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15 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Being Stabbed

15 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Being Stabbed

It can be terrifying waking up from a dream where you are stabbed. While it is normal to get scared and worried, it is important you understand that this does not mean that death is near. There are other possible meanings to this nightmare.

Dreams about being stabbed could mean a plethora of things; like betrayal from someone close, distrust, anxiety, or forging obstacles. It could also be interpreted to mean that someone you know wishes you bad, is angry with you or is jealous of you or your achievements.

According to dream psychologists, before interpreting dreams about being stabbed, you need to place the dream in the category it belongs to. They include;

You stab someone in a dream, someone stabs you, and the part of the body that is stabbed.

Stick around to learn the possible interpretations applicable to you.

When You Dream of Being Stabbed


When You Dream of Being Stabbed: Symbolic Meaning

If you have dreams about being stabbed, here are some reasons you may be having these dreams.

1. Betrayal

This is the most plausible interpretation of this dream. Remember the meaning of the phrase “being stabbed at the back”? A dream where you have been stabbed with a sharp object can point to a betrayal and deception by a person you trust.

Many times, these dreams try to warn us about an action or event that will occur, so you need to be careful of the people around you and not trust anyone blindly. This way, no one, not even your close friends will be able to betray you.

2. Distrust

The feelings you have in your waking life find a way to haunt you in the dream world. If you are having problems trusting people in real life or you have noticed disloyalty amongst your friends, there is a high chance you will dream about being stabbed in your sleep.

Another time you can have this kind of dream is when you are afraid of being taken advantage of or cheated by a business partner. These negative thoughts can lead to doubt in your mind, hence leading to such dreams.

3. Anxiety

Another reason you dream about being stabbed could be triggered by stress which leads to a crippling case of anxiety. The pressure you feel in the waking world, whether from responsibilities or relationships, affects your feelings.

This feeling seeps into your subconscious, leading to you dreaming about being stabbed when you sleep.

4. Forging Obstacles

Forging Obstacles 


There are instances where someone stabbing you in your dreams could be a sign that you are about to be hit by a difficult phase. There is no way you will go through life and not have obstacles along the way, and one thing that helps is when you have been warned before it arrives.

This, however, does not mean that these times won’t be tough, but if you dream about getting stabbed, chances are that you can mentally prepare yourself for the tough times ahead.

Additionally, should you already be facing these obstacles before you have this dream, you are being reminded this is a phase, and you must endure and beat any challenge you are going through.

5. A Person Wishes You Bad

If you dream about being stabbed, it may be a clear warning that an enemy is watching you waiting for the right time to hurt you. It could be because you offended the person or the person is simply envious of you and wants to hurt you.

This dream is a warning sign that you should watch out for people around meaning to cause you harm. Look out for rivals in your place of work or even in your relationship to avoid getting hurt.

6. Anger

On the other hand, the aggressive nature of a stab can mean you are angry and wish to cause someone harm or vice versa. Your vulnerability and sensitivity may blind you from letting a certain issue go, leading to anger.

This dream will occur and try to remind you to calm down so you do not end up taking an action that you will later regret. It is always better to talk about an issue with a rival so no harm is done.

7. Jealousy

In your waking life, you may be jealous of someone which can be the reason for such dreams. You should check yourself and try to free yourself of this jealousy so it does not lead you to do something evil.

8. Loss of Control

Loss of Control


Your emotion is a powerful force and it is possible to lose control. Getting stabbed is a wake-up call; you get your emotions in order so you do not end up causing harm to yourself and others.

Feelings of guilt, sorrow, and even regret can mess with your emotions, and it is in times like this you get dreams about being stabbed to remind you to control yourself.

7 Dream Scenarios About Getting Stabbed and their Interpretation

The interpretation of getting stabbed in your dream is not always general. Scenarios and details that are specific to your being stabbed dreams might even give it an interpretation that differs from what you think it should be. For this reason, we’ve put together seven scenarios about getting stabbed in a dream and what they could mean.

1. Being Stabbed Multiple Times or by Multiple people

If in a single dream about being stabbed, you are stabbed by multiple persons, it could mean that you are overwhelmed and stressed. You have to deal with many things, and the probability that this will weigh you down is quite high. This overwhelming feeling can lead to frustration and exhaustion.

However, you need to know that the issues that give birth to this feeling can sometimes be unavoidable and are most likely necessary for your personal growth so, do not blame yourself or take your frustrations out on anyone.

Furthermore, when you dream about many people stabbing you, all signs point to the fact that you have many people around you responsible for the stress you are experiencing.

These people can be your family, friends, or even your partner. This dream is trying to tell you to make time for yourself. Reduce the number of people you interact with for a while and do things that make you happy.

2. Being Stabbed in The Heart

Whenever your heart features in a dream, it signals feelings of pain and anguish, especially from a former lover. It proves that you are still upset and may have harbored resentment toward that person.

However, the good sign about this dream is that you realize how hurt you are and finally, you are ready to let go of what is causing you pain and now the bitterness and resentment you feel can now leave your heart.

Alternatively, it could also be a sign that you may have underlying health issues. Whichever the case, if in your dream your heart is stabbed and you are not heartbroken, you should see a doctor immediately for a full body checkup to confirm that your health is intact.

3. Being Stabbed in The Stomach

This can mean an enemy around you plotting and waiting for your downfall. It can be a stranger, a close friend, or even your lover, anyone in your close circle may be meaning to cause you harm and this dream is trying to warn you against such issues.

The reason may be bitterness or revenge for an action you may have done or not and even jealousy, so you need to look out for yourself and be careful with the people around you.

Another possible interpretation is financial problems. If you are a business owner, start preparing for struggles you may have so you can pull through, especially if the stab is around the abdomen.

4. Being Stabbed in the Head

Being Stabbed in the Head


When you dream of getting stabbed in the head, it points to all that has to do with your intelligence. Someone may question your behavior and perspective, so your dream tries to call your attention to this issue.

If your decision-making capability is questioned, it could be that someone is trying to sway you from achieving a particular goal and would rather see you as a loser, so your thinking ability is questioned.

5. Being Stabbed with a Knife

If you are stabbed in your dream with a knife, you have many enemies surrounding you, seeking revenge or just wishing to cause you harm. The state of the knife further explains the interpretation of this dream.

If the knife is sharp, it suggests that your enemies may have succeeded in causing you harm but should the knife be blunt, this dream becomes a warning telling you what is about to come.

6. Being Stabbed with a Dagger

Stabbing someone in a dream is a clear sign of aggression. This is most common when you are in a relationship with someone that hits you or has the tendency to do so. Such a dream is your sign to leave that unhealthy relationship and move on.

Should the dagger stab your leg specifically, it means someone envious of you is trying to stall your progress, so you need to be watchful.

7. Being Stabbed with a Sword

Being stabbed with a sword many times has to do with your personality. There is a side of you that you have hidden away and you are afraid if this part is ever revealed, people will judge you.

Commonly, it is a case of coming to terms with one’s sexuality or finding your inner self. You must let yourself live and know that those who love you will accept you. You may also have goals you are scared of working for, so you should go for them.

Final Thoughts

Getting stabbed in your dream most times is a bad omen, but depending on the time of the dream and the little details, your dream may be trying to warn you so you must pay attention.

Always remember these four possible scenarios whenever you have a dream involving getting stabbed so you know how to interpret your dream.

  • When you get stabbed
  • When you stab another person
  • The part of the body stabbed
  • The object used for stabbing
Final Thoughts