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16 Spiritual Meanings When you Dream About Spider Webs

16 Spiritual Meanings When you Dream About Spider Webs

Spider webs are annoyances in life and can often creep people out. Spiders create these to act as their home, and to prey on insects. But what does it mean to dream about a spider web?

Seeing these in a dream represents the inability to solve problems or situations in life. It also shows the inability to address negative feelings that make you feel trapped. Spider webs in a dream also represent feeling trapped and is also a sign of you neglecting responsibilities in life.

Dreaming about spiderwebs can have both positive and negative connotations. These can represent your emotions, feelings, as well as current events in your life.

Here we’ll look at the most common dreams related to spider webs and what they mean. From there, you can determine the meaning of your dream, and its connection to your waking life. Let’s go!

16 Spiritual Meanings When you Dream About Spider Webs


Different Meanings of Dreaming about a Spider Web

1. You Feel Trapped and are Being Held Down

Spider webs can trap insects, making it difficult for them to move and escape. Because of their entrapment, the insects will eventually die, and the spider will later consume their bodies.

This type of dream appears when you feel trapped in your waking life. It is also a usual dream when you can’t act/move according to your will.

You can have this type of dream if you’re a student whose parents control your future against your will and desires.

You may feel trapped and uncomfortable. However, the dream could signify that you need to break free and decide for yourself. Choose what makes you happy, and avoid letting others control you.

Being trapped and unable to do what you want can be extremely suffocating and unpleasant. Understand that your future is in your hands, and the life decisions you make are the most important.

2. Cleaning Spider Webs Mean a Successful Business

A more positive interpretation of dreaming about spiders is that you’ll soon have success in business. This could be that your project goes smoothly, you get a great new contract, or perhaps an issue that was hanging over you like a dark cloud goes away.

3. Someone Else Cleaning the Spider Web Means Help is on the Way

Seeing someone else cleaning a web may be a sign that they are about to come to your rescue. Perhaps there is something that you’re just about to miss personally and professionally, and they’ll remind you of it.

This last-minute help should be taken as a sign that you need to plan better to avoid any similar problem from happening again.

Someone Else Cleaning the Spider Web Means Help is on the Way

Image Credit: ronnysbilderwelt

4. Problems You Can’t Solve on Your Own

It’s common to dream of an insect getting tapped inside a web, considering this is what happens in real life. This is another instance where it relates to feeling trapped and not being able to solve problems by yourself.

It’s a clear message that you need to get help from your loved ones. Ask for their guidance with any issues that are bothering you. Don’t make any decisions without first giving them careful consideration, otherwise, you may regret it.

5. You’re Fighting a Losing Battle

Dreaming of a trapped insect can go even further, especially if you’re trying to save it. Sadly this is your brain telling you that you’re fighting for a cause that is already lost. It’s time to let go of your struggle as there’s nothing you can do to change the outcome.

With this dream, it’s likely that you’re still clinging to the hope that you can change the situation or person. Be realistic with yourself and think whether it’s a battle that deserves your time and effort.

6. You Know a Secret That’s Difficult to Keep

In a dream, walking through an attic covered in spider webs implies that you’re trying to conceal a secret. We’re talking about something from your past you aren’t proud of, and don’t want your loved ones to know about.

Instead of expending so much energy on hiding the truth, tell your loved ones what’s going on, no matter the consequences.

7. An Embarrassing Experience

Dreaming of a woman seeing a spider web is a sign of embarrassment you’ll soon face. It’s a sign that something awkward will happen in your life that you won’t be pleased with.

8. Positive Relationships

If you’re married and dream of a spider weaving a web in your dream, the marriage will see greater improvements. But if you aren’t, it means your home will have a happier, livelier, and brighter atmosphere.

This dream can also mean you’ll have a successful transaction and will receive praise from authorities. And at some point, it could lead to great advancements.

An Embarrassing Experience

Image Credit: clairestered

9. Love and Romance are Coming Your Way

If you’re a woman and dream of spiderwebs, there are specific meanings related to love and romance.

If you dream of a snowy white spider web, it symbolizes weddings. You will likely meet your destiny, and eventually, try on a wedding dress.

Now, if you dream of a multicolored web, it will promise a fun and romantic adventure. You will meet the man of your dreams and spend memorable and enjoyable moments with him.

If you’re a young girl, you’re promised first love when dreaming of a thin, delicate cobweb. Seeing how an insect got into the web indicates that someone is madly in love with you.

The appearance of a web in your dream is a sign of peace and security. It also means you’re surrounded by loving and trustworthy people who won’t allow others to offend you. They’re people who will protect you from all adversities.

10. Wealth, Happiness, and Marriage for Men

If you’re a guy who dreams of a spider web and admiring its symmetrical weaving, it means wealth. Soon, you’ll get the chance to earn more, and your financial status will grow and stabilize.

If you’re single and dream of weaving the web yourself, it means you’re all set for family life. Upon realizing this, you’ll end up meeting a woman who is apparently suitable for the role of your partner.

11. You’re Lonely in Your Waking Life

If you dream of things being covered in spider webs, such as a deserted house, then it’s usually a sign of loneliness. You want to communicate more with those around you but are struggling to connect.

Further than that, it can reflect your desire for a physical touch too. This could be as simple as craving a loving embrace. If you’re single or struggle to make friends, then that will explain this type of dream. If you’re in a long-term relationship, it can be a reminder to make sure you don’t drift apart.

12. A Sign to Move Forward

Seeing a spider web on a window in your dream means you’re still waiting. It’s possible you still haven’t gotten over a person who left, and you’re still hoping they’ll return.

Because of waiting, you get more closed off and distant from others. Because of this, you’ll need to make peace with this loss and move on with your life. Take the time to enjoy and relish the beautiful moments that will come.

A Sign to Move Forward

Image Credit: trufasmonbo

13. You Need Renewal in Relationships

Sometimes you may dream of your whole house being covered in the web. It’ll look like those you’ve abandoned your house, and it can mean that you’ve abandoned relationships and become distant in your real life.

Take this dream as a sign that you need to reconnect. Speak to your friends, accept invites and call your family members. Rebuild those connections that you are losing and you’ll feel much happier for it.

14. Take a Break and Rest

An unusual dream is where you have plants, flowers, or any other part of nature that is covered in webs. Nature is a sign of relaxation and the webs are a barrier to that. Take it as a sign to relax and unwind.

You need to clear these metaphorical webs off the plants and flowers, and appreciate the beauty in life. When you do, it’ll have a positive impact on your health. In reality, this means taking a step back from the people and places that are causing you stress.

15. You Can Influence the Course of Events

Taking off spider webs in your dream means you have the ability to change the course of events. It also means you can get rid of failed links. This kind of dream signifies a change in behavior and your willingness to face problems that blow up.

The dream could also show that you’ve gathered all your courage to face the challenges in your waking life. And the good thing about it is you can break free from these issues.

Another possible meaning of this dream is that you have the desire to improve your relationship with family/relatives.

But if you’re sweeping away spiderwebs in your dream, you have the chance to prove and defend yourself against accusations.

16. Blinded by Your Feelings

If you dream of a spider web in the light of a chandelier, lamp, or light bulb, you’re blinded by your emotions.

Maybe you’re idolizing someone so much that you forget they’re human too. And because of this, you may get disappointed if you discover their flaws or an attitude you dislike.


Most people don’t like dreaming about spiders or their webs, especially considering it’s usually a bad omen. You may feel trapped and unable to probably address your feelings. Take your dream about spiders as a sign that you need to free yourself from your emotional burdens.

Different Meanings of Dreaming about a Spider Web