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15 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Long Hair

15 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Long Hair

Dreams about long hair can be fascinating and intriguing. If you’ve been dreaming about long hair, there’s a good chance you’re wondering what it all means. Is it a positive sign, or can dreaming about hair be a bad omen?

Thankfully we have all the answers for you. We’ve looked at dreaming about hair in different situations and the meanings behind it. By the time you get to the end, you should have a clear idea about what your dream means. Let’s go!

15 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Long Hair?


What Does It Mean To Dream About Long Hair?

Dreams about hair don’t just have one meaning. The exact reason behind your dream can depend on factors such as the type of hair, whether it’s yours or someone else’s, and even the color. Let’s take a look at all the possible meanings.

1. You Have Lost Power and Control

For those dreaming about having their long hair cut, this can have different meanings depending on if you’re cutting the hair or whether it’s someone else.

If someone else is cutting your hair, then this isn’t a good sign. It shows that someone has power over you and makes you feel helpless. This is usually psychological and can be a sign you need to stand up for yourself to regain control.

Were you cutting your own hair? If so, this is more positive. It’s a sign that you’re cutting away the negativity in your life and moving on from a painful past, such as heartbreak.

2. It’s Time to Grow and Develop

Combing your hair is one of the most interesting dreams about long hair. It’s about moving beyond your negative memories and trying to create positive new ones.

If there are any positive developments in your life, then you need to follow them. This could be a new relationship, a job promotion, or even an offer of help. The change may not be easy, and if there are struggles, don’t be afraid to reach for help.

Combing hair in a dream is all about personal development. You are ready to grow as a person but remember, you don’t need to tackle change on your own.

3. You Might Be Sick

Thin hair is the worst omen when it comes to dreaming about long hair. There are several reasons to have thin hair in reality, mostly it’s a part of growing old, but sometimes it can be due to sickness.

This could be your subconscious telling you that something is wrong. Do you have a persistent cough? Tummy trouble? Loss of appetite? If something has been bothering you health-wise, take this as a sign you need to schedule an appointment with your doctor.

Thinning hair can be caused by stress too. If you’re healthy, then this dream could signify that you need to destress. This is related to our next section too.

You Might Be Sick


4. You’re Overwhelmed By Anxiety

Related to thin hair is dreaming about losing your hair. These are similar in their meanings, but hair loss is more likely to relate to anxiety than physical illness.

You’re most likely deeply worried about something or someone. Examples could be financial worries, the end of a relationship, or the health of a loved one. You need to address this worry and find ways to destress, such as tackling the issue or practicing relaxation techniques.

It can also be that you’re worried about your aging. It’s vital to remember your self-worth and appreciate your outer and inner beauty.

5. Take a Break from Relationships

There are times when people dream about long straight here. This can be particularly puzzling, especially if this is not your natural hair type.

The omens here aren’t good. You’re concerned about your relationship and not sure it’s going to last. You’re not getting the warmth you desire, and you need to be appreciated.

It’s time to evaluate your relationships and think about whether you need to take a break, address the issues you have, or end it.

6. Tough But Positive Change is Coming

We’ve looked at the dream interpretation of long straight hair, but what about long curly hair? This is all about change. You’ve either just experienced a big change in your life or are just about to.

Either way, the news is good. While it can sometimes be negative, it’s highly likely that the change here is going to be for the better. Opportunities are coming your way, and you need to grab them with both hands. It may take a leap of faith, and don’t let the moment pass.

7. Be Patient with Your Goals

Most of the dreams we’ve looked at so far are about you, but what if you’re dreaming of someone else with long hair? It takes a lot of time to grow long hair, and having this dream indicates that patience is required.

You may be bored at the moment but you need to hold firm. It could be that your relationship is going through a rough patch, you’ve got a difficult task at work, or you’ve been hit with multiple problems at once.

It’s crucial to know that the bad times will pass. If you’re not patient, then you’re going to make big mistakes that could have significant consequences.

Be Patient with Your Goals


8. Time to Simplify your Life

Tangled hair means a tangled life! The exact nature of this dream can depend on what happens to the tangled long hair. Do you get it free, or does it stay twisted together?

If you couldn’t untangle it, then it means you’re struggling with confusion and not sure which way to turn. Try to simplify your choices, take on advice, make pro/cons lists, and do whatever it takes to try and get a clearer mind.

If you freed the tangle in your dreams, then it’ll be a sign that you’ve moved past your confusion and can now move forward with much more clarity.

9. A Sign to Be Closer to Someone

Were you running your hands through someone’s hair? Or vice versa? Be honest with yourself as your mind is telling you that you want to be closer to someone. You may be in denial about this, but it’ll be much better if you let them in.

This isn’t always about romantic relationships, although it usually is. Maybe you need to move forward with your relationship, get back in touch with a friend that is drifting away, or call that family member you’ve fallen out with.

10. It’s Time for Forgiveness

We mentioned that your hair falling out is a sign of anxiety but what if you see someone else’s hair fall out? The connected symbolism is that you’re losing that person from your life, and you should take steps to prevent it.

You’ve probably fallen out with someone and it is bothering you, especially as you don’t want to lose their friendship. It’s time to swallow your pride and forgive them for their mistakes. Try to be the bigger person and if it doesn’t resolve the tension, you can move on with a clear conscience.

11. Stop Thinking about the Past

Another unique and intriguing dream to have is if you have long hair in braids. This can be especially confusing if you’ve never had this style!

Interestingly, this is all about your relationship with the past. You’re obsessively thinking about your past, and it’s not doing you any good at all. It’s time to let go of the pain and focus and a healthier you in the future.

Moving on from your past is easier said than done, so don’t be afraid to speak to someone and seek professional help, if needed.

Stop Thinking about the Pas


12. You May Need Mental Help

Now let’s talk about the saddest dream to have about long hair, which is when you dream of having dirty long hair. You need to address the fact you have abandoned yourself, your happiness, and your feelings.

It may be that you’re struggling with depression or going through a tough time. You need to practice self-care and metaphorically (sometimes literally) clean your hair. Clean away what’s troubling you, and then you can take steps to improve your mental health.

13. Address your Secret Desires

Have you dreamt of dying your hair? If you’ve changed the color to red in your dream, then you have a desire for someone and what to attract attention. Have a crush on someone? Let them know, and the outcome should be positive.

Other hair colors can have different meanings. Black-dyed hair usually isn’t good as it’s the color of suffering, but blonde hair is about positive change. As always, in your waking life, it’s good to assess your dreams and think about what changes to need to make you happy.

14. It’s Time to Fight!

Dreamt about putting your hair into a ponytail? It means you’re ready for action! You probably have someone in your life that you’re at odds and it needs to be addressed. It’s time that you cleared the air.

Of course, this doesn’t mean an actual fight, well hopefully not anyway! It means that the time for patience and understanding is over. Tackle the issues head-on and stand up for what’s right. You’ll feel better once it’s done.

15. Becoming your True Self

We end in a positive dream. If you see hair growing rapidly from short to long, then it’s a sign of your personal growth. You’ve become a wiser and better person, and it’s time to put that to good use.

Move away from past grievances, and move on to a more positive future. You’ve grown up and should be confident and content to overcome any obstacles that are coming your way.


Dreaming of long hair can have many different meanings, but they are usually positive. Now is a great time to assess your problems and tackle them head-on. But while your problems need to be dealt with, never be afraid to ask for help on your journey.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Long Hair?