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11 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Going Bald (Female)

11 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Going Bald (Female)

Hair relates to a sense of pride in most humans, but it’s closely linked to femininity. When you dream about going bald as a female, there’s a different element that relates to fear and loss.

While some interpretations have a positive or enlightening meaning, many consider dreams involving baldness as a reflection of inner turmoil or impending disaster.

Keep in mind that a hair loss dream says more about your thoughts and emotions than your physical state. Keep reading as we expand on what these hair dreams mean and how you should respond to them.

11 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Going Bald (Female)


What Does It Mean When You Dream About Going Bald?

When you dream about going bald as a female, you’re usually dealing with a fear of aging or a period of low self-esteem. You might tie your worth to a sense of attractiveness, and hair falling out doesn’t fit that definition.

While these dreams often relate to negative emotions and worries, we can treat them as learning moments and obstacles to strengthen our perception of society and self-worth.

1. You Have a Fear of Aging or Unattractiveness

The most common interpretation of a dream about a bald head is a fear of aging. We associate hair growth with virility, and it’s common for people to bald as they get older.

This fear seems to impact females more than males, as their hair is viewed more critically. While not everyone agrees, a bald woman is often written off as difficult or unattractive.

This symbol of vanity is not something to discard so easily. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their own body, and a fear of aging or displeasure in your appearance is not something to just “get over”.

If you feel this is what your dream means, you’re entering a journey when you will learn to come to terms with your body. This can happen at any point in life, but often follows major medical scenarios such as childbirth or surgery.

Regardless of the circumstances, this is an important journey to take.

2. You Have Low Self Esteem and Lack Self-confidence

Some common dream interpretations involve how we perceive ourselves, and this is especially true with dreams about bald spots or a balding head. Even if you don’t care about your hair, your mind recognizes the symbolism.

This can happen following a loss of security or safety, or when you’re feeling attacked by others in your life. You may feel you don’t deserve nice things, or that you cannot handle the nice things that you have.

In some dreams, you’re surrounded by bald people that go about their business as normal. This shows that you lack the confidence you need for confrontation, as you perceive something wrong but recognize it doesn’t inhibit them.

The location of a bald spot is also telling. The front of your head relates to someone mocking you in front of your face, while the one at the back is someone talking behind your back. If you cover them up, you’re probably overly cautious due to your doubts.

If you have a lack of self-esteem in your waking life, understand that you need to be kind to yourself. This dream brings awareness to this issue and prompts you to reject self-doubt.

3. You Feel a Lack of Security

You Feel a Lack of Security


Beyond the sense of self-image we rely on, baldness may make you feel exposed to the world. When we get a bad haircut we feel like everyone can tell and we’re on show, and this only magnifies when all our hair is gone.

Sometimes, this lack of security slides in alongside an illness, particularly those that change your appearance. For example, a cancer diagnosis may put you more on edge.

These dreams are not a warning that your security is lacking, but rather that your faith is not there. It’s up to you to determine whether this is warranted or not.

4. There May Be Health Issues Causing You to Lose Hair in Real Life

Things that may cause you hair loss in real life include:

  • Illness
  • Age
  • Anxiety

Sometimes, we dream about balding simply because we know we’re going through it. Our unconscious mind is bringing in a bit of reality for us to come to terms with in a safer space.

In other instances, we may not know this is the path that we’re on. These dreams forewarn us of issues that we aren’t aware of or a future where we are balding.

Anxiety is something that you can usually uncover with some reflection, but if other interpretations don’t fit then it might be time for a check up.

5. You Feel a Loss of Energy and Freedom

We associate hair with vitality, and that usually takes a hit when our energy or freedom threshold falls. Even if this doesn’t result in baldness in your real life, these thoughts may manifest into the physical representation so they’re more obvious in your dreams.

You may have moved recently, had a child, or taken on more responsibility at your job. These are all things that take up more energy and limit what you can do in life, and the combination may make you feel trapped or lacking.

This doesn’t lead straight to dissatisfaction, but that path is only a simple turn away. It’s important to make yourself a priority in response to these dreams.

6. Another Person Is Battling Feelings of Insecurity

If you dream of someone else as bald, such as a family member, your mind detects that they are in a delicate situation. Your subconscious projects the interpretations above on them instead, and you’re seeing it because you can help them.

Whether they’re faultless or their bad behavior got them into this situation, they need help dealing with the problems that lay ahead.

7. You Resist Change or Transformation

When you feel shame or hesitation about balding, you might be rejecting or resisting the inevitable. For better or worse, some things are inevitable, and it’s best to learn to adapt or take the steps needed to change what you can.

This dream makes you face the uncomfortable truth that you cannot continue as normal, and something has to give. Whether it’s your view on the situation, your response, or your course of action, it’s time to make that plan.

You Resist Change or Transformation


8. You’re Dwelling on an Awkward or Embarrassing Memory

If your dreams of baldness shine a spotlight on your discomfort being around others like this, then you’re probably stuck on something awkward or embarrassing that happened to you. You can lie to yourself and everyone else in the waking work, but your subconscious holds you to it.

You may need to learn humility from this situation, or you need to build self-esteem that serves to protect you.

9. You Are Disappointed in Where You’ve Positioned Yourself

Dreams that involve partial balding or show you shaving yourself bald (and not liking it) relate to your own disappointment in the path you’ve traveled. Everyone has regrets, but these dreams show up when you haven’t come to terms with the decisions you’ve made.

There’s nothing you can do to change this (much like you can’t simply grow your hair back), so you need to figure out how to find peace of mind in the situation. Discover where you’re going wrong, and where your weaknesses lie, and create a plan to veer off that course.

In some situations, you need to seek the help of others to move forward in life (particularly if you have mental or physical health conditions that interfere with these processes).

10. You’re Shedding Your Loss of Control

When you dream about going bald, you might be working through a memory when you weren’t in control. This can cover a wide range of scenarios, some more intense than others.

This meaning of the dream prompts to continue processing this in your waking life. This can be through meditation, journaling, and even therapy, but you should not allow the situation to fester.

11. You’ve Lost a Spiritual Connection (for Better or Worse)

Shaving your hair has strong spiritual meanings, and this interpretation may resonate with those versed in these practices. This can relate to positive and negative spiritual transformation.

Balding in a dream may prove that you rely less on material or superficial things, and you’re learning to accept yourself outside the constructed boundaries of society. You might be shedding bad habits or practices and taking on new power.

In other situations, you may feel shame from your spiritual journey or like you lost connection. This can bring about grief and the idea that you don’t deserve to take the journey at all, but the dream warns you to not fall into the temptation of giving up.

Keep moving forward in whatever skin you’re in, and claim your position with confidence.


A dream about going bald is extremely personal. Most people who have these dreams are about to go on a journey of self-growth and come out much stronger than they were before.

Are you dreaming about going bald? Let us know what’s going on in this dream and how you think it applies to your waking life.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Going Bald