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10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Killing Somone

10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Killing Somone

Sometimes, our dreams leave us wondering if there are deep, dark thoughts hiding inside. Dreaming about killing someone is a common dream that may leave you perplexed and uncomfortable in your own skin, but it doesn’t mean you’re a secret serial killer.

A dream about killing someone usually hints at the dark emotions you’re hiding from yourself. While the dream has a negative feeling, it’s not necessarily a sign of aggression. Instead, these dreams usually surround feelings of discomfort, jealousy, or a desire to heal.

We’ll explore the nuance of a killing dream further in this article. Keep reading to understand what it means when you dream of murder and how the smaller details hint at the underlying interpretation.

10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Killing Somone


What Does it Mean When You Dream About Killing Someone?

If you dream about killing someone, there are a few different details to focus on. While even the smallest aspect can hint at the overall meaning, there are overarching themes that can help you understand your subconscious mind.

First, consider the tone or the mood of the dream. You usually understand your own feelings in the dream, at least to the degree you would in waking life, and you can discern from a cold-blooded murder and a feeling of regret.

Some other feelings to note may be:

  • Frustration
  • Aggression
  • Relief
  • Rage
  • Acceptance
  • Healing
  • Hostility

You should also consider the surrounding circumstances, such as whether this was premeditated or a crime of passion. Were you triggered to commit murder, or was this something a long time coming?

See if you recognize the person you killed in your dream. This tells you more about who is involved in the real life application of your dream. We’ll elaborate on what this means in the next section, but don’t fret if it’s someone you adore.

Finally, consider how you killed them. In some cases, your method of murder communicates a lot of what you need to know about your own temper or sense of self-control.

1. You’re Suppressing Emotions or Memories Related to Your Victim

Killing a friend or family member in your dream may seem confusing. On one hand, this is someone who is incredibly close to you that you are unlikely to ever hurt.

In these types of dreams, consider any negative emotions you might suppress for the sake of this relationship. Maybe someone you adore oversteps and invades your personal space, but you forgive them for it.

You may also resent them for past disagreements or situations that they had no control over. Evaluate the possibility that you harbor negative emotions, and figure out how you can acknowledge those feelings and preserve your relationship.

Killing a romantic partner seems to take it a step further, and that’s usually how these dreams are interpreted.

A dream in which you kill a romantic partner indicates hidden resentment or confusion surrounding your relationship. You can love them and plan your life with your ideal partner, but no one is immune to these human emotions.

This may also hint that the other person is going through a hard time, and you need to support them rather than ignore their struggle.

You’re Suppressing Emotions or Memories Related to Your Victim


2. You Need a Push to Stand Up Against Someone

A dream in which you kill an antagonistic person is a metaphor for your own strength and willpower. Either you’ve overcome the problem in recent years or you need the push toward self-confidence to grow.

Some of these dreams relate to aggressive emotions tied to bullying, but they’re not usually an indication that you’ll actually murder the person. Instead, take this as inspiration to take a stand and take a hold of your life.

You don’t have to remain the victim. These dreams don’t mean you should physically assault them, but you should recognize your own strength and ability to stand against them.

3. You Resent an Environment

Dreams where you kill your boss or someone else in power are common, but not because everyone hates those in charge. Instead, these dreams usually represent the desire for change in your workplace, school, or other institution.

Your victim is usually a placeholder.

You may have difficulties in this environment or feel underappreciated. This type of dream shows you that there is a chance to move forward, though you may need to communicate your strife.

You may also have the chance to take more control of your position, but you need to take advantage of the opportunities presented to you.

4. You Want to Stay Hidden

Dreams in which you kill a stranger or stalker are more ambiguous in nature. These hint at your internal rather than feelings toward individuals.

You may feel uncomfortable from attention or fear your secrets getting out. This can also indicate low self-esteem that links to fear of humiliation, failure, or repeating past mistakes.

Strangers are also tied to unhealthy or old habits. You might hide this or want to change this aspect of yourself. If something torments you and you know you need to change, this is the push you need to recognize the issue and make that change.

5. You Fear Criticism or Correction

A dream where you kill a stranger also indicates a general fear of correction or criticism, although you can link this to one person as well. These dreams usually happen after a fight or when you’re struggling in a relationship.

Your emotional relationship needs evaluation. This type of dream doesn’t mean you’re wrong, but rather that you fear someone else telling you that you are wrong.

This also goes to show that you have the power to protect yourself, but you need to take care in how you present it. Make sure you’re truly in the right before you push at something.

6. Someone Close to You Needs Protection

Someone Close to You Needs Protection


Killing someone while protecting others is arguably nobler. This usually involves friends, family, or romantic partners, and it symbolizes your relationship.

The person you protect may need protection from the offender in your dream, or they may just need you to come closer in their life.

Killing someone in a dream may also indicate they need protection from you. If you’re failing to acknowledge your negative emotions toward them, it’s easy to spiral into a toxic or disjointed relationship.

Make sure you stay in touch and keep communication open so you’re there when you need them.

7. You Feel Like You Give More in a Relationship

Another interpretation of a dream where you kill someone to protect another hint at an unbalanced relationship. You feel like you’re giving more than they are, like you would die for them and they wouldn’t do the same.

This ties into your feelings of resentment, but it needs a different approach. While resentment requires you to look inside, an unbalanced relationship demands communication between you and the other party.

With this type of dream, make sure you’re opening and participating in that path of communication.

8. You’re Drawing Joy From Other’s Pain

Recurrent dreams about killing someone or dreaming about killing multiple people may hint at a darker side of you, one where you enjoy seeing others fail. You’re not looking for brightness right in front of you.

People with these dreams desire power. They want to be in charge, and they may be ambitious to a fault.

If you have this kind of dream, take time to evaluate your motivations. Make sure you’re doing things for the right reason and that you understand the ripple effects.

Try to engage more with your life and make sure you’re setting the right goals.

9. You Need to Work on Communication

When you kill someone in a dream and hide the body or try to cover it up, you’re isolating your emotions. You’re denying the actuality of a situation, instead putting on a fake face.

You need to explore the world more and work on communication (both with yourself and others). This is especially true in situations where you’re suppressing feelings or memories.

Part of this involves communicating with yourself. Feelings of worthiness and confidence stem from how you speak to and think about yourself. This may be your final push toward understanding this issue and moving forward.

10. It’s Time to Cut Someone (or Something) From Your Life

When you dream of killing someone with a blade, such as a knife, ax, or sword, you need to make changes that remove that influence from your life. The meaning varies depending on whether you know the person you kill or not.

A knife may indicate you need to cut someone off or you need to dissect aspects of your relationship. Knives are linked to transformation.

An ax shows you need to let go. Change your job or breakup with someone. This is commonly seen in dreams about addiction.

Swords often symbolize your own empowerment. In this case, your dream is telling you that you have the power to get away from this person or situation.


Understand that a dream about killing someone doesn’t mean you need to turn yourself in, but you should turn inward to evaluate your own emotions. Make sure you handle yourself with grace and acknowledge what you are feeling.

Have you had a dream about killing someone recently? How did it make you feel, and how do you think this relates to your waking life?

What Does it Mean When You Dream About Killing Someone?