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11 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream about Natural Disasters

11 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream about Natural Disasters

Natural disaster dreams are tied to your mood and themes of change in your life. They’re often a metaphor for difficult periods of transition, but we must keep in mind nature’s ability to continue the circle of life.

While a dream’s interpretation relies heavily on the dreamer’s life, we expect these dreams to symbolize drastic change. Whether you’re releasing parts of yourself or having them ripped away, you will walk out the other side a different person.

In this article, we elaborate on different situations of change and what themes you see in these types of dreams.

11 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream about Natural Disasters


What Does It Mean When You Dream about Natural Disasters?

Dreaming about natural disasters doesn’t necessarily mean you’re bound for disaster.

Instead, it’s best to look at these dreams for the opportunities they foreshadow or the troubles they warn of. This gives you the best chance to prepare for change.

1. Your Emotional State Matches the Tone of the Disaster

Some natural disasters, such as hurricanes, are a clear representation of how tumultuous and destructive our emotions may be. It’s not a far stretch to see how things like tension or grief translate perfectly the damp, swirling of this natural disaster.

These dreams show up when we’re going through a rough emotional patch, and a hurricane dream undoubtedly leaves you with feelings of upheaval.

Torrential rains may symbolize a nasty argument that was both dangerous and difficult to navigate, and you suddenly feel less secure in your relationship or other foundational roles.

Regardless of what is going on in your life, these natural disaster dreams indicate your emotional turmoil will leave you with lots to clean up. If you continue to have dreams of this nature, you’re heading towards devastation.

2. A Sign of a New Era

On the other hand, dreams of natural disasters may indicate something new is on the horizon. While a tornado dream undoubtedly showcases massive destruction, winds are a common sign of change.

Your response to a certain situation will bring about new circumstances, good or bad. This ranges from:

  • Destruction of what makes you feel secure
  • Following goals or plans for the future
  • Immediate changes that force your hand

This new era is rarely an easy transition, but it may be a necessary pain to advance in life. This dream forewarns you to take everything as it is without wallowing in what you have lost.

You may feel your personality or previous identity is shattered, but you can only grow from these broken pieces. If you handle things the right way, you will move forward with more strength and prowess than before.

3. Sudden Changes Threaten to Engulf You

Building on natural disasters that represent new eras is the interpretation that these changes may engulf you. This is a common meaning when your dreams put you in overwhelming situations, such as staring down the waves in a tsunami dream.

These are the dreams that send you shooting awake right before the final crash. In them, your subconscious warns you of a huge emotional issue that is about to approach you head-on.

These changes often stem from buried memories and repressed emotions from your waking life. You might not understand what exactly the dream is a metaphor for, but the understanding will hit you hard and clear.

It’s impossible to avoid these massive events, and you will need a plan to clear the wreckage before you can move forward with your life.

4. A Loss of Stability

A dream of an earthquake is an obvious sign of either current or impending instability. When you experience one of these dreams, things in your life are about to come crashing down.

While it isn’t the end of the world, it may link to:

  • Relationship troubles (particularly with communication or scheduling)
  • Financial hardship
  • Bad news (such as a relative’s death”

In these dreams, pay attention to the magnitude of the earthquake and your surroundings. Mild earthquakes hint at minor setbacks, and if you’re in the middle of the desert there is usually little built up to come crashing down.

Higher magnitude earthquakes indicate greater change. If you’re in a highly developed area with tall towers, the change comes at the cost of the advances you or others have made.

5. You’ve Lost Control of Your Emotions or a Situation

Sudden, powerful disasters, such as an erupting volcano, correlate with a lack of control. This goes beyond simply feeling the absence of control, and instead indicates an unexpected loss of that control.

Hurricanes and tornadoes indicate less clear emotions, such as sadness or anxiety, but this doesn’t mean they’re any less destructive on your consciousness.

