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12 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Heights

12 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Heights

A fear of heights is one of the most common fears in existence, which makes it unsurprising to hear that dreams involve daring heights as a main theme. In fact, it often is a nightmare rather than a fun dream.

Are you worried that the dream you just had could have a negative omen in the forefront? Whether it’s a dream of jumping from a high tower or just soaring to a high altitude, we have the answers you seek.

12 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Heights


What Does It Mean If You Dream Of Heights?

1. Flying to great heights or climbing a tower often means you’ll have great accomplishments up ahead

The good thing about heights is that you can expect some of the symbolism to be good. If you are flying upwards or climbing upwards, it means that you are going to accomplish a lot of things many others wouldn’t be able to. It’s a good omen!

Even if your endeavors seem to be a bit far-fetched for most people, you can expect to see results. Whether it’s a promotion at work, satisfaction in your social life, or even something as simple as getting to a “high place” in society, you might get it.

If you’re climbing but feel scared while doing it, it could be that you have anxiety or a lack of confidence in your skills. Don’t panic! You’ve got this. Keep on track, and keep doing what you’re doing. You’ll get there soon enough.

2. A fall from a short height can suggest obstacles that make life harder for a short time

Most of us have fallen from a jungle gym when we were young, and we all know how it feels. It’s painful, but only for a short period of time—at least, usually. This type of dream tends to have a similar theme.

While you might be working on a new project, you may see a lot of sudden nuisances and obstacles that make you want to quit. Don’t worry, this is only temporary, even if the dreamer may feel it’s permanent.

3. A fall from a long height suggests that you will have a serious set back in real life

There are falls, and then there are big falls. Like, falling off a tower or falling off a flight of stairs. If you have a dream where the fall seems to be out of control or incredibly high, then you are going to deal with a problem that’s pretty huge and possibly life-altering.

This can mean that you will go through a life-altering obstacle that will seriously upset you. However, you will emerge victoriously. It also can mean that a loved one or family member will face a serious illness, often in a way that impacts you.

4. Dreaming of being on a high ferris wheel may indicate a form of escapism

Did life get you down? If so, you might be tempted to take some time out of your current efforts just to have some fun. Dreaming of being on a ferris wheel is a metaphor for this. You go up, you go down, you experience something, but you still are at the same place.

5. Dreaming of standing on a roof may mean that you’re dealing with mental issues

Dreaming of standing on a roof may mean that you're dealing with mental issues


Did you recently have a dream where you were on a rooftop? This is something that many dream interpreters believe is a sign that you are focused on your rooftop—your brain. In other words, you may be deeply thinking about your emotional life.

Now would be a good time to think about where you want to be in life. Your spirituality, your relationships…Are you doing well by yourself? If not, it may be time to be more authentic.

6. Dreams of standing prisoner in a tall tower can be a sign that you feel helpless

In the past, prisoners were held in tall towers that were nearly impossible to escape. Our collective minds remember that trauma, and therefore use imprisonment in a tower as one of the more common nightmares one may have when they feel unable to improve their life.

Such dreams often happen when you are stuck in a bad job or are doing things you normally wouldn’t do out of fear of embarrassment. The tower is your feeling of helplessness in the face of adversity.

7. Dreams of living in a very tall tower can also be a sign that you fear the unknown

When people are fearful of the unknown, they tend to build walls around them to keep uncertainty out. It’s one of the ways people handle fear of the unknown. In real life, it usually means that you are pushing away people to make sure no one can hurt you.

This is a warning sign that you might be doing too much to protect your self-confidence. If you keep trying to push everyone away, you may end up harming yourself.

8. Sometimes, dreaming of trying to climb heights can also mean that your goals are too lofty

Dreaming of heights typically translates into the pursuit of goals, but it can also be a signal that you may have bitten off more than you can chew. If you notice a strong sense of fear in that dream or see yourself struggling to reach, these are warning signs about your habits.

There is nothing wrong with the pursuit of lofty goals and trying to rack up as many accomplishments as possible. However, you have to remember to set personal milestones that are actually reachable if you want to see things through to completion.

High ambitions need to actually have some reality behind them. If your dream feels ominous, this is a sign of success being just out of reach.

9. If you dream about a fear of heights, it’s a sign that you may find yourself in a new situation that makes you scared

Sometimes, the way our minds see fear in dreams isn’t quite identical to how we see them in real life. A dream about a fear of heights often means that you might be afraid of something else—something unseen.

According to many dream interpreters, a dream about a fear of heights can suggest that you might be hit with a curve ball in life. However, this doesn’t have to be a bad omen. These curveballs are often life-changing opportunities or challenges that make you better.

This is a dream that can foretell a major job opportunity that finally launches your career. Or,it could be a sign that your partner is about to propose. In some cases, this dream can even indicate a new baby.

it's a sign that you may find yourself in a new situation that makes you scared


10. Dreaming of a friend being afraid of heights means that your friend may be in a bad situation

While dreaming of your own acrophobia may be a great omen, the truth is that seeing others in your dream fearing a height isn’t good at all. This almost always means that the person in question is in a bad situation, and that you can’t do much to help them.

Sometimes this can be a situation of their own making, often due to an inability to confront others. Since you can’t really do much to save them, you may end up feeling like you are in a bind yourself. It’s going to be painful to watch them go through this.

11. Dreams featuring you and another person falling together can have two different meetings

Seeing you and another person falling from heights is an emotional dream that can have two interpretations. The most obvious interpretation is that you and this person could end up in dire straits, or facing obstacles together.

This is a type of dream that you might hear of business partners having when their company suddenly shutters. It makes sense, since they both will suffer the loss from the end of the company.

The other option that it could be a vision of the person who you are very close with. Seeing the two of you falling together could be a representation of how much you care about them. This is a representation of the fear of loss.

12. A dream that involves you falling while flying is a sign that you took on an impossible project

Did you dream of flying high, only to have that flight stop with a sudden fall? If so, you may have seen something similar in your workplace. The sudden fall indicates that you took on a project that was meant to break you.

Now would be a good time to take a break. You are on the verge of burnout and this project is going to be nearly impossible to do. You might want to cut back on work.

Did you have a dream about heights? Tell us about the dream in our comment section below.

What Does It Mean If You Dream Of Heights


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