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10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Praying

10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Praying

If there is one rare dream that you don’t usually hear about, it’s a dream of praying. Prayer is an element of life that is rarely ever mentioned in dreams, particularly if you aren’t a devout person. Did you ever wonder what a prayer dream could mean?

As it turns out, this can be both a psychological and a spiritual sign that you should pay attention to. Let’s talk about the potential range of dream meanings you might find when a prayer dream happens to you.

10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Praying


What Does It Mean If You Dream About Praying?

1. The most obvious interpretation is that it’s a sign of your devotion to your deities

A prayer dream is often a reflection of how devout you are towards your religion. If you dream about praying, it’s often a sign that you regularly find yourself going to church, thinking of God, or just establishing that connection.

We tend to dream about things we do in real life. If you pray a lot, you could just be dreaming about your day-to-day priorities. If you dream about praying for someone, it’s a sign that you are a compassionate soul.

2. Most prayer dreams are good omens

If you dream about praying to God, or praying in a church, it generally means good things will happen to you. Many superstitious people see it as a sign that your prayers have been answered, or that God’s giving you a thumbs-up.

A prayer often heralds a sign that you have a lot of optimism for where the future is headed, and that you may be hopeful of where you’ll be. If your dream is particularly pleasant, it could be a sign that your aspirations will come true with enough hard work.

Dreams about praying with someone tend to fall in this category too. It means that you may get help with a project that you may be feeling. A prayer dream is often seen as an angelic way of letting us know that we are never truly alone.

3. It could also be a sign of negativity in your mind

While dream interpretations often feature upbeat reasons for a prayer dream, the truth is that there are also signs that this could be your subconscious showing that you’re feeling insecure about yourself.

Insecurity often pops up when we don’t feel fully capable of getting what we want in life. The prayer could suggest that you feel you need a little help, or even feel like it’d take a miracle for you to succeed.

It’s not unusual to hear about people who are frustrated with their life’s path to have dreams about praying. When people feel helpless, they often will turn to the Holy Spirit or a deity for help. This is doubly true if you feel like you feel alone in life.

Do you feel like you’re going through a difficult time? Do you feel like you need more help in your life, but can’t quite figure out how to ask for it? This dream offers you a little encouragement. At the very least, you can expect a little prayer to help.

It could also be a sign of negativity in your mind


4. In some cases, it could be a sign of losing faith

Do you feel like your church doesn’t want you around? Have you been questioning your faith lately? A dream about praying in a temple, or doing something “sacrilegious” like praying to Satan could come up.

This suggests that you may feel hopeless, or feel like your prayers are being ignored by the deities you believe in. If your waking life seems to lack good luck, or you feel negative emotions towards your spiritual life, it could be showing up in your dreams.

On a similar note, dreams of praying to Satan suggest that you may also be placing your trust in bad people, bad organizations, or individuals who are not honest with you. If you find yourself making bad decisions, now is a time to take a step back.

5. Prayer dreams also can suggest guilt

Most of us have heard about people who had to go to church to repent of their sins. In some sects, it’s a cornerstone of the religion’s beliefs. Think back to the past couple of weeks, or even years. Do you feel bad about how you treated others?

Praying for forgiveness in a dream can suggest that you have guilt over your past behavior. You may feel in need of prayer, just to clear up the past actions that you’ve done. Even if you feel like your victims may have forgiven you, it makes sense to try to right what you did wrong.

If you have been feeling guilty about past deeds, the dream you have about prayer will often include themes of remorse, shame, or even confrontation from those who were wronged. This is a dream meaning that often invokes the phrase “you’ll know it when you see it.”

6. Certain types of dreams may also suggest that you are averse to hard work

Prayers are often seen as a “wish and you shall receive” type of deal, but the reality is that God helps those who help themselves. These dreams tend to suggest that you might enjoy the comfort of having things handed to you a bit too much.

Do you actually try to work towards the dreams you have, or the goals you have? If you have been waiting for that big break without actually putting in the work, this is a wakeup call that you need to start working.

