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15 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Roaches

15 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Roaches

Dreams about roaches are surely far from unusual and the effects they have on those who dream about them vary. Most dreamers feel uneasy after dreams involving roaches, so what do dreams about roaches really mean?

When you dream about roaches, it’s a sign that you should leave a particular place and search for greener pastures. Furthermore, in Chinese mythology black roaches mean burden and pain, red roaches represent wealth, and white roaches mean signs of betrayal. Nonetheless, dreams about roaches could also serve as a caution about something, someone, or a situation.

In this article, we’ll analyze the different types of dreams involving roaches and what they may mean. This way, the next time you or someone you know has a dream about roaches, you can turn to this roaches dream interpretation guide for help.

15 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Roaches


13 Common Dreams About Roaches and their Meanings

Here are typical dreams of roaches you or someone you know may have. These interpretations will help you understand it all and take the necessary steps toward resolving the issues.

1. Seeing Dead Cockroaches In Your Dream

This cockroach dream is two-sided. It can be positive, which means you will eventually overcome your problems and eliminate a burden in your life although it’ll be a long journey, especially if the cockroach is dead and facing upward.

On the other hand, if you find the roach dead and face down, then take this as a negative dream. If you find them one by one around the house, it means the end of a long-term wish. It may be a new project you’ve spent time and resources on, a romantic/working relationship you were heavily involved in, or a failed ambition.

These roaches can also appear in a pile or heap, which means signs of unfulfilled dreams that have left you worried, disappointed, and angry about your unaccomplished goals.

Finally, another bad omen tied to seeing dead roaches in your dream is when you sight these roaches from far away; this means a bad experience is lurking around the corner and may happen in the form of death or health issues, or loss of material possessions.

2. Cockroaches Crawling On You In Dream

This is a warning and a bad omen. If the roaches crawl all over your body, from head to toe, you’re experiencing major stress, guilt, and worries that have now affected your thought process. You constantly harbor the fear that you may fail and your decision may lead you to a dead end.

However, if these insects only appear on the lower half of your body, it’s a sign that soon enough, you’ll get into an accident due to your life choices and self-destructive habits.

These dreams, especially the former, can cause serious psychological harm like depression and imposter syndrome. You need to take control of your life to get ahead of these dreams. Also, take proactive decisions toward your overall growth.

3. A Red Roach In Your Dream

Dreaming about a red cockroach is linked to benevolence, wealth, good things, and abundant progress. If a red cockroach is invading your home and it doesn’t worry you, it means you’re edging close to financial stability, you’ll feel blessed for the things you have, and you may likely receive a gift from a stranger, friend, or loved one.

4. Dreams Of Roaches In Your Meal

Seeing cockroaches in your food in your dream is a terrible sign, and it means someone around you is envious of your success. Many evil friends surround you, and you need to be aware of that.

You should also bear in mind that your set goals for the future may not come to fruition or go as planned, and you should be prepared for the losses and hardships on the way. This dream is a reminder for you to be mindful of your circle and keep your affairs close to yourself.

5. Cockroaches On Your Clothes In Dream

Cockroaches On Your Clothes In Dream


Roaches on your clothes in your dreams indicate health problems, and you should be more careful with your well-being in the future. It’s also a sign that you should take better care of yourself, relax and try to enjoy your life to prolong your lifespan.

6. Roaches Attacking You In A Dream

If in your dream, a cockroach attacks you, do not take it lightly. This is an indication that someone will take you for granted in the future or use your vulnerability against you. It may also mean you have had some unpleasant experiences at your place of work or you’re feeling uncomfortable now.

Furthermore. If the roach in your dream is of an intimidating size (a giant cockroach), it means you have bitten more than you can chew as regards responsibility, and if the creature spreads dirt on you in the dream, you feel haunted or pressed by a misdeed you partook in in the past. 

7. Killing a Roach In Your Dream

From a spiritual perspective, killing a roach means war, defeat, and happiness. It means you should expand your capacity for the incoming goodness and turnaround you’re about to witness. 

