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17 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Losing Wedding Ring

17 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Losing Wedding Ring

A wedding ring means eternal love. After all, it symbolizes the vow you made with your spouse – and how you’ll stay with them ‘for richer or for poorer.’

Expectedly, losing a wedding ring – even in a dream – can make a single or married person panic. While this may seem scary, the dream meaning of wedding rings can point to many things.

What does it mean when you dream about losing a wedding ring?


What does it mean when you dream about losing a wedding ring?

A wedding ring’s dream meaning is often associated with romance – it’s the symbol of unity, after all. Here are some love-related interpretations, which may mean bad or good according to your dream and/or current situation.

1. You’ll Get Married

Dreaming about a gold wedding ring (or wearing one) brings good news. It means that you’ll tie the knot soon!

This dream of a gold ring also confirms that you’re with the right partner. And yes, things will just get better from here. You’ll enjoy a blissful family life soon!

2. You’re Incompatible

Although wedding ring dreams may allude to your own matrimony, they can also mean the opposite.

For example, if you dream of giving a wedding ring, you should take this as a bad omen. It means that you, the dreamer, are incompatible with your partner.

The same can be said when you dream of a broken ring. Your relationship is about to come to an end because of these unresolved incompatibility issues.

Sure, romantic relationships are hard to come by, but you shouldn’t forsake your peace just to be with someone else. Don’t force the issue because someone else is meant for you.

3. You Want to Commit

Dreaming about a wedding ring on your finger doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to get married (even though you might.) However, it symbolizes your desire to be in a committed personal relationship – especially if you’ve been single for so long.

The good news is your one true love will come soon. Just open your eyes, for this individual may pass by quickly!

4. Love is On the Way

According to dream interpretation experts, losing a wedding ring is a positive omen – especially for the single dreamer. This means your relationship status will change soon.

But if you dream of finding a ring, it’s possible that you’ll meet a stranger who’ll eventually become your partner. Sadly, this relationship will not last for long. That being said, you might as well enjoy the limited time you have with them!

5. You Need to Move On

It’s hard to move on from a breakup. You may find yourself reeling from an unresolved issue, such as that of betrayal. So if you keep dreaming about selling your wedding ring, it’s a sign that you must let go of the negativity in your heart.

Remember: you’ll only be able to find that someone special once you release your grudges.

Your Partner Will Betray You


6. Your Partner Will Betray You

A stolen or lost wedding ring means that your partner will double-cross you. They will do something terrible (such as cheat on you), and you’ll lose your loyalty to them.

The only question here is how will you go about this issue. Will you try to fix things – or will you leave? When you make a decision, don’t just use your heart – use your mind as well. In some cases, a divorce may be better than a reconciliation.

7. Someone Will Object to Your Relationship

Although losing your wedding ring is a good sign for single individuals, it’s a bad sign for those in relationships.

If you’re coupled up, this dream means that your family or friends are not in favor of your current relationship. In fact, they may do devious things just to stop you from going out with your partner – so you need to be vigilant!

What’s important here is that you remain strong. If you think (and feel) that your lover is right for you, fight for them!

A wedding ring is not only a symbol of love. In fact, it can represent personal growth and spirituality too.

As such, this dream can bring about such life-changing messages:

8. Change is Coming

If you dream of your own wedding ring on someone else’s finger, you need to be prepared. Change is coming!

While this may be scary at first, it will lead you to something better. For example, you may hesitate to relocate to another country for a job. But in the end, it’ll give you the career growth you’ve always wanted.

9. You’ll Grow

Maybe you’ve been stuck in a dead-end job or an unsatisfactory relationship for years. So if you dream of a silver wedding ring, know that you’ll get out of this rut soon.

You’ll undergo massive growth – be it on a personal or professional level. You’ll finally leave these things even though they feel comfortable because they no longer make you happy.

While you may feel guilty about uprooting yourself at first, it’s the very thing you must do in life.

If you don’t grow, you won’t get the new job you’ve always wanted. Furthermore, you won’t be able to pursue that fulfilling new relationship.

10. You’ll Be Happier Than Ever

It’s good luck to get a ring in your dream. This means you’ll be happier than ever!

If you’re married, then your union will remain peaceful and stable. You don’t have to worry about issues that destroy most unions.

If you’re single, then you’ll find a lover soon.

The latter concept also applies to an engagement ring dream. This means that you’ll meet someone who’ll make you happy. However, you need to be careful when dealing with them!

Your Troubles Will Come to an End


11. Your Troubles Will Come to an End

If you’re a married person, then you may not think twice about a dream of a wedding ring. However, you need to reflect on this, for it can mean something profound.

For starters, it’s a sign that your troubles will dissipate soon.

Whether you have issues with your personal, romantic, or family life, they’re about to come to a head. Sooner or later, you won’t have to lose sleep over them anymore.

12. Be Careful

Indeed, a significant change will come to your waking life. But you still need to be careful, especially if you dream of purchasing a wedding ring.

Some people will try to lead you astray. You need to be wary of these people, for their behavior may affect your trajectory.

13. You’ll Find Some Money

If you find someone else’s lost wedding ring, then it’s possible that you’ll accumulate another person’s wealth. Of course, this doesn’t mean you’ll steal it. Perhaps they’ll pass on a lucrative business opportunity that you’ll be able to grow in the future.

These chances are hard to come by, so take advantage of them!

14. But You Need to Spend Wisely

Buying your dream wedding ring is more or less a warning sign for you. It means that you’re being very careless with your money.

Even if you have the money to buy luxurious things or fine foods, it doesn’t mean you should keep spending like there’s no tomorrow. You need to save for a rainy day, for you don’t know what will happen tomorrow – or in the near future.

A wedding ring dream can also allude to the one dearest to you. Here are some messages that this dream is trying to convey:

15. Help Your Loved One

Seeing your wedding ring on the finger of family members means they need your help. They’re dealing with many problems, although it may not look like it.

Furthermore, they may be hesitant to ask for your assistance, which is why offering unexpected help is advisable.

Sometimes, an ear to hear or a shoulder to cry on is more than enough.

Someone Else Will Get Married


16. Someone Else Will Get Married

Simply put, someone will get married if you dream of wearing a wedding ring on your finger. The bad news (or good news, depending on your situation) is it alludes to another person’s union.

Don’t worry, for your time will come soon!

17. Someone Dear Will Leave

A wedding ring on a pal’s finger means they may leave soon. And it’s not because they’re ending your friendship, no. It may be for their personal or professional growth. For example, your dear buddy may need to transfer to a new state for a job promotion.

The same can be said when you dream of throwing a ring. A loved one will leave you, but it could be for the better. In fact, this will allow you to bring new people into your life!


Wedding ring dreams bring a lot of messages. They can provide love counsel – as well as personal advice.

Whether you heed the interpretations above is always up to you. But remember: you won’t lose anything by bearing the meanings mentioned earlier in mind!

We’d love to hear about your wedding ring dreams and how you interpreted them. Make sure to post your thoughts and experiences below.

17 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Losing Wedding Ring



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My friend dreamed I left my wedding ring in a restaurant where we 2 couples were dining. I gave detailed instructions on how to find the ring. Meaning of this? Thank you!