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7 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Bats

7 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Bats

The only mammal that flies. One of the rare animals that hangs. A creature of the night. Yes, we are talking about bats. There are many more interesting facts about these animals, but their symbolism is even more diverse.

Some tribes of Native Americans, such as Navajo and Ojibwe, considered them as guides and helpers. On the other hand, biblical meanings associated with bats are quite negative since this animal is included in the list of unclean animals in Leviticus 11:19.

We see a similar thing in bat dream interpretations since they are all over the place.

But you’ve come to the right place! We will tell you all you need to know regarding your dream about bats. So, just sit back and keep on reading!

7 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Bats


Dream About Bats

1. Danger Is Looming

Have you ever seen one or a swarm of bats fly? You probably have. But have you heard them? No. That is because bat wings make a high pitch sound when moving, which humans can’t hear. It is precisely for this reason that they always surprise us.

Combine that with the negative connotations such as vampires, blood, or negative forces bats are associated with and the fact that we always see them during the dark, and it is easy to see why this is not a pleasant surprise. In fact, many people feel as if they are in danger.

Because of all of the above, dreaming of many or a single bat flying is a bad omen that indicates that something terrible could happen to you in the near future. And just like an encounter with a bat, that something might be unexpected and shocking.

So take this dream as a warning and watch out for hidden dangers lurking around the corner!

2. You Can’t Get Over A Bad Event From The Past

Although it is not the only one, the cave is the most common natural habitat of bats as it provides them with a safe shelter where most other animals can’t reach them, a place where they can save their energy, and a stable climate. So, when we see them in our dreams, we very often see them in this environment.

But caves are pitch black, and bats are, of course, animals that love the dark, which is why we feel very uneasy when we dream of this combo. That’s because this dream symbolizes dark thoughts we can’t manage to get rid of.

Those dark thoughts are probably the consequences of some difficult and stressful situations that happened to you that you still can’t forget and get over. Such situations lead to sadness, depression, and sometimes hatred, which are negative emotions we humans are capable of keeping inside us for a long time.

Of course, it’s all part of the human experience, and things like these are inevitable, but when they bother us for a long time, we start feeling annoyance not only because of what we’ve gone through but also because thinking about that stuff is hurting us.

Then these feelings begin to burden our subconscious mind and haunt us even in our sleep.

3. Change Your Perspective

Change Your Perspective


You are probably familiar with the fact that bats like to hang upside down when resting or sleeping. Of course, they are not the only animals that do this, but they are certainly the most famous.

Dreaming of a bat resting can mean that you need a different perspective on some things and people in your life. For example, we often do not see a way out of some problems or solutions to certain issues because we always look at those situations from the same point of view.

Such things can torment us for a long time and be the cause of many sleepless nights. And then, when life offers us a different outlook and a clue on how to deal with our problems, it becomes clear as a day that the solution was right there in front of our noses the whole time.

But it was necessary to observe and examine our problem from another angle.

4. Trust Your Intuition

Most of us have never seen bats resting. But almost all of us have seen them in motion. When they are in that state, it seems as if none of their movements are in vain, and they trust their intuition wherever they are.

A bat in a dream, especially a bat flying in a dream, indicates that you must be quick when making decisions and listen to your inner self. In the coming time, you will encounter many obstacles, in which you will have to act according to your instinct.

Just like a bat often flies into the unknown but still does it because it believes in itself, this dream suggests that you may not possess all the knowledge required to deal with those obstacles successfully but that you need to rely on your senses and intuition.

Unfortunately, it often happens that we hesitate when we need to make a decision, and that hesitation can sometimes lead to missing an opportunity or even making the wrong decision. However, our intuition will always show us the right path, but it is up to us to obey it or not.

5. It Is Time For Your Rebirth

It Is Time For Your Rebirth


Quite often, we perceive bats as evil creatures because of the many negative symbolisms associated with them.
One of those symbolisms is death, which is rarely regarded as a positive thing by anyone. The reason for this is that when we observe it, we always see only its first part, which marks the end of something or someone.

The second part is, of course, the beginning. In order for something to begin, something must end. So, in effect, death means change.

The dream of bats is similar – if we observe only the negative sides and meanings, we will see only that. But there is also the other side. That is why this type of dream can symbolize that it is time to make significant changes in your life.

For that to happen, you will have to stop doing some of the things you have been doing until now, which means that they will cease to exist, at least in your life.

But other things will take their place. See this dream as an opportunity for self-improvement, personal growth, and spiritual growth. Also, use it as a chance to deal with your own self, spirituality, and ego.

6. Something Is Disrupting Your Peace Of Mind

Another possible bat dream meaning is that something is disturbing your peace of mind.

These can be financial or health problems in the family, issues at work or school, or going through a rough period in a relationship with a loved one. These are all everyday things that happen to all of us because life never is and never will be an easy ride.

But what makes everyone’s life more problematic than it really should or has to be is not solving these situations, that is, sweeping them under the carpet. You don’t have to be someone who possesses infinite wisdom to know that this will only make the problems disappear in the short term.

When you find the strength and decide to solve what is bothering you, you will have fewer dreams with this or a similar meaning, so stop sweeping it under the carpet or expecting someone else to deal with it.

Take responsibility for yourself, and in that way, help yourself first and only then the person or thing with which you have a conflict.

7. An Intruder Will Enter Your Life

An Intruder Will Enter Your Life


We said that bats like to live in caves but that these are not the only places they habituate. Bats can be found in almost all parts of the world, urbanized or not, but caves can not. That’s why we see bats in places where they are considered intruders – attics, barns, under bridges, cracks in buildings, etc.

A bat in your dreams can have similar symbolism because they represent a person who will enter your social life and whom you will consider an intruder. Just seeing that person will get you annoyed. Interacting with them will drive you crazy.

However, you will try to be polite and not tell them everything on your mind because, unfortunately for you, that person will not be someone you can just kick out of your life. Maybe it’s a new colleague from work or a new partner of one of your close friends.

Either way, you will have to put up with this situation for the foreseeable future.


Bats are quite interesting animals, but dreams about bats and their interpretations might be even more interesting.

Some of those interpretations are that it indicates a need for a change of perspective or time for rebirth. This dream can also mean that something from the past is bothering you or that something or someone is disrupting your peace of mind at the moment.

Finally, it can be a sign to trust your intuition, or that danger is around the corner.

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Openiyi Dammy

Friday 29th of September 2023

Wow, This was really explanatory to but what does it mean when you see a bat facing up with a light in its mouth while hanging on the wall and telling you the only way you can capture it and not chasing it with a broom 🧹 or stick. And later surrendering itself