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8 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Aliens

8 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Aliens

Aliens have settled into pop culture and are constantly protagonists of many fictions like movies and series. We still do not have concrete evidence of their existence, but there is a great debate worldwide about whether they are real or not, or if governments hide information about ufos and have already contacted them for several years.

Regardless of the truth, aliens are characters that are part of our current culture and therefore they may be also protagonists of our dreams.

In this article, we will address what is the symbology of dreaming about aliens and how our subconscious mind uses these elements to convey a spiritual message for our waking life.

Spiritual Meanings of Aliens in Dreams


Spiritual Meanings of Aliens in Dreams

1. You are connecting with your inner being

Our mind relates to aliens as more evolved beings that come from different parts of the universe, with great technology and greater awareness of being and spirit.

That is why when dreaming about them we are relating them to a desire to evolve as people. You have likely been working on developing yourself as a person in daily life and little by little you are beginning to connect with other aspects of yourself that you did not know.

This dream may be telling you that you are about to connect with your inner being in a significant way and may reveal details of your personality that you were unaware of until now.

So do not be scared when you dream of aliens, it is not about alien abduction or an upcoming alien invasion. It is you who is accessing certain parts of your inner psyche thanks to the constant work on yourself.

2. You feel overwhelmed in your life

Dreaming of alien encounters can also refer to feeling overwhelmed and vulnerable in your life. If lately you have been overloaded with responsibilities and you feel that your life is aimless and adrift due to all the problems and pending issues that you must solve, then dreams with extraterrestrials make a lot of sense.

They symbolize the problems that you perceive as beyond your strength and that you see as impossible to handle. You must take a breath of fresh air, order your mind and start to regain control of your life.

Remember that not having control over the events of your life can cause emotional problems such as a moment of depression, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, and the perception of not being able to deal with your problems.

Regardless of the circumstances in which you find yourself, you must make your own decisions and be aware that no problem is impossible to overcome.

3. You are acting strangely or atypically

You are acting strangely or atypically


We are all going to experience inevitable changes in our lives and you are likely going through one of them. Dreaming of aliens can symbolize your change in personality and behavior. If you have been acting strangely and you don’t even recognize yourself, aliens are a perfect representation to show what is happening in your life.

This change can refer to your personality, inner desire, tastes, or even new hobbies. If these new tastes are atypical for most of your social environment, they can make you feel like an alien or an alienated person.

There is nothing wrong with standing out from the rest. It is always better, to be honest with yourself and true to what you like in life, no matter how strange and different it is from what the rest of the world does or likes.

4. Spiritual or professional development

Dreaming of aliens and their spaceships refers to wild imagination. It is the perfect representation that you are at a time in which creativity and the desire for innovation in your field of work is a high priority for you.

Take advantage of these moments of illumination, of creative energy and undertake new things, contributing with your ideas and your unique vision of seeing things, since this ability can open many doors for you in the professional or personal field.

If you have an artistic vein that up to now you have not been able to develop, give yourself some time to explore this talent and make use of that creative energy to promote any project of this nature.

If you feel the need for further spiritual development, it is also a good time to give priority to this aspect of your life. You are at the right time to discover new spiritual abilities. Perhaps some extrasensory ability is asleep in you and you just need some time and dedication to wake up.

5. You are postponing your personal development

You are postponing your personal development


As we said before, we tend to associate aliens with higher and more developed beings. That is why such dreams can be related to feeling underdeveloped in our life.

Such feelings can appear when we have been putting off our needs and our personal development. We feel that we need time for ourselves but we are unable to make space for our development and well-being.

We are very focused on material things and on achieving our goals and objectives, but we forget to grow as human beings. Our subconscious is sending us a clear sign to work on our personal development.

6. You need a change in your life

Dreaming of aliens and the end of the world or the invasion of planet earth can be interpreted as a simple excess of movies or that you live in a fantasy world. But the truth is that many people experience such dreams and they have nothing to do with your creative mind.

When we dream of the end of the world we are referring to our own life. It is not that we want our life to end, but there are aspects of our life that we are not happy with and would like to end.

Perhaps you no longer feel comfortable with your job or the city in which you live is too small for you and you want to expand your horizons, or your group of friends is no longer compatible with your new way of being, with new tastes and life aspirations.

Regardless of the reason, this dream is telling you that you need an urgent change. Take some time to reflect on what is not working in your life. Pay attention to the things that no longer satisfy you as before and listen to what your intuition has to tell you.

Don’t be afraid to change, remove or renew certain aspects of your life, however drastic they may be.

Maybe it’s time to grow up and move on.

7. You are suffering from a violation

You are suffering from a violation


There is also the case of dreams where people report having been abducted by aliens and victims of studies against their will.

It has been shown that many of these cases are lucid dreams, accompanied by sleep paralysis and other phenomena. Studies suggest that these dreams are common among lucid dreamers and reflect a person’s emotional state.

Most likely, the person who experiences these dreams is suffering some type of transgression or violation in their life. It can refer to the deprivation of liberty, the lack of freedom of expression, or some type of harassment.

If we feel harassed or abused in any way, be it physical, emotional, or psychological, we would have these types of dreams.

And we must become aware of our situation and take the necessary measures to end or escape from any situation that violates our rights and freedoms.

8. Change of concept or vision of the world

One of the most frequent reasons for having this type of dream is having been exposed to these issues through television, movies, or different documentaries.

You may also have experienced some kind of close encounter, such as viewing an unidentified flying object. All these elements are making you rethink your concepts about the world and life.

Perhaps before these experiences, you thought that we were the only beings on earth or your religion made you believe that. But by living new experiences or accessing new information about these phenomena you are rethinking beliefs and concepts about what is real and what is not.

It is in these circumstances that dreams of extraterrestrials become present. Don’t be afraid to dig further and keep an open mind on these topics. The truth is that we know very little about the reality outside our planet and we must always keep an open mind to the various possibilities that the cosmos and its mysteries harbor.


Alien dreams are more common than people realize and usually reflect a reality of our waking life that is unknown to us.

These dreams may reflect a need to change something in our life, the feeling of feeling different from the rest, or the desire to develop some aspect of our life that we have not given much interest to.

Remember that our subconscious will use the language of the dream world so that we are more aware of certain realities in our life and can act efficiently to solve these problems.

We hope that with this article you have increased your knowledge of the world of dreams and now have a better overview of what it means to dream about aliens.

8 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Aliens