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9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Monkey

9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Monkey

Monkeys have held important symbolism over the centuries in cultural and religious connotations, where they’re seen as a sign of brutality, greed, territorial attitude, and freedom. The interpretation of monkey dreams varies based on the dream’s context and the creatures’ actions in the dream. So, the dream can signify blessings or bad luck.

Because of their close resemblance with people, monkeys are also seen as a reflection of ourselves. So, the monkeys’ actions in the dreams are depicted as a direct reflection of what we desire and feel.

Typically, dreams about monkeys symbolize insatiability, lust, well-being, yearning, and in some situations, illness.

However, there are other interpretations based on the dream context. Keep reading to find out!

Monkey Dreams Reveal Your Attitude


Monkey Dreams Reveal Your Attitude

The monkey’s mood can tell things in your waking life and your attitude toward real life.

  • If you see a joyful monkey in your dream, you’re on the right path. You lead a fulfilled life and enjoy it.
  • If you dream of a sad, unfortunate, and crying monkey, it signifies that you’re not happy with the current scenario. Your life isn’t in line with your hopes and desires.
  • Seeing angry monkeys in your dream represents relationships with close people in your waking life. Your family might be in danger, face betrayal from people close to you, or even quarrel with them.

A dream about monkeys might as well suggest that you are doing things that will make you feel ashamed. The dream can also indicate events from the past that are haunting you.

It could be a warning that some people in your life don’t wish you well and they want to present you in a bad light in front of other people.

Other dreams about monkeys under different circumstances include:

  • Naughty monkeys in your dream symbolize your desire to surpass the set norms in society. The dream can be interpreted as a warning not to play with fire since you might get burned. If you have the habit of breaking the rules and don’t follow the set laws, pay close attention to the possible issues you might have.
  • Monkeys in your dreams in a circus and performing tricks for the audience symbolizes your relationship with kids. If you are fortunate to see monkeys performing the schemes for the spectators, your relationship with kids will improve.
  • If you see the monkey transform in your dream, where its calf starts to look more like a human being, that dream indicates your instincts. The natural instincts you feel are reshaping your life, but it shows it’s time to face your animal part.
  • Seeing a dead monkey in your dream indicates an argument in your romantic relationship.

1. You Have a Playful Personality

Dreaming about monkeys indicates that you have a child-like and playful part in your personality. Even though you may be an adult or teen, you love to make jokes and make other people laugh. You are an entertainer who feels good when people give you attention and cheer for you. You may be a performer or can dance, act or speak on stage.

Your friends consider you a prankster since you love pranking those close to you. You love being free from regulations and rules. It also shows you have some rebellious part to yourself.

2. You Love Nature

Seeing a group of monkeys in your dream indicates that you love nature, particularly if the monkeys are in the jungle or surrounded by nature. You love going for nature walks instead of a restaurant.

You like exploring different places and watching flora and fauna. Monkeys love jumping between trees, and they’re found in mountains and ghats. So, seeing a green monkey in your dream indicates that you love to be physically active and don’t like staying indoors for long. Instead, you like going out and enjoying nature.

You enjoy playing sports and anything that needs physical movements and strength.

3. You Are Intelligent

According to science, humans evolved from monkeys; hence they’re considered our ancestors somehow. Therefore, they are intelligent creatures after humans. Seeing monkeys in your dream indicates that you are cunning and smart. You don’t make decisions with your heart but your mind. You are always practical in life.

It also means you’re good at providing advice to your colleagues. Your friends consult you whenever they make informed decisions. Therefore, monkeys represent sensible traits.

4. You Always Get What You Want

Monkeys are mischievous, cunning, and smart. The combination makes them a selfish species. You may have the same personality. That means you should stop worrying since you can quickly get whatever you want.

You might have seen monkeys take food or things from people close to them. This indicates that they are never afraid. You are perfect at planning events and getting the required results.

You might have the same characteristics when you snatch opportunities from other people. You may have a competitive nature and channel it to the right spirit. Whenever you feel you deserve something, you strive and ensure you get it.

Sometimes, it can harm you since you may hurt the people you love.

5. You Love Animals

You Love Animals

Image Credit: akamukku

If you see a pet monkey in your dream, it indicates that you love animals. You love taking care of your pets, and you take them as lovely and innocent companions. You love cats, dogs, and other animals.

Dreaming about a baby monkey shows that you like feeding and nurturing animals, have a clean heart, and care about animals. You might have owned a pet previously, and you already miss it, or you plan to bring a new pet home.

