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19 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Christmas Tree

19 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Christmas Tree

Did you dream of a Christmas tree? Well, you’ll be glad to know that it’s one of the most common dreams out there – for adults and kids, especially. Many experience this during the upcoming holiday season, although most dream about it after the new year.

As this dream symbol means differently depending on the context, I’ll explore the various possible scenarios below.

Dream About Christmas Tree What it Means


Dream About Christmas Tree: What it Means

1. Christmas Tree

If you see fir trees in your sleep (and nothing else), then you should take it as a good sign. After all, this means happy times!

Don’t be surprised if your family and friends reach out to you and visit you in the near future. As such, make sure to keep your communication lines open. Before you know it, they’ll be organizing a reunion soon!

2. Small Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree, although small, is believed to be a good sign by most dream experts. It points to new beginnings, whether in your career or personal relationships. You may land a promotion, start a new business, or meet someone else soon…so get ready!

3. Large Christmas Tree

If you notice big Evergreens in your dream, know that they represent the size of your ambitions.

You know what you want. No matter how unattainable they seem to be, you’ll do your best to get them. And, while you may face some challenges along the way, they’ll all be worth it!

4. Receiving a Christmas Tree

If you’re given a Christmas tree in your dream, then it means that you’ll achieve financial stability soon.

Perhaps you’ve been underwater for the past few months, and, no matter what you do, the expenses just keep piling up.

Just when you thought you’ve reached the end, someone will throw you a lifeline. Perhaps a family member will loan you money, or a friend will get you a job that pays better.

Whatever the resulting events are, they’ll help you gain the auspicious fortune you need to get your life back on track.

Gifting a Christmas Tree


5. Gifting a Christmas Tree

Dreaming about giving a Christmas tree to someone is a sign that you’ll do a good deed – just like Jesus did!

Perhaps you’ll help a family/friend out, or you’ll donate your time (or money) to a charitable organization. You realize that it makes you feel good. So, through the passage of time, you keep doing these good deeds as part of your holiday traditions.

6. Buying a Christmas Tree

When you dream of purchasing a Christmas tree, it’s a sign that you’ll renew relationships with people you’ve lost along the way.

Perhaps they hurt you or betrayed you in the past. While these events are undoubtedly painful, you’ll realize that there’s no use holding on to them.

So if I were you, I’d start reaching out to these people. After all, the spiritual meaning of Christmas – which is the very thing that the tree represents – is forgiveness.

7. Selling a Christmas Tree

If you’re dreaming of the opposite – that is, selling a Christmas tree – then it alludes to the worry you feel for somebody else.

Perhaps a friend or family member is sick, and you can’t help but panic about their situation.

The point here is that you shouldn’t show this fear, for it will only scare your loved one more. Instead, offer them all the help they need. If they need assistance buying groceries or getting to the hospital, then do it with them (or for them.)

Eventually, they’ll get through this dark chapter of their life – all thanks to your support!

8. Presents Under the Christmas Tree

If you see a Christmas gift under the tree, then this dream means that you will bring joy and good tidings to someone.

According to dream book authors, this is a sign that you have a generous nature. You put others’ needs first before yours. In fact, you draw your happiness from making other people happy.

Undecorated Christmas Tree


9. Undecorated Christmas Tree

Dreaming about a plain Christmas tree is considered a bad sign for most. After all, it could mean that you’ll face a lot of challenges soon.

That being said, you shouldn’t let these obstacles faze you. Instead, they should motivate you to work hard. Before you know it, you’ll be skating through these challenges quickly!

10. Decorated Christmas Tree

If you dream of putting Christmas decorations around the tree, then it’s your subconsciousness reminding you of your eloquence and positivity.

In real life, you strive hard to convince yourself – and others – that things aren’t as bleak as they seem. You’re full of optimism, despite the bad things that happen to you.

11. Decorating Christmas Tree With Loved Ones

This Christmas tree dream meaning is one of the best there is, trust me! After all, this means progress in terms of love, family relationships, as well as work.

For example, if you haven’t talked to a loved one because of the quarrels you’ve had, this dream might mean that you’ll be reconnecting with them soon.

This might also hint at a promotion at your work. Whatever the case may be, it will bring new beginnings filled with harmony and prosperity.

12. Children Decorating a Christmas Tree

Did you see your kids – or other children – decorating a Spruce tree in your dream? Then you should take it as a sign of good luck, for you’ll be solving your problems soon.

You’ve probably been dealing with issues for a long time now, so much so that you might’ve lost hope about ever resolving them. Luckily, this dream points towards self-development, which is the very thing you need to get through your ordeal!

13. Other People Decorating a Christmas Tree

If this dream often comes into your subconscious mind, then it points to the envy you feel toward another person’s relationship with their family or friends.

You’re jealous of this individual’s connections because they’re something you lack in your life.

The good news is you can have these kinds of relationships as well. It’s just a matter of rekindling your friendship with pals that you have lost along the way. With Christmas Day fast approaching, I’m sure they’ll be more than willing to mend the burnt bridges.

14. Removing Christmas Tree Decorations

If you dream of bringing down your Christmas tree ornaments, then it’s a reminder for you to leave the past behind – despite the reluctance you feel.

Sure, you’ve had good times and you don’t want to veer away from them. However, you need to move on to build the courage you need to advance in your life.

As the saying goes: “Life has to move forward. Everything has its time and everything ends.”

Other People Taking Off Christmas Tree Decorations


15. Other People Taking Off Christmas Tree Decorations

Is someone else removing the decorations on your Christmas tree? According to experts, this means that you want to help a family member/friend embroiled in turmoil, although you don’t know how.

It is indeed frustrating when you try to reach out to someone, and they just end up boxing you out. Perhaps, in instances like this, it’s best to leave this person alone. Some may prefer to go through such hurdles by themselves.

16. Demolished Christmas Tree

The core meaning of a dream about a destroyed Christmas tree is this: you’ll eventually go back to your old ways.

I know how hard you tried to get away from a painful incident. Unfortunately, you lack the strength and will to stay in this new phase of your life.

17. Other People Destroying a Christmas Tree

A dream of a Christmas tree being destroyed reflects the unreciprocated efforts you’ve put out to help a loved one.

You’ve probably talked to a family member or friend about their bad decision. You tried to give them wise counsel, but they did what they wanted anyway.

And, just as you predicted, everything just turned out for the worse.

The best thing to do, however, is not to scold them for the wrong things they’ve done. Instead, you should try your best to help them get through it.

18. Stealing a Christmas Tree

If you keep on dreaming about stealing a Christmas tree, then this might mean that you’re attempting to enhance your relationship with someone – albeit forcefully.

It’s possible that, compared to your significant other, you’re doing more for the partnership. As such, this dream is a nudge for you to bring this issue out in the open.

The only question is: will your partner change after you point these things out? If not, then you should probably consider getting out of this fruitless relationship.

19. Someone Else Stealing a Christmas Tree

If someone else is stealing a Christmas tree in your dream, then you should consider changing – if not improving – your relationship with others.

Perhaps you’ve been rude or dismissive of them. Likewise, you may have taken out your frustrations on them. Unfortunately, these actions have put a strain – which is why they’re pulling away from you.

Needless to say, this dream is a reminder for you to change your ways. If not, you’ll lose all of your loved ones!


A Christmas tree can appear in your dream in several ways. So, as soon as you wake up, make sure to refer to this list. That way, you get the interpretation you need – right before you forget about your dream!

Have you dreamed of any of the Christmas tree scenarios above? What happened after? Make sure to share your experiences below!

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