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20 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Big Fish

20 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Big Fish

If you dream about a big fish, then you’re probably wondering what it means for your waking life.

As always, interpretations vary according to the type of dream. Did you see or catch the fish? Or did you dream about a certain species?  I’ve listed all the possible scenarios below, so make sure to read through each one of them.

Dream About Big Fish 20 Interpretations


Dream About Big Fish: 20 Interpretations

1. Seeing a Big Fish

This dream is actually a good omen for it symbolizes financial success. Whether you’re investing in stocks or venturing into another business, you’ll definitely flourish.

That said, seeing a huge fish points more to just financial gain. You will also be blessed with good health – but not without putting in some effort though! As long as you eat well and exercise, you’ll live a long, fit life.

2. Seeing a Lot of Good-Sized Fishes

When you dream of a school of fish, it means that you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed. As a result, you no longer remain determined on doing the things you have to do.

That said, it’s time to seek the peace and clarity your mind needs. It needs a reboot, and taking a momentary breather may give it the focus and concentration it needs.

3. Seeing a Dead Enormous Fish

Whereas seeing a live big fish is a great sign, seeing a dead one is often considered a warning. According to experts, a huge opportunity will come – but you will fail to hold onto it.

As such, this dream is encouraging you to be more vigilant. You need to pay great attention to each chance you encounter, for it might be the one that will bring great success to your current life.

4. Dead Fish Coming Back to Life

If you find a dying fish – and release it to the muddy water to ‘revive’ it – then it’s a sign that you wish to attain a certain position at work. Of course, the only way to get this promotion is to work hard!

5. Getting a Large Fish

This dream symbolizes the good fortune that will come into your life. You’re either going to get a new job, a promotion, or a new romantic partner.

Indeed, everything is possible with this dream. But as always, you need to make the most out of this golden moment.

Holding a Massive Fish


6. Holding a Massive Fish

Dreaming of holding a big fish means that you’ll be presented with a lot of great opportunities. In fact, things are sure to get better if you dream of both holding and catching fish!

Needless to say, you need to prepare yourself for this big moment. Some opportunities may not present themselves outright, while some may appear too intimidating. Whatever happens, you must keep your eyes on the prize!

7. Fishing a Huge Fish

Did you dream of using a fishing rod to successfully reel a big fish in? Congratulations, for this is considered by many as a good sign. This means professional success, after all.

You’ll get the promotion you want, among many other things. This will not only improve your work life – it can enhance your financial situation too.

While it may not feel like it, a lot of people have helped you achieve these aspirations. The thing you could do is thank them.

8. Catching a Sizeable Fish

According to the Dream Dictionary, catching a huge fish means that someone will give you an opportunity to achieve something great. It’s a chance for you to work on new ideas, which, in the near future, will help you attain a prosperous new beginning.

Remember: the bigger the size of the fish you catch in your dream, the higher the chances of success!

9. Difficulty Catching an Oversized Fish

Did you find it hard to catch the big fish in your dream? Unfortunately, this means it’s not the right time for you to achieve your aspirations.

While this dream brings some disappointment, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should give up on your goals. If any, this is a stark reminder for you to fight for your desires – you deserve them!

10. Buying a Big Fish

If you’re purchasing from the fish market in your dream, then it means that you’ll receive a gift soon. It may not be that handsome of a gift – though you may receive an immense one. For example, you may receive a massive inheritance that you didn’t think you’ll get.

Receiving a Sizeable Fish


11. Receiving a Sizeable Fish

Receiving a fish as a present means that you’ll get something. Similar to the dream of buying a big fish, this may mean that you’ll receive a huge inheritance as well.

In fact, if you receive a dried fish in your dream, it means that you’ll be enjoying a lot of surplus in your real life.

Money is not the only thing you stand to get, though. In some cases, this dream may represent a forthcoming wedding invitation.

