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19 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Being Gay

19 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Being Gay

When you dream about being gay, does it automatically mean that you’re gay? Are dreams considered a reflection of your reality?

Gay dreams are very common even if you’re a straight person. Remember that dreams do not represent your reality so don’t get scared if you suddenly had a dream like this.

Before you question your sexual orientation, it’s better to fully understand what it means to dream of being gay.

Experiencing a Gay Dream


Experiencing a Gay Dream

Instead of your actual sexuality, gay dreams are more inclined toward your emotions. It might be literal, which means that you are gay deep inside, but most of these dreams are more complicated than you think.

1. Insecurity Issues

Dreams usually show you the things in your mind. Having a gay dream might mean that you have some insecurities about the opposite gender. Take note that your insecurity does not stem from your sexuality, but your actual relationship with the opposite gender.

2. Thinking Too Much of Gender Roles

As a man, you need to be the breadwinner and you need to bring money home. As a woman, you need to know how to cook and clean the house.

If you believe that women can’t do things that men do and vice versa, you will surely dream about being gay. You are thinking too much of the gender roles that it’s messing up your subconscious.

3. Are You Pregnant?

Dreaming about lesbian relationships might mean that you are starting to embrace the changes that your body is experiencing. This may also be the case for expectant fathers as they may also dream about a gay relationship when their wives are pregnant.

4. Suppressing your Feelings

Your feelings are probably bottled up inside you and it’s ready to burst anytime. You are trying to suppress it which is why you tend to dream about being gay or lesbian.

The best thing to do is to express yourself and don’t hesitate to let the world know what you really feel. Suppressing your feelings can only bring you more anxiety and frustration.

5. You Need Some Attention

You have dreams of being gay because you lack attention and affection from the people around you. You are feeling lonely because of certain circumstances in your life.

6. You’ll Experience a Transformation

You’ll have an unexpected transformation. Don’t worry because it would be positive as it means that you’ll return with more success.

7. Trouble is Coming

If you suddenly had a dream of being gay or you had lesbian dreams at night, it might mean that a problem is coming your way.

Types of Gay Dreams and Their Meaning


Types of Gay Dreams and Their Meaning

Dreaming about being gay has different interpretations depending on what is actually happening in your dream. Let’s find out the different types of gay dreams as well as their explanations.

1. Having Sex with the Same Gender

This is a very common dream even if you’re a straight guy or girl. This type of dream suggests that you should accept who you are. You have to prioritize yourself more. Do things that would make you happy.

If you are bothered by this kind of sexual dream, it might be a sign that you are afraid of having a committed relationship with the opposite sex.

2. Your Husband is Gay

Gay dreams are not always about you. Sometimes, you’ll dream about other people being gay. If you dream that your hubby is gay, it means that you might have a problem with him in the future. It’s possible that you will have conflicts with him, which would make you really mad.

This type of dream also means that you have to let go of the emotions that you’ve been suppressing all this time. It’s to speak out and let the world know. This may also be the reason why a conflict would arise with your husband.

3. Your Son is Gay

This is only applicable if you already have a family and you have kids. This is a bit disturbing because this type of dream suggests that you will hear a piece of sad and unexpected news. This news will bring sadness to your life for a very long time.

4. Your Brother is Gay

Just the like the other two, dreaming about your brother being gay would mean that some people will bring more burden to your life. A lot of people will keep disappointing you.

5. Your Friend’s Husband is Gay

This would be very weird since it’s very unusual for you to dream about the husband of your friend. If you explain this to other people, they might think that something’s going on between you and your friend’s husband.

However, this type of dream means that the relationship with your friend is at risk. It doesn’t mean that you will have an argument because of her husband. You will have a verbal argument with your friend and if you don’t resolve it immediately, your friendship will be at risk.

Marrying a Gay


6. Marrying a Gay

Dreaming about marrying a gay signifies that your relationship has a lot of loopholes. You might encounter a few problems with your marriage or relationship so you need to talk about this with your partner immediately.

You don’t have to tell them about your dream. You just have to think about your relationship and talk about your differences. Remember that this kind of dream may also mean that you’ll be going through a divorce in the future.

7. You’re Sharing a Kiss with a Gay

In this type of dream, you’re gay and you are kissing another person who is also gay. This is an indication and a warning at the same time since you are suppressing your emotions too much. Even if you’re angry, you’re trying to control it as much as you can and show others that you’re fine.

Other people think that you’re cool because you don’t get angry, but the truth is all the anger inside you is just placed inside a bottle. If you have this kind of sexual encounter in your dream, it means that you have to express them and let them out. If you need to be angry, jealous, and frustrated, just let it out.

8. Seeing a Gay Couple

This type of dream is very positive as it symbolizes good luck and happiness. It also means that you will be lucky in love and you will have a more positive life ahead of you. If you start dreaming about seeing a gay couple, try to replace your uncomfortable feelings.

On the negative side, this dream might hint that you are worried about your promises to other people. You always want to fulfill them one way or another and you are worried that you don’t have it takes to accomplish it.

9. The Person you Dislike is Having Sex with a Gay

You’re probably thinking too much about the person you dislike and they usually get under your skin. This is something that your subconscious mind will do to overpower that person.

You are doing your best to suppress your emotions about a specific person and your subconscious mind will find a way to make you feel better through your dreams.

10. Gay Dreams and you’re Unbothered

This type of dream shows that you are strong and you are not affected by the problems that you’re currently facing. If you don’t mind having gay dreams, it means that you are open and honest about your feelings.

You understand that minor issues will be resolved eventually. Even bigger problems will pass by so you have a positive outlook on your future.

Gay Couple Having Sex


11. Gay Couple Having Sex

This type of dream is not sexual and you don’t have to worry about your sexual orientation and it doesn’t have any effect on your sex drive. If you see two men having sex in your dream, it means that your life is currently full of disappointment.

It means that with your current situation, starting or trying something new won’t bring any positive results to you.

If you plan to change your career, begin a new relationship, start a new business, or study abroad, it’s better to push your plans a bit later. You can always pursue them in the near future. As long as you keep having dreams about two men having sex, push all of your plans for later.

12. Being in Love with a Gay

This type of dream is very specific because having sex with a gay does not necessarily mean that you’re in love or you have sexual desires toward the opposite gender. With this type of dream, you are probably questioning your femininity and masculinity.

We’ve talked about gay dreams not being related to your sexuality. However, the subconscious mind knows if you are having second thoughts about your gender.

If you’re having doubts if you’re a straight man or woman, you can expect to have this kind of dream. It means that your mind is constantly thinking about it.

It’s better to think about it very carefully and try to figure it out on your own. You will probably encounter the same dream in the future until you find the answer.


Gay dreams are definitely worrisome because most of the interpretations are negative. However, if you look at the bright side, these negative explanations can offer life lessons. It can help you make the necessary preparations and find a way to resolve the issue.

If you have any questions about gay dreams or you have a more specific type of dream that you want us to interpret, feel free to comment below.

19 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Being Gay



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