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10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About The Moon

10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About The Moon

Dreams of moon phases, moon reflections on the water, walks through moonlit forests, or running for your life while a huge blood moon is hanging above you are all incredibly common. The meanings of such dreams can be as diverse as the dreams themselves, however, and it’s often difficult to interpret such a dream accurately.

So, what does a dream about the moon mean? Here are the 10 most common interpretations you’ll find out there, and how to differentiate between them and figure out which applies to your case.

10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About The Moon


What does a dream about the moon mean?

The simple, if somewhat cheeky answer is that it means whatever your subconscious mind associates with the moon and how it can use that association to express its impressions with your waking life.

This is largely why the meaning of dreams of the moon can vary so much – different cultures and trends have taught us to associate different things with the moon.

So, to arrive at an accurate conclusion in your case, you’d need to find out what are your most basic and intuitive association with the moon, what were the other details you noticed in the dream, and what’s your real-life context that the dream could be referring to.

1. There’s a romance on your mind

One of the most common associations people have with moonlight and the moon itself is that of love, romance, passion, and even fertility. If this is one of your first associations with the moon too, such a dream can simply express your feelings of love toward a certain person. If you’re not certain which person that is, look at who else is in the dream together with you.

Such a dream can indicate a new love you have toward someone you’re not in a relationship with yet, it could be a love for a long-term partner you may make a marriage proposal to, or it might even be that you’re thinking about an eventual pregnancy.

In some cases, a dream like that can also indicate your strong desire to find love because you currently haven’t found it yet. A dream like that would be recognizable by its more somber or potentially even depressive tone.

2. You are confused about certain things in your life

Another possible meaning of the moon is that of chaos, mystery, the unknown, and uncertainty. A lot of us have this association in our minds through myths and pop culture – we’re taught to view a moonlight night as a place where strange secrets take place.

In a way, that’s also why we view the moon as a symbol of love – as literature has taught us that lovers go to be together in secret during the night.

If this is your first association with the moon as a symbol, a dream like that likely means that you’ve been feeling confused about certain things in your life as of late. We can’t know what those things are but there should be certain details in your dream that’d point you in the right direction.

3. You’ve been feeling calmer and more content in your waking life – or you want to feel that way

We also often correlate the symbolism of the moon with feelings of calmness and fulfillment. If the dream you had was a relatively pleasant and calm one, it might signify your joy with the fact that a past confusion is gone from your life and that certain misunderstandings have been dealt with.

A new moon, in particular, often appears in the mind of the dreamer as a symbol that a new – and better – chapter of their life is beginning.

4. Your relationship with your mother has been going well

Romantic relationships aren’t the only type of personal connection we often associate with the moon – it also tends to symbolize motherhood and our connection to our mothers. Such dreams will usually be pleasant as the moon/mother symbolism rarely has negative connotations – there are other symbols of a strained relationship with one’s mother that our subconscious minds usually go to.

You can recognize this positive dream if it showed you having a sort of “dialogue” with the moon throughout it, even if it was a wordless one. So, if you’ve been having a good – or better, as of late – relationship with your mother in your waking life, it’s likely that this is what your dream meant.

5. You’re learning to trust your intuition

The moon is also often thought to symbolize our femininity – both because it’s seen as “mysterious” and because it’s easily tied with a woman’s menstrual cycle by the fact that both the moon’s and a woman’s cycle are similar in length. And, for better or for worse, most societies and people tie things such as intuition, creativity, emotions, moods, and instincts with femininity.

Of course, men can have this dream as often as women do, and neither intuition, creativity, emotions, nor instincts are really gendered. So, it’s very common for moon dreams to symbolize your subconscious mind reflecting on the fact that you’ve started using your intuition, instincts, creativity, and emotions more and more as of late.

6. You’ve been coming in touch with your inner self

Another similar association between moon dreams and our feminine side tends to symbolize our subconscious mind’s feeling that we’ve been more in touch with our inner selves as of late. This symbolism is easy to recognize in a lot of dreams that include a full moon as that is shining down on you like a spotlight.

This correlation comes from many people’s view of the moon as a spiritual source of wisdom and of the full moon as a special time of the month when major secrets get revealed. In other words, if you’ve been working a bit more on your self-awareness and your inner self as of late – whether intentionally or by accident – your subconscious mind may acknowledge that with such a full moon dream.

7. You’re starting a new venture

The moon is a unique symbol in that the moon’s phases can have entirely different meanings. The first phases of the moon, those of a crescent moon, for example, are seen to symbolize a new beginning, as well as the potential for prosperity and good luck.

Your subconscious is very likely to conjure up a dream like that if you’ve recently started a new venture that’s very important to you – it could be a work project, a hobby, or anything else, as long as you feel strongly about it. If, on top of that, you are somewhat spiritual, a moon dream will be almost certain to appear in your mind from time to time.

8. You’ve been feeling exposed as of late

A dream of a full moon, or, especially a dream of multiple moons hanging from the night sky above you, can also have a very different meaning – that you’re being watched and held under scrutiny. This association stems from the feeling we get of being exposed or even “naked” when the moonlight shines upon us like a spotlight in the night while we’re trying to hide in the shadows.

This type of dream will be easy to recognize if it feels drenched in anxiety and stress, and if it includes you running and trying to hide, or being observed or chased by others.

9. You fear there’s danger on the horizon

And then there are the other, even more negative types of moon dreams – the ones with an orange moon or a red moon that serve as a warning of a looming danger.

These dreams can feel outright prophetic but that’s not technically the case – your subconscious can’t see in the future, however, it can reflect your innermost feelings and anticipations.

So, if you are feeling that there are problems coming your way in the near future – even if you haven’t fully internalized that feeling consciously yet – your subconscious mind may very well echo it with a scary red moon dream.

10. You feel actively threatened right now

On the extreme end of the above spectrum are outright nightmares including a blood moon, a lunar eclipse, and the dark side of the moon. Such dreams signify your fear of some major danger or even destruction that’s present in your waking life.

It doesn’t need to be a literal physical danger, of course – it could be anything such as losing a job, a divorce, or a quarrel with a family member. Anything, if it’s emotionally significant to you, can be portrayed by your subconscious mind as a high-fantasy apocalypse nightmare with a giant blood-red moon in the night sky.

In conclusion

Figuring out the proper moon dream meaning in your case usually includes figuring out what circumstances in your current life your subconscious might be trying to point to. From there, the rest is a matter of playing the association game while also paying attention to your dream’s tone and details.

Is this exact science? Of course not. But it’s not hocus pocus either – with enough self-reflection and awareness you can deduce a lot of neat facts about yourself, your emotions, and your psychology if you examine poignant dreams that include potent symbols such as the moon.

What does a dream about the moon mean