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12 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Crystals

12 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Crystals

Crystals have become a major hot topic among people who are into natural healing, spirituality, and earth science. They are used as a part of intuition training, meditation, and more. It’s safe to say that they are a valuable part of the metaphysical world.

Of course, owning crystals is common. Dreaming of crystals, on the other hand, isn’t. What do these dreams mean, and should you be worried?

12 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Crystals


What Does It Mean If You Dream Of Crystals?

1. If you dream of a specific type of crystal, it may be that this crystal is calling to you to work with it

Everything has energy, and that includes crystals. If you dream about a particular type of crystal on a regular basis (like rose quartz) it could be that your spirit guides or the crystal itself want you to work with its energy.

If you want to give it a shot, grab a crystal and meditate. See how you feel. You may find that it helps you get through your day-to-day.

Dreaming of a rose quart often means that you are going to see an upward trajectory in life. This is also a stone associated with your heart chakra, so expect good fortune in your love life.

2. Sometimes, dreaming about crystals can be a warning sign

Usually, when we dream of doing things with crystals as a form of healing, this is our body’s way of saying that we may be harboring a lot of negativity. Have your emotions been alright lately?

If you notice a bunch of broken crystals in your dream, this could be a sign that you need to detox the negative energy from your life. On a similar note, foggy crystals often mean you need to regain mental clarity or that you’re suffering from mood swings.

3. Dirty and tatty crystals are a warning sign that you may have negative times ahead

A grimy-looking crystal could be an indication of negative vibrations coming up in your life. This is an omen that suggests you’ll see blockages in your plans, or that your bad habits could catch up to you in a negative way.

4. A dream about a multicolored crystal (like an amethyst crystal with white and purple) is a good omen

Multicolored crystals tend to be a good sign, much like seeing a rainbow in your dreams. It’s an indicator that you’re going to have something unusually good happen to you, possibly something that lifts your self-esteem.

Since crystals are often a sign associated with dreams relating to your emotions or consciousness, you can expect this to be an uplifting time. This could be anything from meeting a special someone to finding friends who share your passions.

No matter what, expect a positive change ahead.

5. Dreaming about smooth crystals tends to be a good sign for financial issues

Have you been working hard at polishing your resume? Did you find yourself working hard to get your finances on track? This dream is a positive sign that you’re going to do well in financial matters. The same can be said about career issues.

If you dream of clear quartz or white crystals, that tends to be an indicator that you yearn for perfectionism. Your hard work is definitely a sign of your love for being the best of the best.

6. Crystals that are totally opaque can be a warning sign

When people think of a good crystal, they think of the phrase “crystal clear.” Seeing a crystal that is totally opaque can be a warning sign, especially if it’s a murky color like dark grey or muddy brown.

These dreams tend to suggest that you may have a more rigid belief system than you should have. Have you discounted other peoples’ opinions lately? Did your personal prejudice recently trip you up? Watch out! This is a bigger problem than you think.

7. Dreaming about crystals growing on your body could be a sign of a blockage in your energy

If you are new to dream work, you need to be aware of how dreams can give you a heads-up about your body’s aura. When your aura has blockages, it can affect both your emotional and physical health. Dreaming about crystals can suggest an issue with your body.

For example, if you dream about a murky crystal growing out of your hips, it could mean that you have fertility. Or, it could mean that your subconscious mind wants you to pay more attention to your bedroom life.

A good exercise would be to write down your dream in a dream journal, then see what needs to be addressed. If you’re feeling really dodgy about it, go to a doctor to get your area evaluated.

8. Foggy crystals indicate bad times ahead

A dream about a crystal that turned foggy could be a negative sign. This often means that you may end up in financial trouble. If the dream was part of a nightmare, then it may mean that your finances may end up being ruinous if you don’t change things up soon.

It’s important to remember that some crystals, such as smoky quartz, are naturally foggy or murky. Dreaming of smoky quartz doesn’t mean disasters ahead. It just means you need to stay grounded and avoid extra anxiety.

