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22 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Birds In The House

22 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Birds In The House

Birds are symbolic of freedom, love, and peace. Watching and listening to birds can be calming and bring us joy. Considering the positive symbolism attached to most birds, what does it mean to dream about birds in your house?

Dreams about birds in the house are often a good omen. They can be seen as signs of good luck and fortune in the future. However, sometimes they can be a warning dream. While the idea of dreams having negative interpretations is not pleasant, when we heed their warning and take action we can avoid negative outcomes in our waking lives.

As you read the interpretations in this article, remember that dream symbolism is subjective and what it means to you depends on your waking life circumstances.

Key Symbolism For Dreams About Birds in The House


Key Symbolism For Dreams About Birds in The House

There is some key symbolism related to birds that can help you interpret your dream. If these interpretations do not resonate with you, later on in the article you will find dream meanings for specific dream scenarios.

1. Spirituality

A dream about birds flying inside your house can be a metaphor for your spiritual connection. Rather than focusing on material things, you are turning your attention to your spiritual well-being. This will help you find happiness and peace in your waking life and receive continuous guidance from the spirit realm.

2. Desire For Freedom

Dreaming of birds in the house can be a sign that you desire to have more freedom and independence. It is time to stop relying on other people and their opinions. It is also time to release your liming beliefs. You are good enough and you deserve everything you desire out of life including the freedom to make your own choices.

3. Abundance

A dream of birds inside your house can mean future abundance in all areas of your life. Not only financial prosperity, but abundant love, happiness, and security. You are entering a very positive phase in your life. Take deserved pride in your achievements and be grateful for the blessings in your life.

4. You Can Meet Your Goals

A bird dream can mean that you need to have the courage to set yourself high goals. You have all the skills and determination to meet any goal you set for yourself so you should not be modest about what you want to achieve in life.

5. You Want to Escape Your Problems

If you are the bird in your dream, it means you want to escape the problems in your waking life. However, you cannot avoid your problems as they will catch up with you. The dream’s advice to you is to deal with them as soon as possible before they grow into bigger problems.

6. Unfulfilled Dreams

Do you have dreams that got pushed aside? Perhaps you wanted to, for example, start your own company, or become a singer or a painter, but then life and other responsibilities stopped you. If this resonates with you, then it is a sign to realize your dreams.

Specific Bird Dream Scenarios

Some dreams about birds inside your house are more detailed. These details are significant as they add another layer of meaning to your dream.

1. Pair of Birds

If you dream about a pair of birds in your house, it can be a sign of big life changes ahead, possibly a new baby. Therefore, this dream can be great news for people wanting to start a family. A child brings a lot of happiness and joy into your life, but also plenty of new responsibilities. Your dream is preparing you to step into your new role.

2. Bird Poos in Your House

When you dream about bird poop in your house, it can be a sign of financial improvements. Your hard work combined with some good luck will bring you some well-earned financial rewards.

However, if the bird inside your house is scared and is pooping everywhere, it is a sign to be more careful with your money. You will be wise to save and not overspend.

3. Bird Builds a Nest Inside Your House

Birds choose where to build their nests very carefully to keep their offspring safe from predators. Therefore, a dream about a bird’s nest inside your house means you feel secure in where you are in your waking life.

An empty nest, on the other hand, can be a warning. You should prepare for some losses which can be financial or personal.

4. Bird Enters Your House Through the Window

A dream about a bird flying into your house through a window is preparing you to expect the unexpected. These will be positive surprises unless it is a bird of prey. When the bird that enters your house is a large bird, such as an eagle, and preys on others, it can be a sign of a negative turn in your life.

5. Catching The Bird

If you catch the bird that has entered your house, it signals good fortune. Setting the bird free after you caught it means you will achieve the freedom you desire. However, keeping the bird captive can be a sign that your freedom will be limited.

6. A Bird Unable to Fly

A dream about a bird that cannot fly because of an injury is a bad omen. It is a sign of the difficulties ahead of you. They can be financial difficulties, issues at work, or problems in your relationships. Having this dream is an opportunity to prepare yourself and limit the negative outcomes.

