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Dreaming about Hitting Someone with a Car (12 Spiritual Meanings)

Dreaming about Hitting Someone with a Car (12 Spiritual Meanings)

Some dreams are fun and enjoyable, but when you have a dream about something like hitting someone with a car, it can leave you upset and wondering why you might have such a dream.

Understanding such a dream is not always straightforward since it can have many different interpretations depending on the dreamer and several other factors – so here, we talk about interpreting a dream about hitting someone with a car to help you understand its meaning.

Dreaming about Hitting Someone with a Car

Before we talk about dreams about hitting somebody with a car, let’s start by saying a few words about how to interpret dreams in general.

We all dream, but since dreams are highly personal and subjective things, there’s no single way to interpret a particular dream., whether it’s a dream about hitting somebody with a car or anything else.

This is because the correct meaning of a dream depends as much on the dreamer, their feelings about the dream and their current life situation as it does on what happened in the dream.

As a result, to correctly interpret a dream, we need to pay close attention not only to what we saw in the dream but also to the other details such as how we felt during the dream and our attitude towards what we saw in the dream.

For example, for somebody who loves cats, a dream about a cat would most likely be a positive dream – but the interpretation would be completely different for someone who hates cats.

Once we have thought about what we saw and what it could represent to us, we then need to reflect on how the message could relate to the issues we are currently dealing with in our lives.

Ask yourself how what you saw in the dream is relevant to you and how the dream might be able to provide the answers you are currently seeking.

Then, through deep thought and meditation – and by trusting your intuition – you will be led to the correct interpretation of what you saw.

What associations do we have with car accidents?

Having spoken about dreams in general, we now need to speak about the symbolism that hitting somebody with a car could have for different people.

First of all, hitting somebody with a car generally has very negative connotations, and if the accident was serious, it could be unspeakably bad.

Furthermore, when we dream of driving, it has a strong connection with being in control, so as a result, hitting somebody with a car can be seen as representing a loss of control.

After hitting somebody with a car, your feelings are likely to be primarily those of guilt as well as regret and a wish to make things right.

However, if it was the other person’s fault, you might also feel anger or even resentment toward the person for making you feel this way.

Finally, hitting somebody with a car can be done deliberately, and depending on the situation and who was involved, you might experience feelings of satisfaction – although you might also feel guilt or fear of being caught if you did it on purpose.

These are some of the associations we might have with hitting somebody with a car, although you may have others that you can discover through deep reflection.

So now let’s move on to looking at some of the possible interpretations of dreaming about hitting somebody with a car.

How to interpret a dream of hitting somebody with a car

Although dreams about hitting somebody with a car can have many possible interpretations, here are some of the most common:

1. Something sudden and unexpected is about to happen

A car accident is something that happens with no warning, and as such, if you dream about hitting someone with a car, it could be a message from the dream world that something unexpected is about to happen in your life too.

However, just because a car crash is an almost entirely negative and undesirable event, it doesn’t mean that whatever is about to happen to you will be negative or undesirable in the same way – although there is a possibility that it could.

Sometimes, your subconscious can pick up on signs that are invisible to your conscious mind, so if the chain of events that will lead to whatever is about to happen has already started, your subconscious could already be aware of it.

However, sometimes sudden events can happen with no warning, so your dream could also be a premonition about something that you have no other way of predicting.

If you have this dream, spend time searching deep within yourself to see if you can work out where certain paths in your life might lead and what could be in store.

However, if you are unable to guess what might be about to happen, the best you can do is take this dream as a warning to be ready for whatever comes next, whether it is positive or negative.

2. A loss of control

When we drive a car safely, we should be in control of everything that is happening, so if we hit someone with our car in a dream, it can represent a frightening loss of control.

If this is the message the dream is carrying for you, it is likely that, at least on a subconscious level, you are experiencing the feeling of a loss of control, and this experience is causing you to feel scared or anxious.

This means you should take time to reflect on your dream, perhaps through meditation, to try to find out what it is in your life that is making you feel this way.

Sometimes, vague feelings of anxiety or fear can build up almost imperceptibly, so we are unaware of when they started or what caused them.

However, after a while, they may become overwhelming, causing us to feel uncomfortable without ever really understanding why.

