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12 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Being Robbed

12 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Being Robbed

We spent years building the life of our dreams, and when that dream is taken away because of robbery, fear is installed deep within our hearts. We feel hopeless, anxious, and defeated. It’s a huge and – sometimes –  unrecoverable loss!

The same feelings arise when you dream about being robbed. It isn’t true, but it does seem realistic. You wake up frantically to search your belongings and ensure they’re safe.

But why do you dream about being robbed? Is it only your fear or something else? Let’s discuss it in detail below!

12 Spiritual Meanings of Your Dream About Being Robbed


12 Spiritual Meanings of Your Dream About Being Robbed

Robbery symbolizes negative emotions (especially fear) in the dream world. It’s a tragic occurrence filled with loss and grief. But, in some instances, it may also signify positivity and hope.

So, before jumping to conclusions, please pay attention to the details in the dream and figure out why you saw it. Here are all the reasons why you dream about being robbed:

1. You’re Stressed about Finances

Making money and building financial assets isn’t easy. It takes a lot of time, dedication, and willpower. So, it’s natural to feel stressed about finances (especially when the crime rate is high near your residence).

If you dream about being robbed, it represents your subconscious fears linked with robberies and financial stability. However, it is only an indication of financial problems when you see death in your dream about being robbed.

Alternatively, if the robbers were arrested in the dream, it means you’ll conquer the financial issues. Armed bandits running away or standing at a distance from you is also a good sign. It means there’s no possibility of your wallet, jewelry, or other valuable possessions being stolen in real life.

2. You’re Worried about Relatives

If you care a lot about your friends and family, they might show up in your dreams about being robbed. You’ll see robbers chasing them and stealing their important things. But you’ll be in a safe position.

This reflects your worry and concerns about others’ well-being. It might also indicate that a close relative needs your help. So, it’s best if you check up on your loved ones.

3. You’re Insecure

Insecurity refers to one’s lack of confidence in themself or others. If you’re meeting new people and forming new bonds, you might start feeling insecure.

Perhaps, you don’t like their activities and habits. They may have a negative and toxic energy that makes you doubt yourself. These people make you feel unsafe and uncertain.

In this case, this insecurity is creeping up into your mind. You need to distance yourself from such people and realize your self-worth. There’s no need to tolerate bad behavior. Understand that you’re not less than anyone and deserve the best.

4. You Feel Hopeless

You Feel Hopeless


Simple yet recurring dreams about robberies represent your hopelessness in waking life. You’re about to lose something and are well aware of the consequences. But you also know that you can’t change them.

You’ve to submit to the work of destiny, and this is troubling you internally. The dream about robberies is a hint from your subconscious mind that you should move on. One defeat doesn’t make you a loser. Start over and win!

5. You Lost Something Valuable

If you’ve experienced a great loss recently, it might be affecting your mental health. The scars are embedded deep within the mind, and you feel resentful about all that has happened.

Perhaps, you were working hard for a promotion, but someone stole the credits at the last minute. Or you lost an amazing academic or career opportunity due to a silly reason. Maybe you just tasted the bitterness of betrayal and treachery from a loved one.

All these losses can make you dream about being robbed. You may not have spoken about it, but the grief is building up inside. Consider calling out the people who did injustice to you or speak your heart out to someone reliable.

6. You Need More Privacy

Everyone has a personal space and sense of privacy around their belongings. You wouldn’t like it if someone touched your purse or wallet without permission. But some people don’t understand these basic ethics.

They’ll snoop into your stuff and eavesdrop on your conversations. Some may even go to the extent of participating in your personal life events and matters. This can be really bothersome for you.

You will start feeling paranoid and stressed, which results in a dream of robbery. It’s time to take charge and confront these people. If this doesn’t work, establish boundaries or distance yourself from them.

7. You’ve Flaws in Your Personality

Nobody is perfect, and we all realize this truth. The only difference is that some people have optimism and strive to be better. Meanwhile, some people deny their negative traits and try to put others down.