7. Birds’ Eggs

If the bird lays eggs inside your house, this is a sign of new opportunities coming your way. You need to be ready to make the most of these opportunities even if it means getting outside your comfort zone.

8. Birds Hatching

If you have been working on a goal or a project, a hatching dream is preparing you to expect delays before you will find success. But the delay is nothing more than a small obstacle before you successfully reach your goal.

9. Baby Birds

A dream with baby birds in your home is a metaphor for new beginnings and untapped potential. You might have this dream when you feel you are past the time when you could have changed the course of your life. The dream is a sign that it is never too late to start again and you have unused potential you can tap in to reach your new goals.

10. A Wounded Bird

This dream can be an omen of some bad luck coming into your life. This might be because of communication issues or your inability to express your opinion and ideas. You need to learn to be more assertive and express yourself clearly.

11. A Dead Bird

A dream of dead birds inside the house is symbolic of the disappointments you have had in your life. Everyone will have times when things don’t go their way. These times are important because they help us grow. Learn from your disappointments and keep moving forward.

A Bird Pecking at You

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12. A Bird Pecking at You

If the bird that is inside your house in the dream pecks at you, the dream is telling you to take a close look at your friendships or your colleagues. It means that someone is jealous of your success and may gossip about you to discredit you.

13. A Flock of Birds

When a flock of birds flies into your house, it is a sign of achievement and coming to your power. You will finally realize your dream and your perseverance is rewarded. The dream also reminds you to use your power wisely. Remember those who helped you, share your good fortune with others and be grateful for your achievements.

14. Exotic Birds

If the birds in your house are not native to your country, this dream symbolizes your desire to have new opportunities. Maybe you wish to travel and explore new places and cultures. If this sounds like you, go for it as you never know what amazing things it will lead to.

15. Killing The Bird

If you kill the bird that enters your house, this is bad news. It means there are issues with someone close to you. The dream might be a warning that this person will let you down or possibly betray you.

16. Different Color Birds

The color of the bird can be important. If the birds inside the house are white birds, such as swans or doves, they are symbolic of purity, tranquillity, and freedom. Blackbirds, including magpies and ravens, symbolize your worries or your sorrow. A red bird, for example, a red robin, is a sign of passion.


What dreams mean is always personal to the dreamer. When interpreted accurately, they can help us gain important insight and wisdom. When you dream about birds inside the house, you should not ignore the dream but take your time to work out what it means and then take action.

If you would like to ask us anything about the meaning of dreams about birds in the house, you can write your questions in the comments section.

22 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Birds In The House



Sunday 8th of October 2023

Yes, I took my interpretation from the point about a bird coming in the window. However, I'm not sure how it got in so much as I remember distinctly setting it free out the window. Pretty sure it's probably a similar interpretation. A good one! Thank you.


Friday 18th of August 2023

I had a really short dream of being in my house and a little black bird I don't know what kind of bird it was, but it was already in my house. When I noticed it the bird flew away and I awaken from my dream. Can you tell me what was the meaning of that dream thanks.

Kellee Stringer

Tuesday 7th of February 2023

Hello! So I had a dream about a little black bird in my house. But when I went to release it, it didn’t want to leave. This dream followed after I saw a picture of my aunt with a little black bird perched on her head. I gave her the meaning of that. We recently lost her mother who was my grandmother, Long story of family history. But the meaning I gave her was that it was a sign from a loved one that passed, and that they didn’t want them to be sad anymore. And that they were safe and happy. Could this be the same sign I received in my dream? Thank you for any help.


Sunday 8th of October 2023

@Kellee Stringer, I have heard that visiting birds means the visitation of a loved one.


Sunday 8th of October 2023

@Kellee Stringer,

Ms Mollie B

Saturday 7th of January 2023

Hello, I had a dream of a very colorful bird that flew in through a doorway. I put my hand out for it to perch and the first time it didn't but the second time I put my hand out it perched right on my hand. It also allowed me to touch it's soft feathers. The top of it's head had a fuzzy mohawk. It had a sweet sounding whistle when it flew in. It was a darkish grey brown with wings the colors of the rainbow.