In such a case, it is common for your subconscious to communicate with you through dreams to let you know that something is wrong, and when this happens, it is important for you to try to find out where these feelings are coming from.

As a result, if you have this dream, you should spend time thinking about everything that you are involved with at the moment to see which aspects of your life could cause you to feel anxious in this way.

3. You are behaving carelessly or recklessly

Driving safely is also about behaving responsibly, so a dream about hitting someone with your car could be a message that you are behaving recklessly and that your behavior is putting yourself or others in danger.

In which areas of your life do you think you are being reckless? Could it be in your relationship with your partner or one of your friends? Or is this a work-related dream, warning you that if you continue this way, you will lose money for your company and probably get fired?

There are many areas of your life that this dream could be related to, and it’s up to you to reflect on the dream to work out which one it’s about.

However, you shouldn’t ignore this important dream of warning, because if you do, whatever it is warning you about is very likely to turn out badly for you and the people around you.

4. You are neglecting somebody you know

A dream about hitting someone in a car could mean you are neglecting someone you know – and probably, it’s also a message that they need your help right now.

Do you have any old friends who you haven’t looked up for a while? Or perhaps you’ve lost touch with one of your family members like a sibling or a parent?

Think about the people you haven’t contacted in a while and ask yourself if it’s time to look them up again. You may find they are extremely pleased to hear from you – and if they need your help, giving it to them at this time will be extremely well received.

5. You are out for revenge

Usually, when we dream about hitting someone in a car, it’s an accident, but sometimes we might do it on purpose – and the accompanying feelings may be positive ones of things like satisfaction or release.

This is a slightly worrying dream because it may indicate that you mean somebody harm or that you are out for revenge.

Of course, sometimes people do us wrong, and when that happens, it’s only natural to want to get even.

However, when the anger subsides, most people realize that revenge achieves nothing and doesn’t right the wrong that was done to us.

For this reason, if you have a dream like this, you should take a quiet moment to examine your feelings to see if you can let go of your anger and forgive the person who wronged you instead.

Depending on what happened to you, you might find this difficult, but forgiveness is a far healthier path.

Through deep thought, you may even come to understand that you have a thirst for revenge that you didn’t even know was there.

When this happens, the negativity of the desire for revenge could be polluting your soul, and by realizing you are harboring these feelings of ill will and letting them go, you will be able to heal far better than if you actually go out and seek revenge.

6. You have pent-up anger

Even if you are not out for revenge literally, this dream could also be symbolic of some pent-up anger you have due to something that happened to you.

However, as with a burning need for revenge, this is not a healthy way to live, so if you can find out where the anger is coming from and understand what caused it, this can be the first step to letting it go.

And if can bring yourself to do that, you will find yourself in a much better place.

7. Your relationship is going through a rough patch

One other possible interpretation of this dream is that your relationship is currently going through a rough patch.

Take some to consider if this could be the meaning of the dream since it could be the early warning you need to patch things up before they deteriorate too far.

Situations that can affect how we interpret the dream

Often, the particular details of the situation that occurs in your dream can be key to interpreting the dream correctly. Here are a couple of scenarios to look out for related to hitting someone with a car.

8. Hitting your enemy

If you hit your enemy with a car, it’s a good indication that this dream is about revenge or pent-up anger, especially if you feel pleased or happy in the dream about doing it.

9. Hitting your friend

If you hit a friend in the dream, it might indicate that your friend is in need of your help, but you aren’t paying enough attention to them.

Alternatively, it could mean you have some buried feelings of resentment toward your friend that are bubbling out of your subconscious mind into your dreams.

10. Hitting a child with a car

This dream could mean there are problems that need to be solved in the relationships you have with your children. Are you holding them back inadvertently when you are trying to help them?

11. Being hit by a car

Being hit by a car could mean that you are not following the correct path in your life. You have somehow gone astray, and this is a warning to get back on track.

12. In bad weather

Hitting somebody in a car during bad weather is often a dream about the challenges in your life and the obstacles you are facing. What is preventing you from achieving your goals and how can you overcome it? Questions like these are the ones you need to ask.

Many possible interpretations

A dream about hitting someone with a car can be quite disturbing, and there are several possible interpretations.

To find what this dream means to you, consider the various elements of the dream and how you felt about what was happening during the dream. Then, by following your intuition, you will be able to work out the correct interpretation of what you saw.