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11 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Birds

11 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Birds

In the world of dreams, birds are creatures that constantly appear to leave messages from our subconscious mind.

You must remember that the entire dream world has a meaning. Yes, like water represents our emotions, the air element represents our thoughts, and dreaming of birds is closely linked to the air element and our ideas or thoughts.

However, it should be noted that there are a variety of meanings for dreaming of birds depending on the type of bird that occurs in the dream. For instance, eagles or owls are symbols of strength and knowledge, whereas crows and vultures are said to carry sorrow or be bad omens.

There are birds that even represent death, while others announce new opportunities or spiritual rebirth. Discover in this article the meanings of dreaming about birds.

Spiritual Meanings of Birds in Dreams


Spiritual Meanings of Birds in Dreams

1. Time of independence and freedom

Dreaming of birds will bring a stage of liberation in your near future. If you haven’t been feeling free and you think that your day-to-day is like a cage from which you can’t get out, be glad because soon you will experience the opposite.

A stage of great independence comes into your life, where you will be the architect of your future and you will have to make your own life decisions, without being accountable to anyone.

If you have just come out of a complicated love relationship, where you did not have freedom of action or thought, now you will experience the joy of being with yourself and not depending on anyone.

It is important to enjoy freedom in our lives since the good use of our free will leads us along paths of growth at all levels of the human being.

You just have to be careful not to confuse freedom with debauchery. Because if you fly too high, the sun will burn your wings and you will fall just like Icarus in Greek mythology, who for feeling free did not measure the consequences and ended up drowning in the sea.

2. Your ambitions will come true

Dreaming of birds is also related to the fulfillment of our ambitions and desires. Dreaming of birds is a sign of good luck and indicates that you will fulfill your goals and aspirations.

One of the birds most related to achieving goals is the eagle, which is synonymous with pride and power. It represents the knowledge of your abilities and the confidence you have in yourself.

These ingredients are basic if you want to achieve your goals and if your aspirations are high. So don’t be afraid to move on, since the dream with birds indicates that you are on the right track and that it only takes a little more effort for things to turn out the way you want.

If the birds have visited you in your dreams, they are giving you encouragement to continue doing good things in your life and they are an incentive for you to go ahead and enjoy all your efforts soon.

3. Times of peace and harmony

Times of peace and harmony

Image Credit: tomasz_bednarowski

Birds are also related to peace and harmony. The doves, for example, are an unmistakable symbol of peace worldwide. Since ancient times, different cultures have associated birds with purity, loyalty, love, friendship, and innocence. Christians, for example, represent the Holy Spirit with a white dove.

So if a bird with these characteristics visits you in dreams, it’s a sign of good fortune, and moments of calm and happiness will soon come into your life.

These signs usually come after intense periods in life, filled with conflicts and problems. But if you have known how to make the right decisions in your life, you will soon see the future of your effort and good judgment.

Enjoy these moments of peace and strengthen your peace of mind, since just like difficult moments, moments of peace do not last forever and in life, we will have a little bit of everything. So take advantage of this good time and prepare yourself for the next difficult time.

4. Reconnect with your passion

Dreaming of birds also indicates that we have forgotten our passions and hobbies of the past and it is time for us to stop our daily activities and our routine to reconnect with ourselves and with those things that we like and make us happy.

If in the past you had a hobby or an activity that you were passionate about, this dream urges you to return to practicing what made you happy. It may be drawing, painting, singing, or dancing. No matter what your hobby is, give yourself time in life to put it into practice.

It may also be referring to the fact that for a long time you want to dedicate yourself fully to your passion and change your lifestyle to dedicate yourself completely to what makes you happy.

If you like cooking and have been thinking about opening a restaurant or setting up any food-related business for a while, now is the time to do it. Apply for any activity that you are passionate about.

So don’t be afraid to follow your dreams and connect with your passions. Maybe in the end your dreams come true and you end up dedicating yourself for life to what gives you pure happiness.

5. You will receive an important message

You will receive an important message

Image Credit: pictorial_delight

Birds have been seen as homing pigeons for hundreds of years, which is why they are related to sudden or expected messages in dreams.

If you dream of a bird, a message will come to you soon. The type of message you will receive is associated with the color of the bird. If the bird you see in your dreams is colorful, then you will receive a message from a friend or family member that will brighten your day.

But if the bird in your dreams is black or dark in color, the message will not be so good and may bring worrying news to your life.

Later we will make a section to explain the symbology of the colors of the birds in your dreams and what they mean to you.

6. Transformation

The birds also symbolize the transformation of spirit or a new start. The phoenix bird, for example, is a perfect symbol of rebirth that has been present in the ancient mythology of various cultures.

Dreaming of a flock of birds also symbolizes the transformation that the soul goes through when experiencing growth or reaching higher levels of consciousness.

It can also refer to practical changes in your life, such as a new job, moving to another city or country, and even a new love relationship on the horizon.

Whatever the change, it will require an adaptation on your part to these new scenarios, so try to be flexible and let yourself be guided by your instinct and your judgment.

Colors of Birds and Their Meanings

Colors of Birds and Their Meanings

Image Credit: burkhard.moellermann

The birds are characterized by having an impressive variety of colors in nature. Many of them use it as camouflage against their predators and others in complex mating rituals find their partner and perpetuate the species by showing the feathers and their different colors.

But what does the color of birds mean in dreams?

1. Black Birds

Blackbirds are associated with bad luck, neglect, depression, loss, misunderstandings, and even death. It is also interpreted as a message with the bad news that will soon come into your life.

2. Blue Birds

Bluebirds are related to knowledge and wisdom. A bluebird means a gift from the universe related to knowledge.

It also refers to the fact that you are making the right decisions in your life and this will lead you to enjoy moments of tranquility and well-being.

3. Red Birds

The red birds are related to love. They are the sign that a new love will appear in your life.

Redbirds also speak of danger around you. It is likely that you are already aware of the danger and feel surrounded by unreliable and double-faced people. But be careful because the dream can also refer to you if you have been acting unscrupulously.

4. Green Birds

Green Birds refer to economic well-being and financial growth. It is also possible that you receive an inheritance or an unexpected sum of money. Be smart and invest wisely.

5. Yellow Birds

The yellow birds symbolize good fortune in friendship and love. Your relationships are strong and stable, you are a person who gets along with everyone and you know how to take care of your friends and loved ones.


Dreaming of birds is generally a good omen in your life. They will be related to freedom, the achievement of goals, wisdom, and messages or positive news for your life.

But you must take into account the small details of your dream since the color of the birds, their size or the species of bird will represent different things, from warning messages to lack of honesty, or a call to attention if you are acting unfairly with people around you.

And you? Have you ever dreamed of birds in your dreams? Share it with us in the comments!

11 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Birds