9. Dreams of being surrounded by crystals suggest that you need to look around you

Dreams of being surrounded by crystals suggest that you need to look around you

Credit: anjiucrystal

A common dream for people who tend to keep their heads in the clouds deals with being surrounded by crystals. If you see yourself surrounded by all different types of crystals, it may mean that you need to take a look at all the opportunities life gives you.

This is a dream that often comes when you let opportunities slip by without noticing. Have you taken the time to stop and smell the roses recently? Have you been so deep down in your mind that you didn’t even bother trying to find the right path for your life?

Wake up. Now is the time to actually take a look at everything life has to offer. There are so many blessings that you have yet to even notice!

10. Seeing a crystal crack in your dream is a very bad omen.

One thing that seems to be fairly universal is the belief that crystals have healing properties. That’s why sorcerers and healers from a bunch of different cultures all believed carrying certain rocks would help cure ailments. People pick up on those energies.

That’s why seeing a broken crystal in a dream tends to be a reason to worry. A broken crystal, or even a crystal that cracks, is a sign that you will have a major loss in your life. This can be anything from the loss of a loved one to a major humiliation that sets you back years.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell what kind of loss it will be. There’s no proverbial crystal ball for that. All you can really do is brace yourself and play things safe. With hope, maybe you will be able to avoid it.

11. Dreams of crystal balls tend to be good omens, unless you’re searching for one in your dream

Crystal balls are a great indicator that you’re going to get something good coming up in your life. At the very least, a dream about seeing a crystal ball tends to mean that you are imbued with extra good luck.

On the other hand, if you have a dream where you are being told to seek out a crystal ball, that’s where things get dicey. This is a sign that you’ve been a little bit too obsessed with what other people have to say.

Searching for a crystal ball is a sign that your need for validation could come at a very high cost. The more you keep seeking outside advice, the further you’re going to be from your true self.

12. Dreams of big crystals suggest that you need to show your true self to the world

It can be so hard to actually be yourself in a world where common wisdom tells you to keep up the status quo. Do you feel pressured to fit in with the crowd, rather than voice your own opinion? Don’t be. This is a dream that is telling you to be yourself.

If you’re struggling with things in your social life, this is a clear indicator that you need to be real with what you want. That’s the only way you’re going to come out on top here.

Last words

Have you recently had a dream that featured crystals in one way or another? If so, we’d love to hear about it. Tell us what happened in it and what happened afterward in the comment section.

What Does It Mean If You Dream Of Crystals



Sunday 11th of February 2024

I dreamt of clear crystal clusters forming in front of me - maybe on a lake shore. They were just growing and I was picking them up collecting them. I felt really excited in the dream.


Tuesday 2nd of January 2024

I had a dream that my tooth was sore and when I touched it, it was loose. I pulled it out but it wasn't my tooth, it was a five inch clear quartz crystal (wand) that looked like the tip had been dipped in citrine.


Thursday 26th of October 2023

Good morning sir/ma Last night I had a dream where I have a crystal with me,I don't know if it's mine or that it was given to me to give it out, so in that dream I saw these two women and I have to give that crystal out to anyone that did her tasks very well and the crystal is sky blue in color and it's Brighting, so I kept the crystal in a dark room and cover it with a black cloth because a voice came to me asking me to hide it because the women with come and steal it instead of working hard for it, so I stayed in that dark room waiting for them to come, after few minutes I lay down and they came in to carry it immediately I stood up and they were surprised, so I told them that for this single act I won't give it to anyone again and that's when I woke up from the dream .


Friday 20th of October 2023

Hey I saw picking up heart shaped amathyst, raw citrine and raw amazonite... N I can't really find a meaning behind it pls help me of you could


Saturday 19th of August 2023

I had A dream about drawings in the sky. First drawing looked like a star that turned into a circle that was being drawn with the cloud. 2nd drawing was a flat fish don't know what it was drawn from. The third and final drawing was a crystal dolphin. Beautiful and smooth white crystal but had the frosty effect but was transparent.