12. Eating a Great Fish

Dreaming about eating a fish may seem good, but it’s actually a symbol of loneliness. Relationship-wise, you won’t be able to find your soulmate just yet. Health-wise, you may end up contracting an illness that will take a toll on your body.

13. Riding a Large Fish

This scenario seems impossible, right? But of course, with dreams – everything is possible.

The good news is riding a large fish is considered a good sign by most. This means that you’ll live a fit, healthy life.

13. Oversized Fish in ClearWater

If you often dream of a big fish swimming in clear water, then it means that you’ll find yourself in a good situation. You stand to gain material wealth, probably by getting a promotion or starting a high-earning business.

While this may deliver good luck for male dreamers, it can be a bad dream symbol for married women. This may bring sadness, for this means that the wives’ actions will be restricted by their husbands.

14. Huge Fish in Shallow Water

The spiritual meaning of this dream symbolizes struggle. You may find yourself facing a lot of setbacks, and you won’t be able to progress as much. But, as I’ve mentioned before, you will need to march on and fight for your dreams.

15. Big Fish Jumping Out of the Water

Dreaming about a large fish jumping out of the murky water is a good sign. This means that you’re on the right path, and you’ll be gaining a lot of wealth soon.

If the fish has gone back to the water, then you will be successful in all your endeavors. Although you will meet a lot of hurdles along the way, you’ll be able to surpass them all.

Sadly, if the fish falls to the ground, then this dream comes to you as a warning. It’s a reminder for you to think twice – or thrice even – before you act on something.

Large Fish Swimming in an Aquarium


16. Large Fish Swimming in an Aquarium

A big fish can feel trapped in a small fish tank. Expectedly so, dreaming about this could mean that your movements will be limited. You might feel imprisoned even.

This dream comes whenever you find yourself ‘trapped’ in an impossible situation. Although you might be clueless about what to do in your situation, you’ll get through this obstacle eventually. All you need is patience, determination, and perseverance!

17. Giant Goldfish

There are different types of fish that can appear in your nightly slumber. But if you dream of goldfish that are colossal, then you should be happy. This, after all, represents prosperity and abundance – especially when it comes to your love life.

If you’re single, then you’re about to meet the love of your life. And, if you’re in a relationship, then you and your partner may traverse the next level.

Apart from these ‘lovely’ interpretations, this dream may also mean that someone is willing to do you a favor.

Likewise, if you dream of catching the goldfish with a net, it means that you’ll embark on a fun adventure. You’ll meet friends – both old and new!

18. Gigantic Redfish

As I’ve previously mentioned, there are many types of fish that can appear in your dream. And, in case you saw a redfish, it means that your subconscious mind is harboring a lot of bad thoughts and emotions. As such, you need to purge them all right now!

19. Oversized Bluefish

Dreaming of a big bluefish, meanwhile, is a sign that you have a logical mind. This sensibility is sure to bring personal growth – and a lot of great things in your life.

20. Colossal Exotic Fish

If you see an exotic fish swimming in your dream, then it means that you’ll gain much in the material world. All the efforts you put in will eventually pay off, so be patient!

This success, however, doesn’t mean that you should stop your pursuit to achieve something bigger. If any, it’s a sign for you to keep on working – especially if you want to build a rich legacy.


Generally speaking, dreaming about a big fish bodes good luck. It often points to success – as well as great wealth and good health.

If you dreamt about a big fish before, then make sure to share your interpretations below. Maybe we could add them to this list!

20 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Big Fish



Wednesday 22nd of November 2023

A friend next to me catching a big fish and we were pulling to get it up then finally did

Jessica R

Monday 21st of August 2023

I dreamed of sitting in a fish chair. It was a lawn chair but the fish laid flat on top of the seated area. I was happy and amazed about my fish chair I looked at my family happy on their own fish chair. We were in a circle like camping??and then I woke up. The gigantic fish was like a dried or dead bass fish?? And I had the biggest smile in amazement