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15 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Lightning

15 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Lightning

Lightning is a natural electromagnetic discharge that occurs as a result of an electrical charge between two clouds. However, when you see it in your dream, it could mean more than that. It symbolizes different spiritual meanings, which are of great significance to you with regard to future and past events in your life. Dreaming about lightning explains strong emotions and events that will or have occurred in your life. For example, it could signify destruction, bad luck, an upcoming change, or a shocking event in your life. Other times, it could represent new and better ideas, fresh inspirations, and pleasurable moments.

Essentially, lightning dream meanings depend on the context in which it appears, associated with different aspects of your life. As a powerful symbol, lightning could mean various things embedded in spirituality, and this article makes it easy for you to know what category your dream falls in depending on the scenarios and their corresponding meaning.



Spiritual meaning of dreams about lightning:

1. Shocking and uneventful changes

Lightning in your dream may signal an unexpected event or sudden change in your life. It could be something you thought impossible to happen or a turning point that changes the course of your life. If you dream of a lightning strike, you must prepare for a shocking event you never expected.

2. You’re likely to have a conflict with family or friends

If you dream of being struck by lightning, it indicates disagreements or conflicts with people close to you: friends, family, or colleagues. It tells you to be careful of your actions and reactions towards others, your attitude, and especially what you say to them. This is because, at this period, you’re likely to gravely offend someone close to you, which could sprout a disagreement. In another way, it could mean your involvement in other people’s drama or quarrels. So, it’s a good idea to stay away from trouble in situations like this.

3. Economic and financial gains

This interpretation is mainly for when you dream of lightning striking above you. It’s the first good sign of a lightning dream we’ll be talking about. It symbolizes an increase in your economic status in the very near future with little effort on your part. This dream promises financial gains and happiness for a significantly long time.

4. Relationship conflict

Dreams, where your partner or someone else is struck by lightning, are signs of negativity in your relationship.  It represents a future situation that may cause conflict between you two resulting from arguments, lack of trust, disrespect, and so on. Even worse, your partner may blame you for issues and situations that arise between you two or a problem that he or she is experiencing.

Luck and love

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5. Luck and love

Every good thing possible, including success and love, will come to you where you least expect it. This happens when you witness lightning flash in your dream, and it doesn’t hurt you. You will find beautiful love soon that will sweep you off your feet, a situation which likely is at first sight and may last for a long time. You will also get lucky in business, and things will go well for you. So if there’s any time to prepare for a beautiful impact in your life and invest in good businesses and a nice breath, it’s after you’ve had this dream.

6. You will meet an important person in your life

When you dream of lightning causing fire, it’s a good omen. It means someone who will become a crucial part of your life is coming into your life. The arrival of such a person may not immediately suggest this. However, you may meet in circumstances where you share coincidental but unusual situations. In the long run, such a person will turn out to be a pivotal figure in your life, so be careful not to let go.

7. Confusion and distraction

This is likely the case if your dream of lightning involves its damage to someone or something. It indicates your confusion or distraction, either by someone or something, that’s taking your attention from everything else. Such distraction could be a romantic feeling or worry about a loved one that’s blinded your reality. Whichever way, the dream is a call for you to focus more on yourself and get back to reality. It could mean discarding or controlling emotions of love you have for someone that’s restricting you from performing your obligations.

8. Relief from stress

This is an interpretation of when you dream about lightning and thunderstorms. If you’ve been experiencing breakdowns due to stress, worry, or anger, this dream is an indication that you’ll soon be over it. Such a dream shows you’ve been laden with situations that have caused diverse problems in your day-to-day life, and this may be the time for a break. It also means you may meet someone who will help alleviate your stress, cause a transformation, and make your life better than it is. Hence, you need to prepare yourself and be more open to accepting assistance from others. Primarily, your change to a stress-free life depends on you.

Relief from stress

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9. You’re approaching dark times

This may not be delightful news, but when you dream about flashes of lightning in a dark sky, it represents looming misfortune and difficulty. These difficulties will seem very challenging and will be like a long trying time that will feel unresolvable. It may come in different aspects of your life, including your personal and business. Therefore, you must be cautious of the persons around you as you’re running at risk of an impending trickery that will cost you a fortune. It may also indicate that a plan you’re making will fall through and may cause you sadness. These losses may lead to difficulties in your life in the future. However, when you’ve encountered this, do not get despaired; focus on ways to get out of the situation quickly.

10. You may be approaching good luck or not

This is both good and bad news since your good fortune results from your actions. For example, when you dream about lightning from a far distance, it is a sign that you are approaching something good; however, it also means you have an impending problem and how you react will determine whether or not your fortune will come. So you must be vigilant, aware of occasions in your life, and reasonably plan your reactions and behavior to them. Also, mirror events from different perspectives to manage your response to them.

11. Family tragedy or conflict

It is a bad omen if your dream shows lightning striking your home and damaging it. It could be the arousal of a family conflict between some or all family members that will have a long-lasting effect or be unresolvable. Also, it could indicate an incoming tragedy that will affect family members. So, when you see this in your dream, endeavor to avoid arguments that may arise in the family, instead always find a solution to every disagreement that may escalate to more significant problems in the future.

12. Financial increase and prosperity

You’re closing in on abundance and prosperity if your dream shows lightning appearing from a cloud. This is a perfect sign, so you might want to give your thanksgiving early. In addition, it is a sign that you’ve been rid of your troubles, you’re happier, and you’re reaching a state of financial improvement. This period is marked by good luck, so if you’re facing a hard time, know it’s only temporary. However, this dream may also mean you will have to face your haunting past boldly and overcome it so it doesn’t hinder your success.

Financial increase and prosperity

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13. You’re in love but not the healthy type

Falling in love should be a good thing, but it’s not if you do it to the detriment of yourself and your responsibilities in life. If you dream about lightning damaging an object, it signifies you are in love, so you’ve lost your focus and attention on every other thing in your life. The dream is a warning sign for you to shake yourself off that situation and return to your duties. In other words, this is an indication to rise back if you’ve fallen so much in love that it’s taking a part of yourself.

14. Reorganize and re-strategize

Being scared in a lightning dream symbolizes that you have been trying to fix some problems in your life and have been at a standstill. It means you need to reorganize your priorities and set your time right to accommodate changes and a new perspective in that area of your life. You paid attention to certain things more than others and put important things at the bottom of the table. So you need to consider your mistakes and explore a new approach.

15. New opportunities in your path

This interpretation is subject to dreams where you’re blinded by lightning. The blinding flash signifies a new opening in your path that will breed exciting benefits in different aspects of your life. This may seem paradoxical with the nature of the dream, which is why it is spiritual. If you have this dream, expect great turning points in your waking life.


All in all, dreaming about lightning is not a completely bad thing, it also indicates something good. You can analyze your dream according to this post, and welcome to share your dream with us!

Spiritual meaning of dreams about lightning