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8 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Candles

8 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Candles

Since the dawn of time, candles have been a source of warmth, comfort, and protection. They guide even the darkest path and are often used to mark some of the happiest occasions, like birthday candles, weddings, and more.

Candles are a natural symbol of peace and guidance and often promise good luck and fortune when it appears in your dreams. But candles can come in many shapes and sizes, so it’s essential to note the minor details.

Additionally, sometimes lose their flame, drip wax, or can’t be lit no matter how hard you try. For these reasons, there are widespread interpretations of candle dreams.

Today, we’ll explore the rich symbolism found in dreaming about candles. We’ll go through some of the most common situations you’ll find yourself in and offer explanations for what you can expect in your life.

8 Meanings of dreaming about candles


8 Meanings of dreaming about candles

1. You’re receiving guidance from a loved one

First, let’s start with one of the most common and applicable meanings of candles in dreams – spiritual guidance. Candles, by their very nature, are a way to see the path ahead, shine a light on the mystery, and provide safe passage. We often use them in prayer and meditation.

By dreaming about candles, your subconscious often offers protection for the times ahead. Whatever big life decisions you make, be confident in your choices and commit to them fully. The candle can be a beacon of hope and a source of safety that should calm your anxieties.

This is especially poignant if you dream of a white candle. This colored candle is often used to herald in the Holy Spirit or symbolize a person’s soul and implies a spirit from your past is protecting you all in the present.

Draw strength from the power of the white candle and invoke its power. Draw strength from lost family members, and don’t be afraid to invoke its power to dispel any darkness, mystery, or uncertainty in your life right now.

2. You’re being blessed with good health and well-being

Candles often mark some of the happiest moments of our lives and the most significant milestones. If you’re dreaming about birthday celebrations, and your dream has many bright candles, this is a reassuring sign of your good health and well-being.

The brighter the candle, the better your vitality. Your strength and happiness are reflected in the candle’s warmth and vibrancy. But do pay attention to how the candle reacts to bright flames. Sometimes, burning brighter comes at a cost.

If your dream sees your candle extinguish quickly, this can be a message for you to slow down and concrete on yourself for the time being.

If you dream about a green candle, this message is closely tied to the earth and is a positive omen of recovery, healing, and fertility. If you are a recently after an illness, this dream is an omen that you will triumph. If you and your partner find it difficult to conceive, the green candle tells you your time will come shortly.

You’ll receive good luck shortly


3. You’ll receive good luck shortly

A bright candle can signify good things to come, even on the darkest night. We’re naturally drawn to its light, which promises good fortune, prosperity, and tranquillity.

If your dream sees you chasing a distant candle, this can signify that you’ll receive a boon of good luck. Keep following this path, as it will lead you to great harmony in life.

Yellow candles, in particular, can signify a significant achievement on the horizon for you, either at work or in your personal life. Similarly, other bright colors, like an orange candle, herald more positivity and energy into your waking life.

Pay attention to the distance of the candle from you in these instances. A candle that far away implies that you need to be committed to your path to receive good fortune. A close candle, within arm’s reach, suggests you’ll be handsomely rewarded and recognized for your efforts very soon.

4. You might be missing something in your life

Throughout history, people would hold onto candles as they traveled. While small, they provided just enough light for people to find a path or sign to guide them.

If your dream sees you holding a candle while you’re searching for something, this suggests that your waking life needs a new direction. This is especially true if, in your dream, you’re not quite sure where you need to get to or what you’re looking for.

Do you need some fulfillment in life? Are you feeling a little adrift right now? Perhaps you need to set yourself new challenges or goals to reach.

This is especially true if you witness a purple candle. This color is often paired with royalty and richness and tells you that you’re not giving yourself enough credit right now. You deserve more.

Set yourself a new goal. Shake up your life and change direction. Go for that promotion you don’t think you’ll get. Take that leap of faith in your work and love life, and you may be pleasantly surprised!

You’ll be blessed with creativity and quick-thinking


5. You’ll be blessed with creativity and quick-thinking

Candles aren’t just guiding our eyes but also our minds. That’s because fire and flames have always been natural symbols of creativity and ingenuity – and candles are no different.

If you’re dreaming about candles and feel inspired by the flames, this can influence your waking life. No doubt you’ll awaken with some new ideas on problems. Blue candles, in particular, point towards wisdom, imagination, and self-expression and are a clear sign you’ll do something incredibly eye-catching soon.

In the coming days, if you encounter a sudden problem, invoke the image of the burning candle for a spark of inspiration that will see you solve the problem quickly. Additionally, if you want a project to go to the next level, reflecting on the candle dreams can be just what your mind needs to declutter and think strategically.

6. You need to move on

In many candle dreams, we instinctively hold on to the candle for support and safety. But sometimes, this can indicate our life insecurities, worries, and anxiety.

Particularly, if you’re clutching your candle and it repeatedly goes out and is dripping wax everywhere, this eludes to your inability to let go of things. Are you bitter over some event? Do you keep revisiting a lousy scenario and replaying it repeatedly? This dream challenges you to let it go and give someone a second chance.

Only by dropping your candle and moving on can you create the necessary distance between you and the negative energy. While the path ahead may feel unknown and dangerous, it can also be a source of new experiences, new possibilities, and new happiness. A new kind of candle awaits – don’t repeat the same familiar mistakes; be more open to change.

Your romantic relationship needs a lift


7. Your romantic relationship needs a lift

Fire has always been a sign of passion and love, and though a candle’s flame may seem small and insignificant, a roaring fire starts life as a tiny spark.

Dreaming of dinner candles burning brightly and vigorously reflects your current relationships. Perhaps you and your partner are hitting a bump in the road, a lull in the passion. It’s time to add some flare to your time spent together and become more intimate. Only then can you nurture a bigger and better relationship.

Just as a flame suggests passion, an unlit candle suggests loneliness. If you’re single and witness a red candle, you need to focus on finding love. Maybe it’s time you put yourself out there and connect with new people.

If your flame is flickering, this can suggest an “old flame” in your life is about to re-enter your life. This can be good or bad, depending on how things are finished between you. Be open to new experiences with this person; who knows where the future may take you.

8. You may be faced with difficult situations soon – reach out!

Just like a lit candle offers clarity, wisdom, and protection from the unknown, a candle that fails to light, gets extinguished, or is small and dim can suggest a trying time ahead for you.

These dreams are an omen of struggle, confusion, and negativity, particularly with black candles. The dark color signifies your isolation, kept secrets, and fear that your light will be snuffed out. But you don’t realize that you are dimming your own light in the process.

Perhaps it’s time to reach out and draw on the strength of others for now. Following their light can guide you in the right direction and help you remain safe. Only over time can you begin to inject some color and vibrancy back into your situation.


From burning birthday cakes to setting the mood for a romantic evening, to marking religious ceremonies, or simply guiding us through a dark path, candles are small items with a major purpose.

Dreaming about candles is particularly important, as they have an even more significant meaning. Pay close attention to its shape, size, and the flame’s intensity. Examine the candle’s color and what emotions you feel in its presence to find out what exactly your subconscious is telling you.

A candle’s light is often a guiding force, warm, comforting, and insightful. By following its direction, your life can reach new heights, and you’ll discover new opportunities hiding in the darkness.

8 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Candles