On the other hand, if you’re known for a strong work ethic, you should expect those efforts to be rewarded.

7. Dreaming of praying at a grave, or praying for the dead

Dreaming of praying at a grave, or praying for the dead


When death meets prayer in a dream, you should expect some kind of ending. Whether it’s good or bad tends to hinge on the connotations of the dream and what you’re going through in life.

Praying at a person’s funeral often means that you’ve reached the end of a problem with them, or that you’ve finally felt like you can let go of them. This may also mean that you’ve run out of ways to fix a situation with the person involved there.

Don’t see who you’re praying for? You may also be experiencing the end of a bad habit. This suggests that you may see good things reflected in the spiritual realm, as well as in your overall life’s path.

8. If you dream about praying to Satan, this could be a sign of problems ahead—often of your own doing

When people dream of devil worship, it’s often a sign that their passions are causing serious grief in their life. Much like the Devil card in tarot, this tends to be a dream that connotes bad decisions and being betrayed by people you trust.

While prayers tend to be a positive omen, it’s a negative omen when you’re talking about praying to an evil guy. Be careful that you don’t make your situation worse by hanging out with the wrong crowd or focusing on the wrong things.

Keep an eye out for obstacles in your life, and do what you can to improve your circumstances before it’s too late. This is a clear sign that things might get messy.

9. You might be faced with a tough choice soon

If you dreamt that you were praying on your knees, or praying in front of a holy icon, it could signify that you’re at a crossroads in life. Do you have a tough call to make soon? Perhaps it’s an issue in your family life or a personal life matter interceding with your career.

A dream where your prayers come out of fear or protection can also mean that you face a tough decision ahead. The good news is that prayer dreams are still generally positive, so as long as you think clearly, you’ll choose the right thing.

10. However, in most situations, a happy prayer dream means a wish coming true

Regardless of religion, it seems like most people agree that a prayer dream is about as good of an omen as it gets. (Well, as long as the prayer dream is a positive one where you’re not praying to something dark and sinister!)

The most common interpretation of a prayer dream is that you are going to have a major wish come true, often by complete surprise! Crazier still, this doesn’t have to be a wish that you actively prayed for. It can be a wish that you just held close to your heart.

Last Words

Did you recently have a dream that involved prayer as a major theme? Tell us what happened during your dream in the comments section below.

What Does It Mean If You Dream About Praying?



Thursday 18th of April 2024

Evening what happened to my dream we sleeping as family then burning candles they R short 3 of them we start praying hard, but for me I pray like preaching. When we done someone came no where and shout at me say why are you burning this this short candle can't you see you will burn the house.i wake up.

Adelaide. M

Tuesday 30th of January 2024

Dear sir/madam

I was in church in a dream I took off my sandals as they were irritating me put them under the bench of the person was sitting in front of me.

Few minutes later when I was wanted to wear my shoes were no where to be found,I worried and I started praying asking for God's restoration and suddenly the whole church was also praying with me. Helping me to look for my shoes.


Tuesday 19th of December 2023

I often dream of my late father saying I should burry him again,, then dream of me praying then again dream of me driving a big red bakkie


Wednesday 13th of December 2023

In my dream there was a group of people preparing for an event/ party and I was also assisting when a woman stood up and prayed. The prayer was so spiritual and I immediately connected and found myself praying too. In my prayer, it was all about a break through in my life. I am not sure what else happened except that whe I opened my eyes and still in the dream,a group of people were aroud me as if they were praying for me when I was in tears. They were comforting me as I was crying so hard.

Nsai Chanceline

Saturday 2nd of December 2023

I had a dream last night about my grandmother’s crucifix being broken and my siblings were scared, while picking it up I realized it was really damaged so I closed my eyes casting out the spirit of fear and telling God to make it whole again. While praying I felt some power leaving me and I could see the crucifix building up and after that it was ok and I felt on the flow because I was really weak .