wealth.

But, as they often say, prosperity will only come if you work hard. So make sure to tap onto your self-confidence and positive attitude, for they will help you achieve your grand aspirations!

6. Multiples of 3

Dreaming of single-digit numbers is one thing, but seeing it in multiples is another.

If you see 333, 3333, or any other multiple of 3, it means the number’s effects will magnify. It could be for better or for worse, so you need to be careful!

Number 3 Written


7. Number 3 Written

When the number 3 is written on the whiteboard in your dream, it represents your relationship with your mind, body, and soul. You plan your actions to the tee, and that’s why everything turns out great for you.

But if you see the number 3 on the chalkboard, then it’s possible that you’re reconsidering your decisions. As always, make sure to listen to your intuition. It can help guide you toward the right path.

8. Street Sign With the Number 3

This dream means your guardian angels are always by your side, ready to support and guide you.

And even if they are not with you (though this is highly improbable), someone else will look out for you.

Likewise, this dream is a reminder for you to change your viewpoints in life. Once you do so, good things will indeed happen!

9. 3 AM on the Clock

Many interpret 3 AM as the hour of Satan/mark of the beast. But before you get scared, dreaming about this may only mean that this time is essential. That’s why your subconscious keeps on reminding you of it.

On a deeper note, this dream represents the negative energies that dominate your life. As such, you need to reexamine your life – especially if you want it to be filled with beautiful positive energy.

10. 3 PM on the Clock

The followers of Jesus Christ consider 3 PM as the hour of mercy. But, outside this spiritual meaning, the appearance of 3 PM means you’re going to have a relaxing day tomorrow.

You’ll finally get a reprieve from all the hustles and bustles of daily life.

Sometimes, dreaming about 3 PM means something weird is happening. Your mind wants you to focus on it!

11. Triangle

The triangle is considered a representation of the number 3, mainly because it has three sides. And should this constantly appears in your dream, it means that you should work on your communication skills.

Do note that this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to speak more. If any, you should talk less on certain occasions.

On top of that, this dream is a reminder for you to consider several viewpoints beforehand. Being fully informed will help you make the right decisions, after all.

Tossing a Coin 3x


12. Tossing a Coin 3x

This dream means that you will be presented with a great opportunity. However, you must take great care and caution before acting on it.

Tossing the coin thrice is also considered a symbol of triumph and luck. You may fail in some of your endeavors, but you will get the chance to try them out once again.

All in all, this dream aims to be a message of encouragement. So whenever an opportunity presents itself, make sure to grab it. You don’t want it to slip from your fingers once again!

13. Something Appearing Thrice

If a certain thing appears three times in your dream, it represents how much you yearn for it.

On the other hand, this dream may mean that you’re missing out on something. As such, the best thing to do is focus on this crucial matter.

14. Third Sibling

You’ve lost touch with your siblings, and that’s why they’re commandeering your dream!

Just think: when was the last time you saw them? I’m sure you’re busy – and they may be engaged as well. But even though you’re pressed for time, it’s best if you reconnect with them – albeit briefly!

15. 3 Friends

Dreaming about three pals may mean that you’re constantly thinking of them. Expectedly, the dream’s context shows how you feel about them.

If you feel good in your dream with your three buddies, it’s a sign that your friendship will blossom even more. But if you feel bad when you’re with them, then it indicates the uncertainty you feel towards these people.

This dream about your three companions can mean something more than friendship too. It conveys that good times are about to pass or that you will soon visit a familiar location.

16. 3 Tortoises

Many cultures view the tortoise as a symbol of good luck. So if you see three of them in your dream, it means that your past, present, and future actions will bode well for your journey.

In other words, great blessings are about to come your way!

Marrying Your Partner Thrice


17. Marrying Your Partner Thrice

Dreaming of marrying your partner is proof that you love them very much. So if you dream of marrying them thrice, it tells how strongly you feel towards them.

And while this is very much a favorable dream, it may also point toward current (and potential) relationship issues. You need not worry, though, for you and your beau will be able to resolve them.

18. Church Bell Ringing Thrice

Clearly, this dream is a representation of your religious life. Your faith is under attack, and it’ll help if you attend religious celebrations as you did before.

Likewise, this dream can serve as a representation of the spiritual awakening that’s happening within you. Eventually, you’ll gain a better understanding of yourself – and the circumstances of your life.

19. Eating With a Partner on a Triangle-Shaped Table

This dream emphasizes the problems you have with your paramour. It’s possible that someone else has caused a rift in your relationship.

That being said, this dream is a reminder for you and your partner to work on your relationship. As always, communication is vital.

20. Studying in a Triangular Room

Find yourself studying in a triangle-shaped room? Then this means that you are a man/woman of focus. You know how to prioritize the things in your life.


As you see, the number 3 can appear differently in your dreams. You may see the digit as is or see it spelled out. You may also dream of 3 items/events – or things happening thrice.

Whether the interpretations mean something good – or bad – the crucial thing is what you do next. Remember: you’re always in charge of your destiny.

Have dreams about number 3 that’s not on this list? Make sure to share your thoughts and interpretations below!

20 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About the Number 3