This isn’t the right thing to do. If you’ve flaws in your personality and fail to accept them, you might have a robbery dream. Seeing many robbers in the dream represents your jealousy, whereas the horrible robbery means there’s negativity inside of you.

Perhaps, you should take a break and reflect on who you are as a person. Note down your emotions and actions, and find ways to improve yourself.

8. You’ve Trust Issues

Having trust issues means aggression, disagreements, and self-sabotage. It doesn’t matter whether you’re handling a personal relationship or a stranger. The deception and abandonment experienced in the past haunt you everywhere.

You find it hard to rely on people and believe them. This has turned you into a lone wolf with no close friends or a significant other. It’s your deepest desire and regret to be incapable of bonding with others.

If you relate to this difficult situation, the cause of your robbery dreams is trust issues. You should be easy on yourself and realize that not all people will hurt you.

9. Your Relationships are in Trouble

Your Relationships are in Trouble


When you’ve got a dream about a robbery attempt at home, it’s a warning sign of possible problems between you and your relationships. This includes everyone who lives in your physical home or the metaphorical home (the heart).

Be aware of rising conflicts, and don’t let them continue for long. Make sure you work on resolving the issues and avoid stagnation in relations.

10. You’ll Soon Face Challenges

Gunpoint or street robbery in dreams are signs of bad luck. They signify the arrival of obstacles and hard times in your life. These challenges will be difficult to overcome.

However, pay special attention to the scenario in the dream. If there are armed robbers with masks, you’ll face immense competition at the workplace. Similarly, if a robber jumps out of a window, there are people with malicious intentions in your professional life. You need to be careful!

11. You’ll Receive Extra Money

Seeing a car robbery in a dream has an opposite meaning than the gunpoint or street one. It’s a positive omen that you’ll receive extra cash.

This may come from someone who took a loan and is returning it. If you’re a business owner, you might receive the repayments of credits from your customers. Or, if you’re an employee, you may receive a bonus from your boss.

12. You’ll Unlock a Great Achievement in Life

Another reason behind dreams about robberies is good luck. If you’re the robber in the dream plot, many happy changes and surprises are on their way into your life. You’ll achieve a lot and succeed in the near future.

Dream of robbery attacks on strangers means you’ll come across several new opportunities. If the robber takes away your cell phone, you’ll find your other half and enjoy a joyful relationship. And, if the robber gets caught in the dream, it’s time to celebrate because you’ll conquer all the upcoming obstacles easily!

What is the Biblical Meaning of Being Robbed in Dream?

What is the Biblical Meaning of Being Robbed in Dream


In the Bible, dreams of being robbed are associated with spiritual attacks. It may be that you’re in a spiritually low position at the moment, or someone is trying to lower your spirituality. In both cases, you’ll see dreams of robbery.

The loss can also occur financially. Or you might lose something precious like documents, relationships, or even a loved one.

If you see an armed robbery or thieves, the men of the underworld will harass and steal your belongings at gunpoint. The Holy Spirit is trying to warn you against these dangers. You need to strengthen yourself spiritually.


Having a dream about being robbed can be frightening. But don’t let it get to your mind and stop you from progressing in life. Instead, figure out why you had the dream.

Was it truly because you fear robberies or some indications of the upcoming future? Pay attention to the details and use our detailed article to find the cause. Once you’ve found out why the solution will show itself too.

Have you ever dreamt about being robbed? If yes, which of the above was your reason? Let us know in the comments below!

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Wednesday 29th of November 2023

I dreamt of my freezer and fan been stolen and was crying without stopping


Sunday 6th of August 2023

I dreamt of an armed robber .he broke into our house and asked us to get out then he stole things including my important documents.when i tried to ask for them back he said they are part of the plan so he won't give them back coz its my partner that they want to go down.when I went back to the house I found that my passport wasn't taken and I was so relieved