6. You’re Trapped

If you saw a big monkey in cages or traps in your dream, it indicates you feel trapped and suffocated because of some circumstances in your waking life. You like being free from obstacles or burdens.

However, something might be happening recently, making you feel burdened.

7. You’re a Foodie

If you dream about a hungry monkey eating a banana, it shows you’re a foodie. You love trying various cuisines and enjoying a delicious meal. You may love cooking and making delicious meals.

The monkey eating bananas in dreams is also a dream symbol of desire, health, and happiness. It also means that you want something in life you love. Maybe it’s a career or someone you love.

8. Pay Attention to How You Treat People

Pay Attention to How You Treat People

Image Credit: travellingerik

If you attack a primate in your dream, you should pay close attention to how you treat other people. If you’re used to blaming people for issues, reconsider your habits. If you’re susceptible to aggressive habits, you experience difficulties communicating with people close to you. Maybe you’re an individual who brings unrest to your life.

Negative emotions always overwhelm you, and anger has taken full control. Your personal life suffers the most since your bad habits drive people away from you. However, this dream intends to tell: don’t get into conflicts with anyone and get rid of your aggressive behaviors.

9. Stay Focused and Steadfast

If you’re a young adult looking for a spouse, being bitten by a monkey in your dream signifies new opportunities for your intimate relationship. This individual is close to you, but you’ve been friends and nothing more.

But you should be careful if you see a black monkey in your dream. It signifies a cunning and intelligent person in your life. Pay attention to individuals who act too friendly without any reason.

A new romantic relationship is knocking, but stay focused and careful who you allow into your life. Never get into a relationship that will spoil the quality of your current life.


It’s common to wake up from your dream feeling confused, puzzled, and disturbed. However, what is the meaning of your dream? Monkeys are seen as curious, playful, and intelligent animals. So, dreaming about monkeys can signify your qualities.

The creatures can represent trickery and mischief. So, pay close attention to the dream’s context and perspective to understand what the dream means. Seeing monkeys in your dream can signify that you’re in store for new beginnings and good luck. If the monkeys showcase their playfulness or friendliness in your dream, it’s a positive sign.

Nevertheless, seeing monkeys fighting or stealing indicates that some people are taking advantage of you. As a dreamer, you need to pay close attention to all the details of the dream to get a clear meaning.

Have you had a dream about a monkey? If so, tell us your monkey dream in the comments below!

9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Monkey



Monday 27th of November 2023

I dreamt that we had a pet monkey in our family. The monkey was very sweet and could speak a few words. One day someone I perceive to be a relative was cruel to the point of abusing the monkey. I was unable to do anything to stop the beatings. I heard the monkey crying "uncle" calling for my male relative. The cruelty continued until I jolted awake. The monkey did nothing to get locked in a room and beaten.


Sunday 29th of October 2023

Last night, I dreamt I was slowly driving down a long beach road. I couldn’t see the ocean as there were large sand dunes on both sides of the road. On top of the sand dunes were monkeys just standing or sitting and watching me as I drove by. They looked angry. One was sitting on top of a Buddhist looking building but it was just the skeleton of the building. One was lifting weights (barbells). No other humans were around. Then, I was walking down the same road and the monkeys began to attack me. October 39, 2023. 6:00am EST


Tuesday 5th of September 2023

A monkey was biting my foot/rt leg as I drove along a sandy beach. I stopped the car, going into a house, I feed the monkey carrots and saw a friend who was my old co'- worker. We talked and laughed at the monkey. The bites did not hurt, just annoying. Lol


Wednesday 24th of May 2023

In the dream I had a pet girl monkey with a pink shirt on and a diaper the dream started with me with her at home then we were at the cinema to watch a movie she began to get very playful so I carried her to the restroom of the cinema and people were in awe of her as they passed by. She wanted me to carry her on my hip like a baby. She was so sweet.


Tuesday 5th of September 2023

@LaShawn, pink shirt (times you want to stand out-shine) cinema ( speaking to large groups of ppl) diaper (take care of yourself- embarrassing situations) restroom- (someone is invading your personal space, monkey on your side (you may feel unseen in waking life) secretly you want to be seen. A monkey in your dreams is a sign of good fortune ✨️ 😉


Sunday 21st of May 2023

I had a dream that a monkey was sitting at my table. I had an infant son and as I was leaving, the monkey tried taking my purse preventing me from leaving. The monkey gave it back and left.