When a man dreams about a smashed cockroach, it’s a sign that his trials and tribulations are over, and he needs to practice perseverance because better days are near. 

For a female, the appearance of a cockroach means the presence of an undeserving admirer; we can further break it down into the woman’s age and status. If a young girl kills a roach, it indicates an intimate relationship with her romantic partner.

When the dream involves a pregnant woman, it heralds the birth of a healthy child. Lastly, for a bride, the killing of a roach in her dreams is a good sign for her upcoming marriage;

8. Chasing A Roach In Your Dream

You may find yourself running after a roach in your dream and trying to catch it; this means that you’re gradually but surely losing control over situations like opportunities, jobs, and daily routine. The aforementioned have now become unattainable for you, and it feels difficult reaching them.

If you’re chasing the roach and not trying to catch it, it’s straightforward; you’re chasing bad luck far away from your environment.

9. Dreaming About a Plague Of Roaches

Dreaming About a Plague Of Roaches


If you see this in your sleep, it’s a sign that you’re unable to keep your promises in the waking world, and because of that, people have trust issues with you. This dream warns you should stop making promises you can’t fulfill.

10. Dreaming About a Black Cockroach

When you see a black roach in your dream, it doesn’t even remotely mean something good is about to happen. It’s a sign of bad luck; you see it in your dreams because you’re feeling burdened or trapped in a difficult time.

A black oriental cockroach is a sign of impending doom, and if you find it stuck in one place without moving, it means there’s a roadblock in your way, and that dream is telling you not to focus on the problems but on the person in your way.

11. Roaches Fighting In Your Dream

This could be a warning about your future and the fears in it. You’re being told to stand up and face it squarely. You can also see fighting roaches in your dream because you have conflicts and are stuck in circumstances that make you feel uneasy now your subconscious mind is speaking to you

12. Dreams Where you are Scared of Roaches

If you’re scared of the roaches in your dream, it means incoming health problems and a warning to take care of your health as soon as possible. There’s another interpretation to this dream which may mean you should stop being scared of situations in your waking life. You need to be calm, collected and think more positively.

13. Seeing a White Cockroach In Your Dream

Generally, white represents purity and cleanliness, but in the case of a cockroach and a dream, it indicates betrayal. Seeing a white cockroach in your dreams means someone dear to you is on the verge of betraying you at the most unexpected and tragic period. It’s a warning for you to be more conscious of your space.

Spiritual Meaning Of Cockroaches In Your Dream

Spiritual Meaning Of Cockroaches In Your Dream


According to spiritual institutions and leaders, dreaming of a cockroach is not a good sign because they’re carriers of dark, evil powers since they’re usually found in dark, damp, and dirty places, which would allow them to represent a dirty spirit or carry your view of someone relating with an evil spirit they shouldn’t be found with.

It can also be a positive sign, which may mean that you’re strong in terrible environments or difficult situations in life. It also means rejuvenation.

1. Meaning Of Roaches Dream In Christianity

According to Christians, roaches are linked to poverty, evil, and misfortune in real life. However, if you kill these roaches in your dream, you have overcome these problems that may attempt to steal your joy. 

Dead roaches mean God has helped stop your adversaries and any familiar spirit moving to rob you of peace and stability.

2. Dreaming About Roaches In Islam

In Islam, dreams of cockroaches are interpreted to mean bad omen and incoming bad luck, it may also portray your inner thoughts about your luck, and if the cockroach runs throughout your home, it means you have a weak enemy in your family, and even though they’re harmless, they still pose a very harmful threat.

If it’s an active cockroach that you have difficulty trapping, then it means someone is slowly causing problems in your friendship or social circle, and you may need to reevaluate your inner circle and the reasons behind your suspicions.

Parting Words

Cockroaches are random insects we see around the house, but this doesn’t mean you should take any dream about them lightly. From all the scenarios we’ve addressed, it’s obvious that seeing them in your sleep falls more on the negative than the positive.

It’s important to take note of the situations you find yourself in with these insects and how they appear and make active moves to heed the warnings and adjust your lifestyle accordingly.

Common Dreams About Roaches and their Meanings