The More evident eruptions are those of anger or passion, usually signified by fire or hot lava fields. An erupting volcano may symbolize passionate fights in a romantic relationship or even a deep desire not to be alone anymore.

These dreams emphasize your emotional state heavily, and you will feel the weight of your loss of control in the atmosphere while you sleep. It’s your job to learn where you are slacking and what you need to do to regain that control.

6. You’re Experiencing Immense Foundational Loss

A dream that involves a cataclysm-grade event relates to a foundational loss in your own life. These aren’t slight changes that you need to overcome, but major events that you will not be able to ignore.

There is no growing through this, but you will need to learn to grow around. This is not a purification so much as it’s a complete transformation.

You will experience hardship, such as the death of a family member or poverty, and you will develop new skills to deal with this change. Your personal transformation may be for better or worse; your response is what shapes who you will be.

7. You’re about to Enter a Period of Rebirth

Dreams that involve cosmological events, such as asteroids, comets, or meteor showers, symbolize a period of rebirth in the dreamer’s life. We’ve long-attributed these celestial events to transformation in the waking world, and our subconscious takes that with us when we lay down at night.

Another common symbol in dreams of rebirth is wildfires, but their message is less clear and depends on the situation. At the start of a wildfire, we’re dealing with a messy situation and inevitable loss.

Sometimes we forget that all misfortunes pass, and there’s often a clear canvas to build on top of. Witnessing the aftermath of a wildfire reveals its destruction, but soon after you see sprouts of greenery shoot up as life prevails.

8. You Need to Focus on Meditation and Reflection

You Need to Focus on Meditation and Reflection

Credit: htswkmt

Dreams that focus on strong wind usually relate to your ability to communicate with yourself and others, and they usually hint that you would benefit from meditation or reflection.

Many consider wind a lesser power, but it is what shaped the earth. The wind is something that surrounds us constantly and holds the power to our demise, but we think little of it.

If you’re dreaming about windstorms, it’s time to take a step back and evaluate your spiritual life and well-being. You may decide to spend more time reflecting or realize your soul is burdened by isolation.

Focus not only on your thoughts but your connections if this is a common dream for you.

9. You’re in a Period of Separation

Avalanches, in particular, indicate cold emotions that separate you from the rest of the world. Pay attention to the details of your dream to determine its true meaning.

While natural disaster dreams are tied to meanings of change, they can also show periods of stagnation. An avalanche is not something that is easily cleared, and instead you’re left with an immovable setting that cuts you off from the rest of the world.

This meaning is common for those dealing with relationship issues or living physically separated from those they love. You will feel that loneliness strongly in your dream.

10. There Is Neglect or Absence in Your Life

Natural disasters like droughts do not bring destruction to you. Instead, they dismantle the things you need with absence alone.

When you dream of a natural disaster that strips you of what you need to survive, you’re experiencing neglect or depletion in reality. You have strong desires for these things, physical or not, and they’re showing up in your dreams.

These dreams have a few outcomes. You may confront the person neglecting you, or learn to adapt to the loss. In some situations, you discover you never needed what you missed at all.

In some cases, you need to learn what these dreams are referring to before you can move forward. We may not even realize we’re in a lacking environment until our subconscious screams at us.

11. You’re Experiencing a Precognitive Dream

While it’s uncommon, some natural disaster dreams serve to warn us of the actual event. We see this time and time again preceding tsunamis and even terrorist attacks, but there is little science or pattern to how this happens.

Sometimes, you won’t recognize the premonition until it’s happening. You won’t be able to warn anyone, and you likely won’t know when, where, or how this will happen.

If you can’t find another meaning in your dream, consider the possibility of impending disaster in your waking life.


Natural disaster dreams indicate a change of some sort, and the magnitude of change varies depending on the severity of the event. We must consider the facts of our waking life and the mood of the dream to decide how to best prepare.

If natural disasters in your dreams have you scratching your head, comment on the details below.

What Does It Mean When You Dream about Natural Disasters