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7 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Losing Phone

7 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Losing Phone

Our smartphones are, simply put, essential to our everyday life. We use them to communicate, become informed, work, or have fun. Losing them is always a massive headache.

But dreaming about losing your phone can mean more than an inconvenience. It is a dream steeped in rich symbolism that your subconscious mind is trying to communicate with you about your personal life. Are you going to answer the call?

This article will explore the different dream meanings of a lost phone. We will suggest ways to apply these meanings to your waking life and help you draw conclusions about what’s actually going on in your present.

What does it mean when you dream about losing phone


What does it mean when you dream about losing phone?

1. You need disconnection

We use our smartphones every day. Perhaps too much. They frequently ruin personal communication with loved ones sitting directly across from us. All too often, we have our faces stuck in screens on social media.

Losing your phone in a dream is a direct challenge to this behavior. Essentially, you need to become more present in your life – you need a digital detox. That device you’re holding in your hand needs to be put on silent.

This is especially true if, in your dream, you become worried or anxious when you lose your phone. You may endlessly search for it, try to ring it, anything to be reunited. Essentially, your phone is taking too much energy and denying your attention to the outside world.

What you need to do upon waking is detach from it. Reduce your reliance on always being “switched on.” Leave the phone lost in your dreams, and free yourself from distractions. When you awaken, prioritize real things right in front of you – your family members, your friends, and your health.

2. You need to find a new perspective on life

One of the most common things to follow losing your phone is the search. You will scour your home to find it. But this behavior takes on a brand new meaning in the dream world.

If your dream sees you endlessly searching to no avail, this suggests you need a new direction in life. There’s something amiss right now, and part of you is looking for something that cannot be found.

The lost phone could be any number of things; a neglected partner you need to recognize, a tough decision you’ve been avoiding, or an opportunity you’re afraid of pursuing.

That said, if you find your lost phone, this can suggest you will be told something of enormous significance shortly. Maybe your phone will help deliver the results of a recent job interview or health check. You might hear from someone in your past that wants to reconnect. Ultimately, the choice is yours if you want to pick it up.

You’re not being frank with people


3. You’re not being frank with people

The idea of a missed call on a phone can be difficult for many people to handle. So if you’re losing your phone in the dream and hear it ringing, it can make matters worse.

But this kind of dream can be very insightful on your previous, current, and new relationships. Essentially it’s an omen of communication breakdown, where neither one of you can tell the other something important.

You might not be hearing someone and putting them off. You’re closed off to their point of view; they’re trying to reach you, but you’re not receptive.

Or, perhaps some people in your life just aren’t getting the messages you’re sending them. Are you being ignored? Misrepresented? Maybe it’s time to be more direct and upfront about your feelings.

The lost phone can symbolize that unless you see problems from multiple viewpoints, you’ll continue to receive misdirected calls, and there’ll be constant miscommunication in your life.

4. Your romantic relationships are in crisis

In some specific dream scenarios, you know precisely the phone number trying to call you and what they will say. Losing your phone stops you from having to face the music.

Nine times out of ten, this scenario involves your spouse. This points towards an emotional disconnect between you two. Someone is calling – the other cannot or will not answer; perhaps this signifies your romance may have peaked.

Perhaps something has happened that has placed a wedge between your relationship. Or you’ve been neglecting each other for a  long time and are only pretending the relationship is OK.

Enough pretending. Your lost device is a wake-up call to fight for your relationship. You can rectify this dream’s meaning and repair the lack of communication by finding your phone or not losing it in the first place. Fight for the real issues at stake.

That said, sometimes, by losing your phone, you become relieved. You don’t have to have those uncomfortable conversations. Maybe the lost phone in this scenario symbolizes the relationship running its course.

You need to separate yourself from backbiting


5. You need to separate yourself from backbiting

Our phones are the most effective, quickest, and easiest way to communicate with friends. We can become connected to them with a short button press.

But sometimes, this can come at a cost. Losing your phone in a dream can signify you need to separate yourself from toxic friendships and avoid unnecessary gossip and rumors. The conversations you may have of late are not good for you – your subconscious mind is instructing you to leave things be.

Always listening to people can be draining and increase your anxiety. And you might feel compelled to always be on the other end when someone calls, listening to whatever they want to talk about. When your phone becomes lost, this could be your subconscious distancing you from negativity in your social circles.

If this is the case, you need to ignore backbiting, toxicity, and negativity in all its forms. A lost mobile phone gives you peace of mind, albeit temporarily, so you can decide for yourself. Don’t listen to other people at face value; think with fresh perspectives and an open mind.

6. You need to de-stress and look after yourself better

Waiting on an important call? But deep down, want to lose your phone so you don’t have to answer it?

In the dream world, losing your phone in a dream can feel like a relief. You’ve created distance between yourself and your problems. The phone keeps ringing, but you can’t answer it, and you’re OK with this series of events.

This kind of dream is an unusual thing to experience because it mixes common frustrations with relief. Perhaps your life feels out of balance, and things that made you happy now make you sad, and vice versa.

You might need to make time for yourself and get away from the hustle and bustle that your mobile phone represents. Time to re-evaluate your position in life and make simple changes that make answering and owning your phone feel less of a chore.

Strive to do things that bring you joy. Perhaps a pivot in work is just the shakeup you need to find happiness again. Setting clear boundaries with friends and family can make your time with them less threatening. Then maybe, when your phone becomes lost, you’ll be more excited to find it.

You may find solutions to your problem


7. You may find solutions to your problem

Sometimes, a lost smartphone can be found in a dream. This is a good sign of your position in life that you faced a problem and triumphed.

The lost phone being found can signify that you’re going to overcome significant problems in your life and will be all the better for it. The dream promises you’ll find the right solution in the end.

Furthermore, finding a phone you’ve constantly been losing can also symbolize closure. Maybe a past event haunts you, a toxic relationship you can’t escape. Finding the phone shows that you’re finally moving on and can create distance from trouble.


For many people, their cell phone is the backbone of their day, connecting work, fun, and family in one device. When we get a text, a call, or an alert, we immediately swipe to check what is going on.

Losing your phone can be a source of great anxiety. Not only are you worried about the cost of replacement, but also that fear of missing out on something important happening in your life.

No matter how hard or long the search is, the dreamer may never find their missing device. Ultimately, we think of these as bad dreams, causing worry and anxiety in equal measure.

But dreaming about losing your phone can be a wake-up call for you. It might remind you to be more grateful and present in your day, eliminate distractions and negativity, and prioritize those essential people in your life and not just those on the screen.

7 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Losing Phone